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Shinchonji/Shincheonji (신천지): the Cult of Lee Man-hee

(The above link contains everything I have posted about Lee's cult. Below is a series of notable articles and videos)

Mannam Volunteer Association/Mannam International Youth Coalition (MIYC)

International Peace Youth Group (IPYG)/Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL)

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Feb. 24, 2018: Brainwashed Annie, Taken by the Cult (The Australian)

Nov. 27, 2017: Meeting Called as Concerns Grow Over Activities of Cult (NZ Herald)

July 11, 2017: Critics Say Apocalyptic Korean Christian Group is a Cult (PRI)

April 29, 2017: Kicked and Shoved as Lee Man-hee Arrives at LAX Airport

April 5, 2017: Churches on Alert of Dangerous Cult (NZ Herald)

April 5, 2017: Shincheonji Members Helped Believer Escape Family (NZ Herald)

Dec. 29 2016: Ban Ki-Moon Appears in Cult's PR Video (The Korea Times)

Dec. 10, 2016: Deceptive Cult Linked to South Korea Infiltrating UK Congregations (The Telegraph)

Dec. 10, 2016: Korean Religious Leader on Collision Course with Church of England (The Telegraph)

Nov. 24, 2016: Court Rules CBS TV Can Label Shinchonji an Antisocial Group

Oct. 18, 2016: Al Jazeera and Shinchonji Sign MOU (lol)

Sept. 19, 2016: Korean CBS TV WARP Report (members wearing diapers to ensure perfect hours-long card show):

Sept. 18, 2016: WARP 2 - India Today (Press Trust of India)

"The event has drawn criticism from some in Korea due to the involvement of Lee, the leader of the Shinchonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (SCJ), one of Koreas controversial religious groups and also described as a cult."

Sept. 8, 2016: Peter Daley (me) and Jon Dunbar on CBS TV Talking about Shinchonji:

June 11, 2016: Shinchonji (HWPL/IYPG) Infiltrated Chinese Mega-Church

April 29, 2016: Mass Protest by Cult Against Korean TV Station CBS:



March 14, 2016: Cult Event in Seoul. New SCJ Site / Event Invitation

Twitter Hastags: #hwpl #peacelaw #Cessation_war

March 9, 2016: Korean News Reports References Martijn Bergsma's Article:

Sept. 21, 2015: Shinchonji Illegally Holds Massive Event

May 29, 2015: Mystery Surrounds Visit to UAE of Alleged Religious Cult

March 17, 2015: CBS Begins Airing Multi-Part Expose

German Language Site (Updated February, 2015)

Sept., 2014: WARP Summit: Information & Updates

How I Ended Up in a Korean Religious Cult by Summit Attendee Martijn Bergsma

Other Post-Summit Testimonies

"Talking About the Summit" Facebook Page

Scenes outside Olympic Stadium Wed. night. Shinchonji established a military-style perimeter around the event to keep protesters away from attendees. Some attendees were told the protests were unrelated. The second video is an interview with a protester who was assaulted later that evening. The next day, cult thugs likewise harrassed and assaulted attendees who spoke to protestors.

Sept. 14, 2014 outside SCJ HQ: A Father Describes Losing His Daughter to Lee Man-hee:

Sept. 17, 2014: Alleged Cult Leader Hosts World Peace Summit in Seoul (The Korean Observer)

Sept. 18, 2014: Controversial Religious Group Holds International Peace Event in Seoul (The Korea Times)

June 16, 2014: From Mannam to IPYG: Another Shinchonji Cult Front (Asia Pundits)

March 28, 2014: Shinchonji Most Active & Dangerous Cult on Korean Campuse (KPortal News)

May 6, 2013: Understanding Korean Cults: An Interview With Peter Daley (Asia Pundits)

A Decade in Shinchonji, An Interview with a Former Member

Dec. 17, 2012: Despite Accusations of Distortion, Shinchonji Keeps Attracting Converts (UCA News)

Oct. 28, 2012: Mannam Volunteer Association Faces Criticism from Foreign Residents (Yonhap News)

Sept. 7, 2012: Mannam Volunteer Group Denies Recruiting for Fringe Church (The Korea Herald)

July 18, 2012: Beleivers Will Regret it if They Don't Come See Lee at the Crystal Cathedral (The OJ Blog)

Exerpts from The Creation of Heaven & Earth by Lee Man-hee

“Anyone who hears the testimony about the fulfillment of the New Testament 
prophecies and refuses to believe it will be destroyed.” (p. 564)

“When the promised pastor (Lee Man-hee) appears, everyone must go to him” (54).

“No other church name can even compare to the name Shinchonji.” (p. 544)

Shinchonji's Last "Big Event": The 2012 Creationist Cult Olympiad

Slouching Toward Shinchonji: Shinchonji National Olympiad/World Peace Festival

Zac Downey's Excellent Shinchonji Exposes

My Korean Volunteerism at an End: Why I Left Mannam

Korean Cult Mannam Gets a Facelift as IPYG: Why You Should Know

A Little North in Your South: An Afternoon of Intimidation at the Zoo with Mannam

Anti-SCJ Korean Blog

Blog Containing English Translations of Allegations and Events Described on Korean anti-SCJ sites

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