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Author Topic: Translation of 2003 Korean Article: Violence Against JMS Critics & A Reporter  (Read 2258 times)

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October 12, 2015, 05:04:23 AM
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August 21, 2003: JMS신도들, 반JMS '집단구타' (Christian Today)
English Translation:
On the evening of the 20th (Wednesday) four JMS followers are accused of having intruded into an office of the anti-JMS group EXODUS and attacked reporters interviewing EXODUS members.

The JMS followers, who included a Korea University graduate student named Mr. Yun, are under investigation by the Bangbae Dong Police Station. Those who were attacked included EXODUS president Kim Do-hyeong and former president Kim Yeong-su, while Sisa Journal reporter Shin Cheol-ho became involved in the middle of an interview.

The JMS followers allegedly entered the office with no notice and engaged in violence, and narrowly escaped before Kim Do-hyeong reported them all to police. They were allegedly angry that their leader, 57-year old Jeong Myeong-seok, had been arrested recently in Hong Kong.

JMS followers had previously entered an EXODUS office in December of 2002, and Kim Do-hyeong had suffered violence at the hands of JMS followers even before becoming active in EXODUS. Pastor Kwangheum Lee (Yebon Church) wrote on the EXODUS website’s discussion forum that “if an investigation said that there was wrongdoing on both sides, it would be a clear mistake” and demanded a stiff punishment for the JMS forces.

Pastor Lee wrote, “my understanding is that these days within JMS, they are getting desperate... it will likely get worse if Jeong Myeong-seok is extradited to Korea.” He added, “even aside from this attack, there have been several attempts by JMS to kidnap the women who were sexually assaulted; and I am morally indignant as I see more and more of them on the inside, as it only gets more serious.”

Pastor Lee, who is currently on a break from his activities against JMS, stated that he “did a lot of activities including a press conference reporting the evils of the JMS and sending official correspondence to colleges, after there was a broadcast about JMS in the TV show I Want To Know About It in 1999, but there was not much response”, and added that “the police once overlooked the incident last December without a clear conclusion, and it will be a real problem if they somehow overlook this one as well.”

Reporter Shin Cheol-ho, who was present at the scene, said that “I visited the EXODUS office not just to gather information on JMS but also learn about pseudo-religions in general... the JMS followers burst into the office and immediately started attacking, and they were so violent it made me feel they were intending to kill.”

Mr. Shin especially pointed out that he is “unhappy with the police investigation that cannot distinguish between the victims and the assailants.” He was seen as a victim, but Kim Yeong-su and Kim Do-hyeong, who were assaulted, somehow got labelled as assailants, just like the JMS believers, and were released at 9 o’clock in the morning on Thursday the 21st. The assailants were released then as they were arrested without detention.

Mr. Shin went on to say that, “while it is very clear that this was a trespass upon a residence, the police did not see it that way, and seem to think that this was just a quarrel within an organization”, and added that he now has “dissatisfaction about the police investigation having been treated as routine.”

Shim Woo-yeong, a Chief Editor of Modern Religions, defined this incident as “characteristic of a cult,” and analyzed that “the believers feel humiliated and reveal their violent natures as their faults are pointed out, as it is written the Letter to the Romans and the Galatians that ‘falling into cults makes a person criminal and evil’.”

Mr. Shim stated that “if the organization is indeed the truth, it could not bear such fruit,” and added that “given the fact that the JMS is having its fences ruined and losing its identity, it is now perhaps erupting its issues with such deviant actions including violence and crimes.”