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Author Topic: Sammy Park  (Read 65 times)

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January 03, 2014, 11:28:12 AM
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Sammy Park
« on: January 03, 2014, 11:28:12 AM »
Gary Fleisher
December 19, 2013

I've waited a long time for those who know more than I do to explain the events surrounding Sammy Pak's birth, but they have remained silent. I hope that they will now speak up, correcting any mistakes that I've made. I keep hearing stranger and stranger rumors about Sammy's birth from folks who know a lot less than I do. What follows is what I believe to be true. My understanding is:


Sammy Pak's mother is a woman that we members used to call Miss Choi. Sammy (Samuel) Pak's father is Bo Hi Pak (Dr. Pak). While Miss Choi was Dr. Pak's live-in-housekeeper they had a long affair in resulting in their son Sammy. Dr. Pak recognized Sammy as his son and took Sammy into his family. Miss Choi was replaced as housekeeper by Mrs. Lee.


Dr. Pak was ashamed of his affair with Miss Choi and never told his children about it. Suddenly there was a new baby brother and Dr. Pak's children knew that their mom, Mrs. Pak (Ki Sook Yoon) hadn't been pregnant. They counted back 9 months from Sammy's birthday (January 28, 1966) and looked for father candidates who were in the area when Sammy was conceived, around April 28, 1965.

In early April 1965 Father appointed Bo Hi Pak as the leader of the movement in the USA, replacing Young Oon Kim (Miss Kim). Father called members to a workshop in Washington DC, which was led by new American leader Bo Hi Pak and Unified Family President Gordon Ross. The workshop ran from April 12 until May 2, 1965.

To the Pak kids the obvious candidates for Sammy's father were present at the workshop. Koreans at the workshop included: Joon Rhee (a member living in DC), Papasan (Sang Ik) Choi (who Father had just removed as leader of Japan, where he was known as Mr. Nishikawa) and Father. I don't think that the Pak children ever considered Bo Hi Pak fathering Sammy with the housekeeper. Those who knew what had gone on didn't want to hurt Bo Hi Pak's kids and didn't say anything to them.

Ignoring the possibility that Dr. Pak was Sammy's father and thinking of the workshop attendees, the Pak children concluded that Sun Myung Moon must be Sammy's father. After all, the only person whose child Dr. Pak would bring into his family as his son would be Father. Dr. Pak always said that Sammy was his son, but it was assumed Dr. Pak was lying to protect Father.

After the workshop Father sent Young Oon Kim to London, England as a missionary. She left the USA on May 4, 1965, then joined Father and Papasan Choi on Father's world tour. Father, Miss Kim, and Papasan Choi returned to Korea in October 1965. I think that Father kept the two ex-national leaders (Miss Kim - USA and Papasan Choi - Japan) with him to give the new national leaders a chance to develop. Bo Hi Pak's affair with Miss Choi forced Father to replace Dr. Pak as American leader. Father eventually sent Miss Kim back to the USA reinstating her as leader in place of Dr. Pak.


For a while Hyo Jin Moon lived with the Paks in the Washington DC area and attended school there. While living with the Paks, Hyo Jin Nim heard the rumor that Sammy was his, Hyo Jin's, half-brother. Years later Hyo Jin told a sister named Madeline Pretorius that Sammy Pak was actually his physical brother. Madeline repeated the story to Hyo Jin's first wife Nan Sook Hong. Nan Sook included the story in her book about her life with the Moon family. Because no one directly and publicly denied it, it became gospel that Sammy Pak's father was Sun Myung Moon.

It was easy to believe that Sammy wasn't a Pak, because not being Mrs. Pak's child, he doesn't have her distinctive bulging eyes the way that her physical children do; so he doesn't look like his half-brothers and -sisters. No wonder the announcement of his birth said that Sammy weighed 6.6 lbs. and looks like his father, Bo Hi Pak.

Sun Myung Moon named Sammy "Samuel." It is very unusual for Father gave a biblical name to a child. Samuel is the Old Testament Judge who was raised by his father Eli the priest, who wasn't married to Samuel's mother, Hanna.


At the time of Nan Sook's book I expected Dr. Pak to step up and take a DNA paternity test to prove that he was Sammy's physical father. He didn't. He didn't even publicly admit what happened. He didn't clarify his old statements that he was Sammy's father by adding he was Sammy's physical, natural, birth father.

When Sun Myung Moon was asked about his being Sammy's father, all he would say is that he never misused his sexual organ. This led some to believe he had committed adultery and was Sammy's father, but that he didn't think that it was a sin. Of course this is not the case; Bo Hi Pak is Sammy Pak's birth father, not Sun Myung Moon.


I give kudos to Father for loving Dr. Pak and not revealing Dr. Pak's sin, even when Dr. Pak, by his silence, was embarrassing Father and acting against Father's and the church's interests. I think that it is shameful that Bo Hi Pak is letting Father take the heat for Bo Hi Pak's sin. I also believe that Dr. Pak's heroic efforts in working for our church should not be overshadowed by a mistake made decades ago. Dr. Pak has pioneered so many heavenly projects that they would be hard to list; he has touched thousands of lives, including mine, with his good works. I'm grateful for Dr. Pak's many distinguished works. I wish that I didn't have to expose his mistake, but it seems like the only way to begin to clear Father of the false accusation that he is Sammy Pak's dad.

I feel that Mrs. Pak is a hero; forgiving Dr. Pak's fall, saving her family, and raising her husband's son by another woman.

I apologize to the entire Pak family for making public something that should be their family secret, and no outsider's business. I hope that they will understand that my motivation is to clear an innocent person of a false accusation and that they will forgive me.

I sympathize with Sammy. Dr. Pak's not setting things strait publicly is putting pressure on Sammy, who may not know who is father is.

I hope that Sammy Pak will take a sibling DNA test with one of his brothers or sisters and put an end to the rumor that he is Sun Myung Moon's physical child.

I feel sorry for Miss Choi, who seems to have become bitter and grasping. I imagine that Miss Choi had to wait (over 40 years) for witnesses to die before she made her allegations. It looks like she has a lot of anger over her affair; feeling abandoned by Dr. Pak; and for giving up Sammy. It sounds to me like she has become a cynical x-member trying to cash in on the accusations and lies of those who resent Rev. Moon and the Unification Church.