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Author Topic: June 25, 2013: Peace March & New Mannam Front Group  (Read 4252 times)

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June 29, 2013, 01:41:21 PM
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June 25, 2013: Peace March & New Mannam Front Group
« on: June 29, 2013, 01:41:21 PM »
Walking through Itewon on Sunday evening, I suddenly had the following flyer thrust in my hand by a girl wearing a clown mask. She was skipping down the street with eight like-minded colleagues handing out flyers promoting am upcoming "peace walk". "Please come," she said. You bet!

On the flyer we have a new front group for the Shinchonji(SCJ)/Mannam etc etc cult, and the name of this new front group couldn't be any vaguer: International Peace Youth Group. I knew it was SCJ/Mannam etc because the photos on the card are from their most recent (and largest in a while) rally.. and because a friend tipped me off to their presence^^. But back at that previous event, (this was just over a month ago) they were calling themselves Mannam International Youth Coalition (MIYC). Is that dead already? What are they going to do with all the T-shirts they made?

The event was also mentioned on the US Army's Yongsan Garrison Facebook page:
USAG Yongsan page:

Tuesday, 25 June, (1300-1600) the Seoul International Youth Peace Group plans to hold a registered civil gathering with 500 participants, to end the war and for world peace. Participants are expected to gather in front of the War Memorial of Korea, displaying signs and banners while chanting slogans. The risk level is low, and this event is expected to be peaceful. Please expect possible closure of Gates #1 and #3 during this gathering. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.

And so along I went, and I had one of the most enjoyable cult-watching days I've ever had. And I caught up with several friends for cheeseburgers, a couple of drinks, and lots of discussions and laughs about this whacky cult that changes its name weekly.

First up a flyer handed out during the evening march through Itewon in Seoul:

And now some videos I made from the day. First a look at the photos of famous people lining the path outside the Korean War Memorial. Following that, I am interviewed by a cult TV crew^^.

And notice the girl at the end seemed to think that this new vague peace group isn't part of this other vague group called Mannam? Well a few days after the event, this little article about a similiar event held in Jeonju showed upa Mannam blog.

As people are in constant fear of North Korea's nuclear missile, war, and terrorist outrage taken place all around the world, it looks like International Youth Walk for World Peace and Restoration which was begun in Seoul, is now spreading to the world.

In Jeonju where I live in, this peace movement was held on June 22.
Here are some pictures of it.

Above all, we, Mannam Jeonju branch, prepared the occasion for our foreign friends to watch a video expressing the goal of this event. And then we went out for the main event after introducing the schedule.

A lot of people were gathered despite the hot weather.
It was really surprising to me that there were so many youths in our region who desire the peace and the end of war.

Some youths leaders who came from different countries made speeches, and some of participants had interview about peace.

Parade starting under the hot weather!

We started to walk following Korean traditional musicians and marching band. Not only people who were wearing costumes but many amazing performances were the nice addition to the event.

After the walk, we all were exhausted physically because of the hot weather but were deeply pleased emotionally.

We all who walked together in this event hope to achieve the peace. We already know walking does not necessarily mean the achievement of peace. However, we are looking forward that people all around the world have the same mind with us by spreading this peace campaign to the world.

And thanks to Michael Aronson for this effort: