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Author Topic: Letter from Ki Health  (Read 750 times)

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June 28, 2012, 08:53:38 PM
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Letter from Ki Health
« on: June 28, 2012, 08:53:38 PM »
Ki Health International

22nd August 2008

Dear Peter Daley,

Ki Health International wishes to inform you of its intention to seek legal redress for the serious and defamatory allegations made on and website regarding Ki Health.

For the purpose of this letter we will refer to these websites as teh JMS cult website. with the understanding that you are responsible for all content.

Ki Health strongly objects to the use of its logo, name, written material, video footage on the JMS cult website. The JMS cult website is in breach of copyright and the portrayal of Ki Health is inaccurate, misleading, and defamatory. Ki Health intends to take all necessary steps to vindicate its reputation.

The JMS cult website suggests repeatedly through the use of press articles, comments, testimonies, and internet links that Ki Health belongs to other organisations and individuals and is a doomsday cult. This is entirely false. The statements made and/or published by yourself do not stem from any factual evidence. There has clearly been no objective research or attempt to glean accurate information about the Ki Health organisation, its services, staff, regulation or funding. Ki Health is very concerned about the JMS cult website's apparent lack of concern for factual accuracy.

If no action is taken to remove the defamatory material information, Ki Health's lawyers will be in touch early next week to begin legal proceedings. In the meantime, Ki Health wished to clarifty some of the points you so far failed to acknowldge or understand.

Ki Health International is a registerered charity in the UK. It is independent of any other organisation and its management and finances are regulated and audited by the UK Charity Commisssion. Any suggestion of dishonest or criminal activity by the organisation or its staff is lebelous, defamatory and without any factual evidence. Ki Health International has been established for 10 years in the UK. Its services are respected and regulated by the UK authorities.

Ki Health Innternational and Jungshim are entirely seperate organisations with a different management structure and financial independence. Any suggestion of them being part of the same organisation either indirectly or indirectly through others' testimonies is innacurate and unfounded. Also any suggestion that the couple who developed the Ki Technique, Mo Haeng Yong and Park Gui Dal, have mamagerial or financial influence over the UK charity is also false, inaccurate and misleading.

Jungshim is a religious organisation which has been through a rigorous regristration process with the Korean government. The Korean government does not consider it a cult and so it is entirely misleading, inaccurate and misleading and defamatory for the JMS Cult website to make this suggestion. Ki Health International is not part of Jungshim or any other organisation. To call Ki Health a cult is therefore unfounded and libelous.

To reiterate, Ki Health is independent of any other organisation.  There is no factual evidence to suggest any financial wrong doing of Ki Health ot its staff. It has no criminal record and there has never been any formal complaint, evidence, or information to suggest that Ki health or its staff have acted in any way that is inappropriate, criminal, deceptive, or out of the remit of its charitable objectives. On the contrary in the ten years of its incorporation, Ki Health has operated entirely within the regulation and guidelines set out and monitored by the UK Charity Commission.
The entire Ki Health posting on the JMS cult website is based on the premise that Ki Health is part of a doomsday cult organisation and managed by individuals with a criminal conviction. Ki Health uses a healing technique developed by the Korean couple mentioned above. However they have no authority within the UK charity and have never had in the 10 years of its regristration. On the contrary Ki Health has never had any formal complaint as mentioned in teh previous paragraph. To suggest such is libelous.

The Ki Health philosophy is based on an understanding of a natural flow of energy that supports physical, emotional and spiritual health. This is a philospohy that is recognised by therapies and belief systems such as accupuncture and Chinese medicine. Ki health's philosophy empatically does not include a doomsday scenario.

Ki health International is a charity dedicated to caring for people with natural health services. Ki Health works to support many organisations from prisons and disabled charities, to organisations caring for the homeless. Ki health cares for war veterans, hospital staff and patients, mental health sufferers, MS sufferers, stroke patients, AIDS orphans and many more. Ki practictioners work tirelessly and with dedication to rub the natural health center for clients and carry out all its projects. The JMS cult website contains false, misleading, inaccurate information and distorted allegations from a tiny minority of people which is hugely damaging to the charity and the many people who depend on its services for their wellbeing.

To suggest that these organisations have been "duped by a cult" is highly defanatory and something that Ki Health is taking very seriously. In order to protect its good work Ki Health suggests you remove any posting related to Ki Health on your website to prevent legal action.

Ki Health also suggests you withdraw your posting on the website and any other location you have felt necessary to write your innacurate statements. Ki Health has saved screen dumps of all information previously posted by yourself, which will be used in the court of law if matters should reach that stage.

To remind you, annonymous testimonies from individuals which you claim are "proof of a scam" are highly subjective and unfounded in any factual evidence. Throughout the 10 years Ki Health has received no formal complaint from any member or individual, organisation, group, corporation or public body concerning its activities, management, financial management, all of which are independently regulated. To continue to publish information in this way on the website is therefore wholly misleading, inaccurate, and libelous. Ki Health asks that it be removed immediately.

The homepage of the JMS cult webiste uses the Ki Health logo and states "following the arrest of its leaders in Korea, a doomsday cult set up shop in London and makes friends with the Metropolitan Poloce." The use of the Ki health logo is in breach of copyright and this statement is entirley false and libelous for the reasons already outlined in this letter.

There are numerous inaccurate statements throughout the website that are based on no factual evidence. For example, the JMS cult website prints a copy of a fundraiding poster from the Ki Health website and writes the following:
" has in interesting donations page with some rather large sums requested and some interesting names for those donations. Seems like they haven't learnt much from the arrest and conviction of their founders. And with donations that size, it's no wonder that the Ki Masters work for free."

Many of Ki Health's staff are volunteers who dedicate their time to helping others through the work of Ki Health. They receive no financial gain and their motivation is altrustic. UK Charities follow strict rules about income gained through fundraising and any donation given to Ki Health must be used for its purpose. The Charity Commission audits all income and expenditure of Ki Health. For the JMS cult website to randomly suggest that fundraising is used for the financial benefit of staff is absurd. There is no factual evidence and this is entirely defamatory.

The JMS cult website makes numerous comments and statements about Ki Health's work with the Metropolitan Police. Its use of video footage is in breach of copyright and the JMS cult website's suggestion that the Metropolitan Police have been duped by a cult is entirely misleading and libelous for the reasons detailed above. Ki Healt International is in communication with the Metropolitan Police who are also taking this matter seriously.

Ki health lawyers are also considering other defamatory comments made on the JMS Cult website. For example with regards to the Irish Times article, you state "She mentions the word "cult" once, but didn't follow it up, content to simply beleive the word of the "Master". Yeah, as if a high ranking cult member is going to say they're in a cult.

Ki Health awaits your action to remove all defamatory information.

Yours sincerely,

Leigh-Anne Miles
Ki Health International

June 30, 2012, 11:07:25 AM
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Re: Letter from Ki Health
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2012, 11:07:25 AM »
Dear Sir / Madam,
I refer to a letter I received in late August 2008. I realize that is a while ago, but I would appreciate any assistance or information you could give me regarding possible complaints made against me and a letter threatening legal action which stated the Met Police were investigating the issue and taking it seriously. To be honest I find that hard to believe, but if you could either confirm or deny such a complaint was made and any result I would appreciate that.

The background is that I operate a cult concerning Korean cults:  – I’m an Australian living in South Korea. Through my site I was asked by a family in early 2008 to look at a group known in London at the time as Ki Health, they are now called Innersound.

Here are some articles which explain the background and controversies surrounding Ki  Health in London:

One article, (there are many others) concerning the arrest of the Korean couple Ki Health admits is the source of their treatments:

I have no doubt whatsoever that Ki Health/Innersound is a branch of that cult that continues to operate, continuing the fraudulent activities that landed its leaders in jail.

Ki Health worked extensively with the London Met offering massages. A video was made by Ki Health which featured uniformed Met personal endorsing Ki Health and its treatments: Ki Health & Police

One officer named himself as Commander Simon Foy who I believe is a very senior officer. I suggested on my site that said personal and Simon Foy were duped into supporting a Korean doomsday cult whose founders were convicted of a massive fraud in Korea.
The following is a quote from a letter I received in Korea from Leigh-Anne Miles, Ki Health’s manager in London at the time:

“The JMS Cult website makes numerous comments and statements about Ki Health's work with the London Metropolitan police. Its use of video footage is in breach of copyright and the JMS cult website's suggestion that the Met Police have been duped by a cult is entirely misleading and libelous for the reasons detailed above. Ki Health International is in communication with the Metropolitan Police who are also taking this matter very seriously.”

Soon after receiving that letter I called Ki Health and asked for the names of the police officers concerned so that I could contact them, but they refused to tell me any information about the officers of department that was taking this issue so seriously.

I would like to know if your officers were informed by Ki Health of the criminal background of the couple who developed the Ki Health technique. And I would like to know what, if any, complaint Ki Health made against me.

If they did not make a complaint, are they in violation of the law by sending me a letter saying that they did and that the London Met Police were taking it very seriously?

Finally, are the police officers in the video breaking any regulations by appearing in that video? If so, will any disciplinary action be taken, or will their involvement in that video be investigated?

Thank you, your feedback has been received and has been allocated the following reference number: YVC01-00002896. Please make a note of this number. If you have requested a response we will endeavour to send one within 10 working days. If you do not receive a response within this timeframe, please send a message via this feedback facility quoting your allocated reference number.