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Author Topic: Nov-Dec 2001: JMS makes news in Taiwan/Taiwanese woman sues Jung for rape  (Read 4717 times)

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December 16, 2006, 03:39:43 AM
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In response to Jung being charged with rape in September (from EXODUS news article):

    the Taiwane version of Next Magazine covered the story of "Korean cult leader raped over hundred Taiwanese female college students". Members of Exodus soon came to Taiwan and held a press conference with an involved woman in local Legislative Yuan.

From the English section of the Korean AntiJMS/EXODUS site:

    Taiwan has been such a important foreign base for ICA.  Many influential politician and entertainers have been prey for Jung.  She has been just a peaceful resting place for Jung.  However, our precious messiah Jung, Myoung-seok again raped a woman in Taiwan and she sued him.  This time she's a full Taiwanese and not Korean.  This also going to be a criminal case, not just a civil one.  Police is already on the case.  I greatly hope that Taiwanese people stand up for justice this time so this cult may never step his dirty feet on the land.

Roamlamb's description:

    In Nov. 8 2001, Next magazine, reported the "truth" with lots of photos. Newspaper and TV were flooded with reports about Jung's church as well. Many people left, and also many people stayed.

Some of the reports: