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Author Topic: ~2000: Lawsuit Against JMS / Member Hacks AntiJMS Site / 2 Pastors' falsewitness  (Read 4674 times)

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December 16, 2006, 03:05:19 AM
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From the English part of the Korean Anti-JMS site. He doesn't give dates, but they would be written between 1999-2002:

    This is one of the most significant mission that we've been prepared against JMS and ICA.  Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, JMS finally GOT SUED.  Since last summer, we secretly contacted with a lawyer named Jung, Chi-young, who was an ex-believer of ICA.  Mr. Jung once was greatly honored by ICA because he was the one who rescued an ICA Dong-a-ri called "O-Son-Do-Son" in Seoul National University when College Group Union tried to expel it.  Fortunately however, Mr. Jung finally realized the evilness of JMS and left ICA in 1993.  As the time goes by, he felt grave responsibility about his action in Seoul National University.  Since then, EXODUS and SPJ have worked together with Mr. Jung to make this day to come.  There were so many hard times.  Once, a hacker tried to hack our site and removed whole files.  Yet, one of member in SPJ found this and set up the trap to catch him.  Finally we got the valuable proof.  Everything went well.  We had to find and persuade each and every victim.  There were time we thought it is over.  However, we kept going and made this day come true.
    Back to our point, Mission Joshua has operated.  It has four stages.  Project L, W, K and P are them.  Right now, project L has already operated.  This is the ordinary court job.  We sincerely hope everything may be resolved in this first stage.  Or else Project W will have to be begun.  If this happens, thousands of people and family will be in confusion and danger, and none of us wish this may happen.  The reason why everything must be done under this project is very obvious.  First of all, It can solve everything peacefully, and second of all, it will leave a clear foot-print how we win the victory against vicious cults.  It will give a chance to every victim in Korea to stand up against the evil.  So far, two victims have sued against JMS and there will be more.  Since last couple of months, we have tracked victims and found out that there are at least 476 women got raped by JMS.  Yet this is only the official number.  We expect there are more than this, at least more than a thousand.  If we include minor sexual harassment, the number could be over 10,000.
    Right now, as all of you may know, JMS is hiding somewhere in Europe(possibly in Italy)so it is important if any of you who is not a Korean to step forward to tell us.  We will work together.  The chance you may get hurt is close to zero percent because that will give only bad reputation to ICA.  ICA tried to make wrong move couple of times and that only make situation worse to themselves.  If you stand up to sue JMS, this means JMS has fewer and fewer place to hide.  I heard that a female published a book about JMS in France and French government banned JMS to enter France.  I think she also can be a victim. 
    However, If ANY victim or lawyer Jung got assassinated, Project K will be operated without hesitation.  I can not tell you about the detail of this project. Yet in one single sentence the project may be described as this.  "An eye to an eye and a tooth to a tooth." 
    Unlike ICA has terrified people, EXODUS and SPJ has done every single work peacefully.  None of current ICA member got hurt in anyway by us.  However, if Project K happens, they will pay for what they have done.
    We warn you Jung, Myoung-seok and all the other scum bags!!  We don't care whether you act like messiah and his people.  We don't GIVE A SHIT!!!  But if any of you try to hurt any more innocent people.  You WILL pay for that.  Jung, Myoung-seok, you are anti-Christ and will be punished by God at the end.  Your final destination is surfer-burning hell.  Yet, whether God punish you in the end or not, YOU WILL PAY for what you have done to hurt those innocent people.  JMS and all those leaders of ICA, Don't try to hide.  We are tracking every single your foot step.  DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE US.  Or else, you'll have to experience to believe what is going to happen to you.


    1. Civil cases
    Anyhow  how do things going on so far?  First of all, Mission "Joshua" is still going on, but things are not that easy.  In Korean law, one who got sexually harassed should sue within 6 months.  This is quite unfair since most women didn't realize the truth for long time since ICA almost brainwashed them.  If one is sexually harassed in somehow, pastors and leaders kind of persuade her in such a various way.  Then, 6 months of time just passes by and Jung can't be sued in criminal case.  Now that's what happened to Mission "Joshua."  Jung actually got sued for same rape problem in 1980's when he started the cult.  But he has finished the case with some compensation.  So it's not easy that we can sue Jung to make him to go to jail.  Anyhow Mission Joshua is now civil judgement.  It could take years.
    Next.... We're also on other civil cases about illegal moneymaking.  ICA made MSes to sell things to make money.  They disguised it for alms but actually most of the money goes to Wol-myoung-dong.  So some people sued against ICA.  The cases are keep on going.

later (2002)

    2. A new criminal case is going on
    There is a whole new criminal case.  It's about CGM two famous female pastors(sex partners of course).  Did you know Jung, Myung-seok has become an official wanted man?  We demanded JMS himself to be a witness at the court and the judge accepted it.  Yet that coward never showed up and now he became a wanted man.  So, we demanded other witnesses.  They're Maeng and Jang, the two famous female pastors of CGM.  They were in charge of campus mission.  Unlike with JMS, they showed up.  The court asked them the truth about Jung's sexual behavior.  And they of course said that kind of thing never happened. 
    Yet it seems like the court already had record of other witness' testimonies about Jung's sexual harassment.  So the two women lied against the Justice.  They're both in the charge of lying in court as witness, and it is a very severe crime.  It's not a civil case anymore.  This time, it's a criminal case.  They could be behind bar for many years.  The case is still going on and is going pretty well. 
    If we win this case, the court officially agree with the sexual harassment of Jung Myung-seok.  And that's what we really expects. 
    The result can give us tremendously positive way.  So I want all of you to pray about this.