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Author Topic: Two NK Spies Arrested in Attempt to Kill Ranking Defector  (Read 2505 times)

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April 22, 2010, 09:00:54 PM
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Two NK Spies Arrested in Attempt to Kill Ranking Defector
« on: April 22, 2010, 09:00:54 PM »
Two NK Spies Arrested in Attempt to Kill Ranking Defector

Korea Times.
April 21, 2010.

    Two North Korean spies have been arrested for plotting to assassinate a high-ranking North Korean defector, the prosecution in Seoul announced Tuesday.

    They are accused of attempting to kill Hwang Jang-yop under the order of the spy agency belonging to the North's Ministry of People's Armed Forces, the Seoul Central District Prosecution said.

    Hwang, the architect of the North Korean regime's ideology of "juche," or self-reliance, was once secretary of the ruling Workers' Party and a tutor to leader Kim Jong-Il.

    The North Korean spies secretly entered Thailand via the Chinese city of Yanji last December with an order to kill Hwang while disguising themselves as defectors. Later, they were forcibly sent to South Korea, according to the prosecution.

    Hwang, who defected in 1997 during a visit to Beijing, becoming the highest-ranking official ever to flee the hardline communist state.

    The 87-year-old now lives under guard at a secret address in South Korea to forestall any attempts by the North to assassinate him. He has received several death threats.

    The North Koreans, identified as Kim and Tong, both 36, had been trained as spies since 2004, it said.

Security Tightened for NK Defector Hwang Jang-yop

Korea Times.
April 21, 2010.

    Security has been increased to the highest level for Hwang Jang-yop, a former high ranking North Korean official who defected to the South in 1997, following a recent attempt by two North Korean spies to murder him.

    Police said Wednesday that the personal security for the 87-year-old has been raised to “A” ? the highest level of police protection provided to an individual. They also said the number of Hwang’s personal guards will increase to over 10 from the current eight. He currently lives in an undisclosed location, surrounded by security guards 24 hours a day.

    The move came a day after the two North Koreans, only identified by their surnames Kim and Tong, were arrested for attempting to assassinate the defector, a former secretary of the North’s ruling Workers’ Party and chairman of the Supreme People’s Assembly, under the order of the spy agency belonging to the North’s Ministry of People’s Armed Forces.

    The two came to South Korea, posing as North Korean defectors.

    There have been many attempts by spies from the North to kill Hwang in the past. In 2008, Kim Dong-soon who came to the country in 2006, posing as a defector, was taken into custody for approaching officials of a North Korean defector organization here in a bid to find out Hwang’s whereabouts.

    During the two former liberal administrations from 1998 through 2007, Hwang remained largely invisible and was subject to strict travel restrictions, out of concern that his visit to the United States, Japan and other western countries critical of the communist state, could chill the relationship between the two Koreas.

    But since the conservative Lee Myung-bak took the nation’s highest office in February 2008, Hwang has been allowed to travel more freely to Japan and the United States. In meeting with government officials and scholars overseas, he strongly criticized Kim Jong-il and his father Kim Il-sung for only pursuing personal interests, while letting millions of North Koreans starve to death.

    Early this month, Hwang made a trip to the U.S. and met with American policymakers and discussed the North Korea situation. On his way back to Seoul, Hwang stopped by Japan where he held a series of meetings with the families of abductees by North Korea.