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Author Topic: The MIT Dahn Yoga Brain Respiration Experiment by Dr. William M. Briggs  (Read 4999 times)

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January 11, 2010, 12:08:52 PM
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Wow, this is interesting:
Please check out the whole excellent article on Dr. Briggs' site at:

I'll just provide part of the introduction to wet your appetite:

    On 20 September 2004, in the Physics Department at MIT, sponsored locally by the Body and Brain Student Club, I proctored a test I had designed to probe the psychic powers of three Korean children.

    The kids were under the tutelage of Ilchi Lee and the Korean Institute of Brain Science (KIBS). That group claimed that kids who had training in their methods of Brain Respiration and Dahn Yoga would be able to “read” the colors of cards inside opaque envelopes while blindfolded.

    KIBS called this ability “non-visual, heightened sensory perception”, or HSP. They insisted that this is not the same as extra-sensory perception, or ESP, though the differences seem largely semantic.

    This, in five parts, is the story of that experiment, what events led up to it, what happened during, and the sad but predictable aftermath.

Somebody get this guy on CNN.