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Author Topic: Jan 1999: SBS Report: JMS sues, Jung Flees, Members Locked Up & A Fake Virgin  (Read 5182 times)

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December 15, 2006, 05:52:55 AM
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Probably from the Korean site. From 1999.

In January this year, a shocking news struck the entire nation of Korea. One of the main broadcasting system in Korea,SBS, reported a case of girl-kidnapping which was committed by heretics resulting in failure. They were the followers of a Korean heresy JMS;the abbreviation of the name of Jung Myung Seok, who is the leader of International Christian Association(ICA);anti-Christ syndicate. So, this gang of fanatics is called JMS or ICA. Jung is the very thing which is assumed to be behind this conspiracy. But the girl, whose name is Whang, was saved by the police.

She was previously a follower of Jung Myung Seok but got out of his group. She had been one of hundreds of Jung's sexual victims for six months before she got out. Whang confided her terrible experience and another sex partner named Lee to the TV reporters after being saved from the terrorists. But the most disgusting fact is that Jung had deflowered so many innocent girls who were misled into fallacious lessons that he himself is the Second Coming Messiah. And that, her testimony also included the fact that Jung had addictedly indulged himself in promiscuity with multiple victims of his sexual act. Whang appointed Lee as another sex partner for Jung.

This news of heart-crushing brutality of JMS arose furious anger among Korean people. Even though the ignorant followers of JMS insisted that the news was manipulated by renegade Whang, the kidnappers were found guilty, now behind bars. Actually most followers of JMS can't even imagine the pervert Jung's real face. But ICA headquarters and most pastors must be aware of the "Sex Machine". Even though some of the ignorant followers accidentally got to know about this fact, they rationalized it because they believe Jung is Messiah.

The very next day after the broadcasting, Jung shamefully fled away out of Korea eluding the public eye. On the other hand, he still plays the role of puppet master in maneuvering his faithful "disciples" through internet. JMS followers attempted counter-attack by making enormous phone calls in unison against SBS under the supervision of ICA headquarters, which caused a great disturbance to SBS phone lines. SBS tenaciously traced down into JMS case and finally revealed Jung's perverted sexual acts through a fifty-minute documentary program in March. In response, ICA headquarters sued Whang and SBS for libel in the name of Jung Myung Seok despite his absence. JMS claimed against SBS for \ one billion, and against Whang for five hundred million as compensation for libel. Lee, who was said to be "anointed" by Jung as his sexual servant, insisted on her innocence daring to submit a medical certificate to the court in order to prove her virginity, defending Jung.

Agitated SBS went so far as to chase Jung down in Hong Kong. But Jung became so speechless as if he had his mouth run over by a sewing machine, caught in panic when confronted by reporters from SBS. The second documentary in July showed his dumb face vividly on TV screen. To our amazement(amusement), the medical certificate turned out to be a forgery, by the testimony of a nurse who had been engaged in Lee's Virginal Hymen Restoring Surgery. Lee was a fake Virgin! How shameless she was!

The suits which ICA brought against SBS and Whang were no more than a deceitful and pretentious gesture. Reversely, ICA bought Whang off by offering her \ fifty million on a condition that she would not reveal Jung's sexual deviation in public any more. What a nonsense that the plaintiff(ICA) offered money to the defendant(Whang) behind the curtain, asking for her benevolence and silence ! At the same time, ICA gave up the suit against SBS realizing that they didn't stand a chance to win.

On the other hand, there have been incessant rages on the board of PC communication network. JUNG ordered his secretary JUNG SOO-WON to bring a suit against netizens. How dare ? On the left hand, he brought a suit and threatened his rivals. On the right hand, he repeated The Love of Jesus like a parrot.

The most crucial person in Jung's case is a college student named Kim Doh Hyung. He has been fighting against JMS for four years since he became aware that his girlfriend had already had her virginity ripped to pieces in blood by Jung. During the fight against Jung, Kim was even lynched to be torn in his face by one of Jung' bodyguards. If Jung were really innocent, he would bring a suit against Kim for libel. But Jung is in no position to get anywhere near Kim. Now , Kim is the indefatigable warrior fighting against JMS. But Jung is nothing more than a cunning bat in a dark cave