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Author Topic: KHI - new name Inner Sound Foundation / Innersound Foundation  (Read 3565 times)

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August 09, 2009, 06:11:32 PM
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KHI - new name Inner Sound Foundation / Innersound Foundation
« on: August 09, 2009, 06:11:32 PM »
KHI are now calling themselves Inner Sound Foundation /  Innersound Foundation.
see the following links.
We are a Health charity organization dedicated to prodiving alternative complementary medicine to members of the community seeking a natural way to restore health and balance in their lives. We have supported doctors, nurses, ambulance officers, the Met Police, Prison staff, as well as homeless, aids victims, and many others. We also run standard services for the mainstream public, including stress management courses for the corporate world and the general public.

We require the assistance of a experienced marketing person to support the development of our community outreach in the UK, working with larger organizations here.

In return we offer a free meal ( lunch and dinner if needed and complimentary Qi treatments to relax and build more energy. Our pratitioners are fully trained, qualified and experienced (The technique is similar to Japanese Shitasu acupressure massage, is received fully-clothed and is very relaxing, re-vitalizing, helps detoxify and re-balance all functions in the body). Please see the ad link below to have an short but precise idea of what we do.
Hope to hear from you soon

Best regards

Executive Manager
Innersound Foundation
25 Queen Anne St
London W1G 9HT
tel: 0207 462 8811]
Could a Ki treatment improve your health?
Ki energy treatment offers to boost energy, eliminate toxins and promote health. Bernadette Fallon visited the London Innersound clinic to find out more

I read a story recently about an actress who suffered from extreme back pain being cured by a course of Ki Energy Treatments. Rula Lenska (Footballers' Wives, EastEnders, Celebrity Big Brother) was reduced to wearing a back brace for her condition, but following the treatment is now pain free. So when I was offered the chance to try out Ki for myself, I was curious enough to give it a go.
What's Ki?
Ki Energy Treatment originates in South Korea and is a healing and relaxation therapy that is claimed to boost the energy of the whole body, eliminate toxins, restore immunity and promote vitality and health. The website explains that Ki treatments can help you gain greater control over your emotions, and relieve physical pain including symptoms associated with back pain, arthritis, digestive disorders, skin sensitivities and allergies, and sports injuries. It works on similar principles to acupuncture, working with energy points around the body, except that instead of needles, Ki treatments use sound and touch to stimulate energy and blood circulation.
Visiting the clinic
The clinic is located, traditionally enough, in the Harley Street area in the heart of London's medical district, at 25 Queen Anne Street. The building has been recently renovated and the ground floor is still being set up when I arrive; upstairs on the first floor the reception area, with its huge windows and pale green walls, is flooded with natural light and is a calm and restful space. There are complimentary teas and a bowl of peaches and apricots on a big coffee table.
I fill in a short medical questionnaire, mainly relating to existing conditions and previous surgeries. Then I meet one of the staff for a quick chat about the treatment. So far, so Harley Street...
Charity work
Their charity works throws me slightly. It turns out that the practice is a not-for-profit organisation - something it won't share with a lot of its Harley Street neighbours. The work of the clinic - treatments and training classes - subsidises the community work which is its main focus; practitioners work in close partnership with organisations that support the elderly, war veterans, rehab patients, the homeless and those with mental health difficulties, to promote health and self healing. Most of the staff volunteer in the clinic which also helps to keep costs down, and profits made from the paying section of the business are ploughed back into its community work.
The treatment
I'm introduced to Master Sung, and taken into a treatment room, which is equipped with a massage bed and two armchairs. I tell Master Sung about my medical history, he asks how I'm feeling right now and how my energy levels are. Then I lie on the couch (you don't need to remove any clothes, except my shoes which were swapped for slippers at the door), and the treatment begins.
The treatment itself is a combination of acupressure and sound vibration. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, working with energy points all along the body, except instead of needles my practitioner applies pressure with his hands. The sound vibration is a trifle strange at first. As he applies pressure to my body - starting with my stomach which gets quite a strong kneading and I begin to wish I hadn't eaten that peach in reception - he begins to make a noise, which sounds a bit like the air being let out of bicycle tyres at high pressure.
The noise continues as he moves around my body using deft firm strokes, from my stomach to my arms, then legs, and gradually I get used to it. Then I turn over to lie on my stomach and receive the same treatment on the back of my body - it feels like a mini intense massage on my shoulders and is very pleasant. Finally I sit up and he works a bit more on my shoulders, finishing with my head which he pays a lot of attention to - as I've had quite traumatic surgery there in the past.
Then it's all over and we go back to the armchairs. He says I'm not suffering any major blockages (apparently the stomach is the most common place for blocked energy), but my circulation is not very good, particularly in my legs. I make a note to ask my doctor about this. Also he has detected some problems in my kidneys. I did have a lot of kidney infections growing up but I don't tell him this. And he recommends that a course of treatment and also Ki training classes, would be beneficial for me. Though this I would have expected of course.
What happens afterwards?
As I'm walking down the stairs to leave, something strange happens. I become aware of an odd smell. Then I realise it's not the smell that's odd, it's the fact that I can smell it. I had an operation eight years ago that affected my sense of smell. Basically I can pick up smells that are very strong and close to me, but I can't pick up surrounding smells. Until now.
It's the smell of food, somebody must be heating up lunch downstairs. I walk down the street sniffing - picking up the perfume of a group of dressed-up women on the footpath outside, turning into Caffè Nero for a super-fragrant experience of rich coffee aromas layered with the smell of cake; the beauty hall in the House of Fraser is a whole explosion on my senses. I realise I have been smelling in ‘mono' for years - now suddenly it's as if my nose has switched to ‘stereo'.
And I can't explain it. Or even guess whether it will last. But I'm certainly intrigued enough to sign myself up for a course of treatments.
Find out more
There are three Innersound Centres in the UK and you can visit the website at for more information.
Innersound London, 25 Queen Anne Street, London W1G 9HT; 0845 459 1025, 07532 291176; email [email protected]
Innersound Exeter, 84 Longbrook Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 6AP; 01392 433330; email [email protected]
Innersound Manchester, Suite B, 2nd Floor, 20 St Ann's Square, Manchester M2 7HG; 0161 834 5681

New website:-