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Author Topic: July 2005: JMS File Lawsuit Against Anti-JMS - Which They Later Lost  (Read 6438 times)

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December 13, 2006, 04:30:43 AM
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Peter posted this on Jul 30, 2005, it was taken from the English section of antiJMS:

Recently a huge lawsuit was filed by JMS against AntiJMS Leaders and the website hosting company.

They claim that Jung never raped anyone. What a bunch of nut cases!!!!!!
Why do you think he refuses to come back to Korea and face the charges against him, eloped from Hong Kong in the middle of the night, and is a wanted man by the Interpol & Korean Police?

JMS must be desperate.
They spent over 1 Uck Korean Won (About US$100K) on this lawsuit so far just on fees.

Obviously AntiJMS is fighting back hard with a counter suit.

If they lose, this site will be forced to close and AntiJMS leaders will be fined 48 Uck Korean Won (About US$ 4.8 Million). When they win, once again JMS will be proved by the court to be a bunch of loser nut cases and Jung nothing but a sex manic.

Anti JMS is trying their best to win the case and keep this site running for many years to come. I will continue to update the situation.

Just in case, this site gets diabled, please visit the following site (In Korean)

Thanks to the supporters of this cause and "beep" Off JMS!!!!!!!!!


They went down for a while, but they came back in November 2005. Is the lawsuit still going?