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Author Topic: July 2003: Jung Arrested in Hong Kong / Posted US $100,000 Then Fled  (Read 4651 times)

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December 13, 2006, 04:02:29 AM
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Author: Peter
Date: Jul 28, 2006

In July 2003, Jeong was arrested in Hong Kong on visa violations. Korea asked for his extradition back to Korea to face the rape charges.
The judge at the extradition hearing released Jeong on $US 100,000 bail while the case was being decided.

A member I know recalls extra calls for donations at that time. Jeong paid the money and then (surprise, surprise) didn't turn up at his next scheduled court appearance.

His arrest happened after members of the Korean anti-JMS group Exodus led Hong Kong immigration officers to Jeong's location.

The 2004 assault on the elderly father of the founder of Exodus was, I heard, payback for the arrest.

I was living in Guemsan at the time and my roommate was a member. She later recalled an unusual morning which in hindsite she realized was around the time of Jeong's Hong Kong arrest.

She arrived at 4 am for regular morning service and found lots of girls crying.
People were talking about fasting and praying for a couple of days.
She asked what happened and was told only that something terrible had happened and that she needed to pray.
Jung referred to his brief stay in a Hong Kong prison as a "field trip".

2003/09/26 16:46:58 답변경찰청 외사3담당관실 외사3담당관실 경위 윤미림

Thank you for your visiting Korean National Police Agency.
We inform you that the suspect, Myung Sok JUNG (DOB : 17 February 1945, male ) is wanted for charge of rape, etc. by Seoul District Prosecutor's Office(Foreign Affairs Division, prosecutor's name : LEE Yong Min, contact phone no. : 82-2-530-4821∼2)
Seoul Interpol requested the suspect's deportation to Hongkong Interpol on 1 July 2003.
The suspect was arrested for illegal stay in Hongkong, China by Hongkong Immigration Department on 9 July 2003 but released on bail after 3 days.
Hongkong Immigration Department approved the exit order for Korea against Myung Sok JUNG. However, the suspect disappeared since he appealed dissatisfaction to Immigration Department on 1 August 2003.
Hongkong police cancelled the bail against the suspect and are searching for him after registering the suspect on watching lists.

Thank you very much for your consistant cooperation. KNPA

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