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Author Topic: November 2006: Senior JMS Member Arrested / Another Kicked Out of Korean CIA  (Read 6507 times)

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December 10, 2006, 03:02:45 AM
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From the Korean Anti-JMS Forum comes the following news

1. Moon from Pusan, one of the highest level of leader in the Christian Gospel Mission (CGM), was arrested by the Police in Korea. It is believed he has extensive knowledge of Jung's criminal activities.

2. Yun, an agent in National Security Service in Korea (like the American CIA), has lost his job due to his involvement with the cult.

December 15, 2006, 03:04:04 PM
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Re: November 2006: Senior JMS Member Arrested / Another Loses Job
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2006, 03:04:04 PM »
Seems Yun is an old enemy of the Korean AntiJMS guys.

Here's a post Peter made back in June 29 2006 that mentions him:

Another update from

Thanks again for the translation!

A quite famous monthly magazine called "Monthly Shin-dong-a: released a breaking news about JMS today. The main contents are about two very important member of JMS. Yi, the prosecutor of the Seoul Buk-boo Province Public Prosecutors Office( and Yoon, an agent from National Intelligence Service (like CIS / CIA?) in the U.S

We, EXODUS, clearly state that this bastard called Yi, not worthy of being a prosecutor is the one who helped Jung, Myoung-seok to flee abroad so far. Moreover, he was one of the core member who planned and helped the attack against EXODUS members.

Yi was behind of working a stupid organization called "Justice Realization Alliance" This so called NGO kept on working against Kim, Do-hyoung(the founder and the core of Anti-JMS movement) to being charged criminally for the matter of his military service. The organization once sued against Kim and KAIST(like MIT in the U.S) about this matter. We have the evidences about all of Yi's dirty conspiracy but will save for later until the investigation is fully taken.

Yi has deep connection with the famous "5Billion Korean Won(that's 5million U$) Lawsuit" by JMS against EXODUS running Anti-JMS server online. We will reveal to you about his dirty plan after the investigation is over.

National Investigation Service is like CIS in the U.S. They exist for the sake of Korea. NIS is to investigate and catch the national spies and other criminal. However, the agent Yoon, Ho-bin worked as a private eye for Jeong, Myoung-seok. Yoon investigated all kinds of personal information (such as immigration record in airport) about president Kim, Do-hyoung. He also was chased Kim along with other JMS members so far.

We, EXODUS, swear to fight against these two bastards to punished in the court of law. We will make them to be charged criminally.

As you already know, one of the reporters who went to China to interview Jeong in his hide-out was in big trouble by the members of JMS there. He was assaulted and taken away his cameras and personal stuff. They made a big mistake again.

Well.. we all know how stupid JMS are. JMS leaders later heard about the news and now are trying to contact the broadcasting company that reporter belongs to settle down this incident.

Also a Japanese broadcasting company is coming to Korea this week to finish up their report on JMS.

We give our best wish to you. Thank you for your cooperation and help.

January 03, 2008, 12:40:25 PM
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I found a report mentioning this. It also mentions a "prosecutor A" under inquiry... probably the prosecutor sacked in March 2007.

Government Officials Suspected of Helping JMS Head

OCTOBER 18, 2006 03:02
It was reported on October 17 that a staff member of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) was fired for handing over personal information to the head of JMS, Jeong Myeong-seok. A written inquiry was conducted by prosecutors when a prosecutor in actual service was accused of revealing the contents of the investigation to Jeong.

Legislation & Judiciary Committee member Seon Byeong-ryeol (Uri Party) said it was revealed in the inspection of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office that the NIS found out that its staff member Yun handed over data on Kim, a member of a group against JMS, to Jeong and asked prosecutors to investigate after firing him.

Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office Chief Lim Chae-jin confirmed it, saying, “I know. We summoned and investigated Yun.”

Seon also added, “Prosecutor A of Seoul North District Prosecutor’s Office was accused of revealing to Jeong the contents of the current investigation and how to respond to it.”

According to the data presented by Seon, nine charges and accusations related to Jeong’s case have been received by prosecutors since 1999, including four cases to the Seoul Central District, one case to the Seoul West District, three cases to the Daejeon District, and one case to the Busan District. Jeong is known to be staying in China.

Lim said, “A written inquiry was conducted about prosecutor A. We will decide on whether to summon him after collecting more evidence by investigating a few more people related to the case.”

A source working with Seon explained, “The group against JMS argues that Yun and prosecutor A are members of JMS, but it is not confirmed.”

Prosecutor A said on a phone interview with this paper, “Anything argued by Seon is not true.”