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Author Topic: SBS Report July 4, 2008: Summary in Korean & English  (Read 3784 times)

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August 08, 2008, 01:01:32 PM
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SBS Report July 4, 2008: Summary in Korean & English
« on: August 08, 2008, 01:01:32 PM »
SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Station) aired a 60 minute report in July 2008 on the resurgence of this group in Korea.

Here's the Korean description from the station's site and here is an English translation courtesy of a very good friend with the Korean text included below.

Why they follow the “returned leader”

An episode of “I Want to Know about That” (directed by Choi Sam Ho) broadcast on the 5th at 11:20 PM and entitled “Why the follow the ‘returned leader’” highlighted the true nature of the pseudo-religion and the latest damage caused by its swindling in the “Cheon Jon Hoe” incident, which took place in January of 2000.  It also analyzed the social and psychological mechanisms of people who were unable to escape from their blind trust of the pseudo-religion.

Last May, the “I Want to Know about That” production crew received information from a Mrs. A, who said, “I was attacked indiscriminately by an armed assailant”. Information showed that the armed assailant belonged to a religious group led by a Ms. Park, the previous leader of Cheon Jon Hoe.

The Cheon Jon Hoe incident occurred in 2000.  The leader of Cheon Jon Hoe and his wife were arrested after receiving over 150,000,000,000 won from followers believing the world was about to end.  The self-styled Heavenly Father (Mr. Mo) and Heavenly Mother (Ms. Park) claimed to be the reincarnated representatives of the supreme deity on earth.  They collected large sums of money from believers, encouraging donations under the pretext of building a shrine to remain after the end of the world.  Meanwhile, most believers went into debt, lost jobs and homes, and were forced out into the street.  The couple received eight years and five years prison sentences, respectively.

According to information collected by the production crew, Ms. Park was released from prison in 2005 and gathered former Cheon Jon Hoe believers again and changed the story to suggest that she alone was the supreme deity’s representative on Earth.

Once again there were victims.  The victims were compelled to give over 10,000,000,000 won to the leader.  Believers offered all their assets and went into debt in order to pay the leader, while the leader was riding in a sedan chair, eating high-quality, multi-course dinners, and living a life of luxury.

Pseudo-religious group leaders are sentenced and serve out sentences, or corruption surfaces and religious groups are on the verge of collapse, however, leaders occasionally reappear, gathering strength again, and groups resurface.

The production crew wished to highlight that, “believers who have already been harmed are very often harmed again the same way by leaders” and that “because believers can’t escape from false beliefs, leaders seek out ways to make believers trust them.”

'돌아온교주' 그를따르는이유는

5일밤 11시 20분에방송되는 SBS<그것이알고싶다(연출최삼호)>에서는 '돌아온교주 - 그를또따르는이유'편을통해지난 2000년 1월, 사이비종교사상최대사기피해로꼽히는이른바 '천존회' 사건의핵인사이비교주의실체를고발하고, 맹신의늪에서빠져나오지못하는사람들의사회•심리적메커니즘을취재, 분석한다.

그것이알고싶다제작진은지난 5월 "무장을한괴한들에게무차별공격을당했다"는 A씨부부의제보를접수했다. 그런데취재결과무장괴한들이속한종교단체의교주는 '천존회'의전교주박씨였다.

천존회사건은지난 2000년시한부종말론을앞세워신도들로부터 1500억원을헌납받고그중일부를횡령한 '천존회'의교주부부가체포된사건이다. 이들은천부(모氏), 천모(박氏)라자칭하며최고신인천존의지상대리인으로행세했다. 또종말에도살아남을수있는성지를건설한다는명목으로신도들에게맞보증대출을조장해거액의성금을모았다. 당시대부분의신도들이신용불량자로전락했으며직장, 가정을잃고거리로내몰렸다. 이사건은교주부부가각각징역 8년, 5년형을선고받으면서일단락되는듯했다.

하지만제작진이취재한바에따르면지난 2005년출소한교주박씨는옛천존회신도들을규합해, 다시단체를창립하고기존교리를수정해스스로를최고신과합일된 '지상천존'으로높였다.

문제는또다시피해자들이생기고있다는사실이다. 피해자들은교주가헌금을강요해피해액이 100억여원을넘어섰다고주장했다. 신도들은교주가강요한헌금을내기위해온재산을헌납하고도빚에시달리고있었지만, 정작교주는가마를타고다니며, 끼니마다고급한정식이제공되는화려한거처에서호화로운생활을하고있었다.

사이비종교의교주가실형을선고받고복역을하거나비리가드러나교단이와해직전까지가기도하지만, 교주의재등장으로또다시세력을규합해단체가부활되는경우가종종있다.

제작진은주목할점으로 "이미한차례피해를입었던신도들중상당수가돌아온교주를다시신봉하고같은피해를또입고있다는사실"을지적하면서 '사람들은실체가드러난허황한믿음에서벗어나지못하는이유와교주들이다시신도들을맹신에빠트리는수법에대해알아봤다.