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Author Topic: Church of God Testimony...  (Read 4102 times)

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July 28, 2008, 11:50:16 AM
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Church of God Testimony...
« on: July 28, 2008, 11:50:16 AM »
A testimony from the discussion page of the Church of God's wikipedia page:

I originally posted this story in the main body of the article but it was removed. Although the poster did not state the reasons for the removal, there is some justification for removal as it does come from an unverifiable source. It is also a little colorful, but mildly so considering the author's point of view and connection with the church.

Because this account is the truth, and I want it to be written somewhere, I wish to repost it on the talk page. Please do not remove this without good reason.

    I have a step-sister who has been a member for several months. She is drifting away from the family and is refusing to celebrate holidays with us. Her mother and I attended a cookout and church service with this group to show her that we still want to be a part of her life, and as a result I learned a few things about the Church of God.

    1. This is a doomsday cult. This is a common theme in the world of Korean Christian sects. Specifically, they believe the world will end in 2012. (This is a correction from the originally predicted date of 1988.)

    2. They believe that on the end day, 144,000 people will ascend into heaven without experiencing death. They are among the 144,000 because they follow the "true" interpretation of the bible. They cite Revelations 7:1-8 and 14:1-5 as proof. For the exact text of these verses, see the following link.

    3. This "true" interpretation rests predominantly on their Saturday Sabbath, their abandonment of bread and wine communion, and their celebration of Passover. (I remarked to the Pastor's wife that since Jewish people also follow these rules, don't they qualify to ascend into heaven, too? She replied: "But the Jews do not believe in Jesus. In fact, they killed Jesus. They are nonbelievers." Well, so much for them I guess.)

    4. The members refer to each other as 'brother' and 'sister'. They say that the love between "spiritual siblings" is greater than the love between physical siblings.

    I also observed other practices and beliefs that are mentioned in other sections of this article, such as the wearing of the veils, the belief in Ahn Sang-Hong as Christ, and the worship of the Heavenly Mother. Late in the afternoon while we were eating burgers at the park, I expressed my concern to some of the group members that my step sister has been around less often, and seems to be drifting away from the family. They didn't share my concern, but instead replied with the comment, "She's only drifting towards the Truth." This particular member then went on to tell me the importance of becoming part of the Truth myself.

To avoid risking any harmful exposure to these members, I will say only that this is a start up group in a major east coast city. It's leaders are from the New York church, and are good orators and strong believers in the religion's core beliefs. I wish to present as factual an account as possible, so I will not make any more personal commentary on my experience.

Please feel free to reply to this entry. I will stop by periodically to address any issues you have with my experience. I will not respond to "you can't verify this" or other such criticisms, and if you delete it, you better give a good, long reason.

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