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July 20, 2016, 11:13:12 PM
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Re: Taiwan
« Reply #16 on: July 20, 2016, 11:13:12 PM »
The Abuse Wikipedia has a well-researched section on JMS. Here is the Tawian section:

The organization's earliest activity in Taiwan was in 1988. [6] The organization is commonly known as Jesus Morning Star church (JMS), "晨星會" (Tongyong Pinyin: cheng sīn hei. The literal translation of Jesus Morning Star church), "攝理教" or "攝禮教" (sh lǐ jao).

The organization itself rejects these common names, officially registered as "中華基督教新時代青年會" (China Christian Youth Association, CCYA), and sometimes calls itself "攝理教會", and Providence Church.[7]

In November 2001 the Taiwanese version of Next Magazine published the article "Korean cult leader raped over one hundred Taiwanese female college students". Allegedly involved National Taiwan University, Fu Jen Catholic University, and National Chengchi University all denied the report, stated that there were no cult activities in their campuses at the time. NCCU acknowledged that there had been such activities many years ago. There had been similar reports in 1997.[8] Members of EXODUS soon came to Taiwan and held a press conference with an involved woman.[9]

In October 2005 Apple Daily (Taiwan) reported that many student clubs in National Central University and other campuses are recruiting for Providence Church. These clubs hold a wide variety of activities including the "Eagle Cup" soccer tournament in Taipei city and regular model training. The paper quoted an undisclosed former church member, that the church's "modeling department" is in fact a channel of recruiting sexual partners for Jung Myung Seok. The paper obtained three audio recordings of dialogs of some female members, which say that Jung have had sex with ten female members by mutual consent, most of them college students from the modeling department.[10]

In June 2006 Jung commissioned a friend to file a private prosecution against a former church member named Wang Wen-yi (王文益) along with many media in Taipei. During the trial Wang admitted that he released three unverified audio recordings to the media. Keelung District Court's judgment is that Wang's statements of "Jung sexually violated female college students" are defamations, media's reports during 2005 October 13 to 16 are untrue, and Wang was sentenced to 30 days of detention with two years of probation. [11]

Since Japanese police opened investigation on the church's Japanese branch, they believe "the second in command" of the branch had fled to Taiwan in 2006 after allegations of rape were reported by Japanese media. She is currently wanted by Japanese police for immigration violations.[12][13]

Testimony from Taiwanese members: