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Author Topic: What is GACP/IOCA/PeaceModel etc?  (Read 4539 times)

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December 11, 2006, 12:21:55 PM
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What is GACP/IOCA/PeaceModel etc?
« on: December 11, 2006, 12:21:55 PM »
The distinction between Jung's secular organisations and religious organisations isn't always expressed as it should be. It can be a little confusing when people say "GACP is a cult", because it isn't really; Providence is. The reason it is sometimes said "GACP is a cult" is because GACP is more open and known than Providence.

Jung's secular organisations are Global Association of Culture and Peace (GACP), IOCA, Peace Model (PM/PMUSA/PMK/WPM), International Cultural Exchange (ICE), Korean International Cultural Society (KICS), Bright Smile Movement (BSM), Providence Vision Project (PVP), Sky Soccer, VIA3, United Culture and Arts Network (UCAN), Youth Developer Group (YDG), International Culture Interchange Association (ICIA), China Christian Youth Association (CCYA) and ikijuku. Most are dead now or only operate in certain countries (VIA3 Germany, UCAN Hong Kong, YDG Singapore, ICIA Malaysia, BSM Korea, ikijuku Japan, CCYA Taiwan). They all have webpages, athough most are deleted, but cached websites can be found.

They are what are known as front groups. This is fairly common practice among cults. The high level members of the front group are also part of the religious organisation. I will refer to the religious organisation as Providence (although it has had many other names) and the secular organisation or front group as GACP (although, again, it has many other names). All Providence members are part of GACP, but not all GACP members are part of Providence. They hold sport, modeling, art or cultural activities to attract young people. Then, when these people have come, they attempt to "evangelise" the ones they like or those who are attractive enough.

Sometimes the attempts to "evangelise" are obvious, while other times not. They may just use the activities to build up friendships until eventually Providence is presented to them, but they tend to be pretty impatient. In this way, GACP looks innocent, and hence the reason the difference between GACP and Providence must be made clear or otherwise the accusations don't make any sense.

Here are some quotes to understand it.

From: The Asahi Shimbun, Asahi Editorial: Another problem cult
Date: August 19 2006

    The gimmicks the sect uses to increase its membership are nothing new. At university campuses, the sect's recruiters first approach students under the guise of a sports or cultural circle. After building close personal relationships with these students, the members reveal the religious nature of their group and start indoctrinating them. The favorite targets are serious-minded young people who feel alienated from their families and schools and wish to change their lives.

From: Serket, JMS Strangulation Point #5
Date: March 26 2005

    It is widely known among those involved with Providence, whether inside or outside of the organization itself, that the organization uses both religious and secular means of propagating its teachings. This is done through both Providence Church and also through the Global Association of Culture and Peace (GACP), among many other names. Though the secular organization has numerous varied names, its umbrella organization runs under the name GACP.

    The name of the umbrella organization has changed on numerous occasions in the past on account of published connections between the secular and religious organizations. However, within recent years, the umbrella name has been chosen as the name to forego the others.

From: Former member, testimony

    When this group first approaches a new victim, many tactics are used to coerce the victim into a meeting. With me, they used a “front” called the “International Cultural Exchange (ICE)”. I went to the meeting and it seemed really unplanned and unorganized. Then all of a sudden, it turned into a Bible study.

From: Peter, How to Spot a Woolly Woof
Date: February 1 2006

    Later, after accepting a hiking invitation, I was surprised to find myself at Wolmyungdong, the base of Providence Church. I had been invited hiking, but we didn't do any hiking. I hadn't been invited to church, yet was at church. I was annoyed. Why had she lied?

    The "hike" was actually an all-night festival hosted by the Global Association of Culture and Peace (GACP) an organisation founded by Jeong. There were 4,000 people there that night, most of whom were female university students. At 1am Jeong's photo was shown on a giant screen. The reaction of the thousands of girls there was quite astounding. They gasped and screamed with their eyes riveted to the screen. Their emotional responses seemed totally out of proportion to the images on the screen.

From: Peter, Memoirs of a Peter
Date: September 3 2003

    I also want to share here how this cult successfully convert foreigners here in Korea to their beliefs.
    You could be invited hiking like I was, or invited to study Korean, martial arts, or traditionally drumming. You might not be told for months that the group has any "religious" elements.
    And you won't be told the leaders name until you are well and truly a fan, before that and you might have been tempted to go to and type in his name..