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Author Topic: Hong Kong  (Read 4105 times)

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December 10, 2006, 03:37:56 PM
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Hong Kong
« on: December 10, 2006, 03:37:56 PM »
Someone, probably from HK, posted the following on the wiki page:

    The church in Hong Kong is named "月明教會" (The Bright Moon Church) and was founded there a few years ago. They target university students and in particular Christians to recruit on university campuses. A former member told the press that in church services Jung leads through an Internet video stream, and that the church offers Jung's photos to the members and asks them to worship the photos. The member finally left the church, and he was threatened and harassed by student members of the church.

    Though the church has been in Hong Kong for years, the slow development made it fairly unknown until its media exposure to the public. To attract youth, the church tried to create an organisation to run various community activities, known as the United Culture and Arts Network (UCAN). The organisation's webpage was deleted in May of 2005.

    It is believed that the church consists of about 100 members, mostly students from two colleges of medicine, and several lecturers. These colleges (listed below) refused to comment.

    There was one recognized case in which parents of a female student sought help from local religious groups. The girl's behavior changed completely after joining the church and she never came back home. Instead, she devoted herself to church's development and donated all her income to it. Her family found a photo of Jung in her wallet.

        * University of Hong Kong
        * Chinese University of Hong Kong

Most of it was translated from a HK news article named "Over 100 core members of the South Korean cult in Hong Kong" (decent google translation), and the English was later cleaned up a little by me.

Most news articles only focus on the rape claims, so it's nice to have media backup on claims of harassment/weird cult behaviour. What the article describes happens in all the other countries. I've found very few things that are true for particular countries and not for others, all the churches seem to operate pretty much the same way. That's the defining feature of a cult: lack of individuality.

From the old forum:

Author: exjmsman
Date: Feb 3, 2004

    There is a JMS Church in Hong Kong. From my friend who is now still a loyal member there told me that they paid a lot to their "Teacher".
    What makes me angry is they always used different type of social and leisure activities to attract the boys and girls. They later on get familiar with them and teach them those "spiritual" message.
    And last year JMS lived in HK for nearly a year and many HK members just pay $$ for him.

    Is there anyone know where JMS is now? Call the Interpol to catch him!

    A Ex-JMS member

Author: exjmsman
Date: Feb 20, 2004

    Their webpage:

They call themselves UCAN (You Can)

They have many groups, which actually target at recruiting people from different professional fields such as engineering, business and medicine into their organization.

Almost all the person in-charge in the webpage are the loyal followers of JMS.

What a terrible cult!

They actually have morning service daily (except Sunday) started at 3 am in their "centre" (they never call their church as church, instead they call it centre to avoid being traced by outsiders)

Since I don't have the mean to reveal it, I hope anyone would help to spread it out to the mass media.[/list]

According to an EXODUS press release Jung fled to HK from Taiwan in September 2001 following the negative Tai media attention. He was also arrested in HK for visa violations in July 2003 but fled on bail of US$100,000 (HK$780,000). Interpol requested he be transferred to HK Interpol but was still released on bail...

HK front group websites:
UCAN (down)
UCAN soccer (down)

Hong Kong news articles (in Chinese):
淫邪教主招徒亂港 性侵犯三港女 周五遺返南韓 (July 30 2003)
Over 100 core members of the South Korean cult in Hong Kong (October 2 2006)

Translators: google, babelfish