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Author Topic: Jung's Image of Jesus  (Read 3522 times)

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December 12, 2006, 02:58:44 PM
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Jung's Image of Jesus
« on: December 12, 2006, 02:58:44 PM »
From the old forum:

Author: Peter, Feb 14, 2006

Regarding this image of Jesus:

I heard that Jeong claims that it is an actual photograph of Jesus that he himself took - why am I not surprised?

An ingenious way of keeping the focus on Jeong to inner members, while at the same time it reassures new members that this is indeed a Christian church.

Does anyone have any more details about what the cult says about that photo? What do they specifically say about the image? Did Jeong take it while in heaven? That kind of thing. If anyone has any info, I would really really appreciate it.


Author: Peter, Feb. 19, 2006

Ok, here is what one friend told me about that pic.

There are two explanations for the image:

1) The image was given to Jeong by a Japanese member as a present. That was the story behind that photo given by the cult for a few years. And that sounds rather plausible.

But the story changed: Jeong suddenly "remembered" that he took the photo himself.
He was in his cave one day praying (as usual), when Jesus visited him (as usual) and Jesus said like a tourist, "Would you mind taking a picture of me please?"

Jeong said yes (who wouldn't?), and the rest is history!

Funny, from a biblical perspective, didn't Jesus say something like: Blessed is he who has not seen yet believes?
So why would Jesus then decide that Jeong's followers need a picture of him as "proof" Jeong is Jesus' No 1 buddy?

From a cult perspective it is a work of genius.
It allows the cult to display that image of Jesus, giving the cult a cloak of legitimacy.
While the cult's inner circle see that image as proof Jeong is the Messiah, ie they don't see an "image of Jesus", they see an "image of Jesus that only Jeong could have obtained"

New members come to church, see the pic of Jesus think, and think to themselves: "what a nice Christian church this must be."

Also interesting is the fact that in the above photo, the image of Jesus and Jeong's photo are the same size

I've heard Jung brought the photo, as he knew it was of Jesus when he saw it. Supposedly Jesus' beard in the photo is just shadow, and he doesn't really have a beard. I'm not sure why he's yellow/orange, there might be a reason for that (i.e. subtle hint that as he isn't the brightest colour, white, he's imperfect/not the highest - part of Jung's teachings is bright spirits are good and dark spirits are bad). Another point is that Christians tend to use the Cross symbol rather than a picture of Jesus. But the Cross symbolizes forgiveness, which is freedom from past sins. Of course Jung hates and rejects this concept, as he can't control people that way. So the picture of Jesus allows them to look Christian without reminding the members of the Cross, and also has an alternate meaning as Peter suggests.