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Author Topic: JMS Front Exposed at Chonbuk University  (Read 470 times)

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March 24, 2018, 02:12:24 AM
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JMS Front Exposed at Chonbuk University
« on: March 24, 2018, 02:12:24 AM »
March 21, 2018: 전북대 총동연, JMS 위장 동아리 테루아 제재 (Modern Religion Monthly)

Google & Naver Translations:

Terua, who used to be a member of the official religion club at Jeonbuk University, has been demoted to a Gaeraenrok Club (temporary?)after it was discovered that the group was disguised as JMS. Terua acted as if it were a Christian club, saying, " It is a place where people learn and share God's will and love based on the words of the Bible. " Although there have been rumors among Christian club members that Terua is a JMS camouflage club, public opinions have not been made public since there is no conclusive evidence.

Terua, which was very different from Christian clubs.

Terua turned out to be the JMS camouflage group after all, as was the focus of a student's constant suspicions and data investigation. A member of the D club who uses the next room of the Terua Club said, " With the non-sounding nature of the building, Terua students ' prayers and praise are heard. Mr. A felt something strange about the sound of praise and prayer coming from across the wall. Terua sang songs that were not a popular compliment, and while praying, they heard the sound of visiting the " teacher " or " president. " Mr. A, who was always interested in heresy, was able to guess that Terua was related to JMS.

JMS's connection with Therua is a piece of cake.

Mr. A started to investigate the Terua club. In particular, he identified the characters around him through social networking sites. Mr. A confirmed that Mr. B was familiar with the JMS senior manager. He also found that most of Mr. B's characters are related to JMS. He also found out that a photo of Terua's activities posted on the website of the association of general clubs at North Jeolla National University was taken at the temple site in Wolmyeong-dong, which is called JMS's holy place. Based on the above facts, he said, " JMS was sentenced to sexual assault of women in general and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape.

Degraded to Teruya's "Enrollment Club"

On the Facebook page of " The Federation of Korean Studies of North Jeolla National University " on Jan. 11, " Recently, complaints about religion have not been raised, " said the federation of general club members. On January 17, General Dong-yeon gathered the representatives of each club's students to hold a " Emergency Religious Meeting. "

On the day of the meeting, Terua strongly protested, saying, " (It is ridiculous to be suspected of being a JMS camouflage club). " However, the general public asked Terua why he deleted the photos of the Wolmyeong-dong activities, which were uploaded to the website just before the meeting, but he could not give a proper answer. Eventually, Terua admitted that their roots were JMS. He demoted Terua to a " Gaeryonglok Club " after confirming the truth, and said he would permanently expel her if he finds missionary work at school.

A student's courage and attention have made it a valuable fruit that discourages the activities of JMS's camouflage club. Since universities accept the freedom of religion, it is not easy to deal with heresy. But things are changing at the moment when it is proven to be an unethical group that goes against the public interest. If you have any suspicions about a team run by the heretics on campus, why don't you take a more proactive approach?