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Author Topic: GoFundMe To Assist Former Jungshim Member Care for Elderly Father  (Read 506 times)

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February 22, 2018, 08:13:59 AM
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All too familiar story unfortunately. If you have some money and the inclination, please consider donating:

My entire family has been working as volunteers for the humanitarian health organization, Jungshim since 1996. Back then we were the only “ Western Qi Masters” from one entire family, and whilst this brought pride and joy, as we were able to help so many people over a 20-year period, a set of challenges have arisen over time. Jungshim qi masters do not get paid a salary and volunteer their work entirely from their heart. But in our case, since we are the only children to our elderly parents (now just Dad George) this led to progressive loss of assets and the inability to financially support our ageing parents, more so, in times of illness. One of us (Eric) had to stop the Jungshim work in 2011 and has attempted to rebuild both career and income stream. But the combined need for care from both parents with the cruel lack of time, has not enabled him to work full time order to stop the financial erosion.

I am writing these lines from my desktop computer, February 2018, while are living in the pleasant and comfortable family home belonging to my Aunty Rosemay in Mauritius.    My 93-year old father is sleeping peacefully in the other room. In about 2 month time, in April, I am not sure where we will be living. We had to leave expensive Sydney, we are homeless, and financially broke through an incredible set of events over the past 10 years, that I am ashamed of sharing to anyone, except for one friend, for fear of being judged and misunderstood. Whilst this sounds like a misfortune, (and it is a disaster) I feel deeply blessed by the love I received from my two parents, the happiness I have encountered in my life from them and shared with others whenever and wherever I have been and will continue doing. I am able to use this inner force as a wonderful reserve of energy to have the strength to write this story and ask for your kindness, generosity and help. I don’t think there are parents as loving, caring and beautiful as my parents, George and Claude, whom I owe everything, with their radiating love and a huge sense of service and sacrifice to their loved ones, their children.

Please help me care for my elderly father. Your help will enable cover the medical bills and the day care facility expenses.  This will free up my time, so I can resume my own work and fully rebuild myself professionally