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Author Topic: The 2018 Winter Olympics  (Read 1417 times)

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February 04, 2018, 05:04:32 AM
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The 2018 Winter Olympics
« on: February 04, 2018, 05:04:32 AM »

The Winter Olympics don't usually capture my attention - I was barely aware of them while growing up in Australia. The 2002 Winter Olympics were only of interest to me because John Williams wrote a piece of music for the games that was sung by the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It's not so often that my interest in music and cults combine:

Incidentally, John Williams also wrote a piece, "The Olympic Spirit", for NBC's coverage of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. I much prefer it to the 2002 Winter Olympics piece. He also wrote themes for the 1984 and 1996 Olympics. Here's "The Olympic Spirit" since it has some connection to Korea:

Living in Korea, I developed somewhat of a passing interest in the upcoming Olympiad from reading some articles about the preparations and missteps, but it was the announcement that North Korea would be sending athletes, musicians, handlers, etc. that really sparked my interest. I started bookmarking interesting articles, and have finally found the time and energy to collect them here for those interested and to be honest, mainly for myself as I love collecting links. I've highlighted articles I think are especially interesting or just funny.

 The release from prison of serial rapist Jeong Myeong-seok, for whom this site is dedicated to, could also add interesting elements to the mix, but as of the time of writing, that remains to be seen. Certainly JMS and other cults, in particular Shinchonji, will be be looking to take full advantage of the Olympics both to recruit and to keep their own members busy and sleepy.

Let the games begin!

July 25: Questions Raised Over Unification Church's Involvement in 2018 Winter Olympic Venue (Japan Today)

April 20: SK Rounded up, Abused Vagrants Before 1988 Games (Yahoo Sports)

April 21: The 1988 Seoul Olympics Were a Horror Show of Human Rights Abuses. Will Rio Be the Same? (The Nation)

June 21: North Korea Could Co-Host 2018 Winter Olympics (The Guardian)

Sept. 20 SK President Hopes Olympics Brings Inter-Korean Peace (CNN)

Sept. 27: North Korea’s Athletic Ambassadors (The New York Times)

Nov. 3: Russians Threaten to Boycott 2018 Winter Olympic Games (Edmonton Journal)

Nov. 10: Visa Offers Olympic Fans & Athletes Innovative Payment Experience (The Olympics)

Nov. 23: SK Considers Scrapping Exercise With US for Olympics (Reuters)

Dec. 5: Visa Procedures Eased for Winter Games (Korea Net)

Dec. 26: 17 Foreigners Deported Over Potential Threat to Olympics

February 04, 2018, 05:24:52 AM
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Re: The 2018 Winter Olympics
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2018, 05:24:52 AM »
Jan. 2: Olive Branch from North Korea (The Korea Times)

Jan. 5: Defectors Speak Out on Games & The Dear Leader (Casey Lartigue Jr. for The Korea Times)

Jan. 7: Pyeongchang Olympics to Only Accept Visa Cards (The Korea Herald)

Jan. 8: Foreigners Rail at Korail’s Two-track Olympic Booking Discrimination (Korea Expose)
Grasping The Olive Branch (The Korea Times)

Jan. 9: No Such Thing as Bone-Chilling Cold in Pyeongchang (The Korea Times)
Travel Agents Exploit Elderly With Fake Pyeongchang Tours (Korea JoongAng Daily)
NK’s ‘Gift’ to SK: Winter Olympics Participation (Andrew Salmon for Asia Times)

Jan. 11: NK's Army of Beauties' Set to Invade South (Channel News Asia)
Korail Puts Pyeongchang Passengers Second For Seollal (The Korea Herald)

Jan. 15: NK to Send 140-Member Orchestra to SK for Concerts in Seoul & Gangneung (The Korea Times)
Pyongyang to Pyeongcfhang (Andrew Salmon for The Korea Times)
Can South Korea Stomach NK's Girl Band? (Oh Young-jin for The Korea Times)

Jan. 16: Sports Minister Who Knows Little About Hockey (The Korea Times)
NK Demands Grow in Talks With South (USA Today)
NK Demands Return of Defectors (Chosun Ilbo)

Jan. 17: SK Hockey Coach Says Damage Inevitable (The Korea Times)
NK Imposes More Demands on SK Over Olympics (MSN)
Moon Says Pyeongchang Olympics Will Lead to Improved Inter-Korean Ties (Yonhap News)
NK's Army of Cheerleaders Needs to Stay Home (Chosun Ilbo)
NK's 'Army of Beauties' Will Be Under Close Scrutiny at Winter Olympics (The Guardian)

Jan. 18: Women's Ice Hockey Roster Announced Amid Public Outcry Against South-North Team (The Korea Herald)
SK Divided Over Use of Single Flag During Two Koreas' Olympic March (Yonhap)
The Pyongyang Games? Backlash Deepens Against SK’s Outreach to NK Ahead of Olympics (South China Morning Post)
NK to Compete in Four Sports at Pyeongchang Games (The Korea Times)

Jan. 19: Korea's Olympic Compromise Is Fool's Gold (Bloomberg)
SK Working on NK's Olympic Participation Not Running Afoul of Int'l Sanctions (Yonhao News)
Short Track Star Shim Suk-hee Allegedly Assaulted by Coach (The Korea Herald)
Gangneung Hopes to Promote Peace Through Winter Olympics (Yonhap News)

February 04, 2018, 05:57:38 AM
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Re: The 2018 Winter Olympics
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2018, 05:57:38 AM »
Jan. 20: NK Athletes Will Compete at Winter Olympics (CNN)
IOC Approves Joint Ice Hockey Team (The Korea Times)
SK Demands Explanation For Cancellation Of NK Team's Planned Visit (The Korea Times)
NK's Advance Team For Olympic Art Performance to Visit SK Sunday (The Korea Times)

Jan. 21: NK Delegation Inspects Venues in SK (The Korea Herald)
Meet Hyon Song-wol, NK's 'Spice Girl' Whose Execution Was Greatly Exaggerated (The Telegraph)
NK May Televise Pyeongchang Olympics (The Korea Times)

Jan. 22: Moon Urges Support for NK's Participation in Olympics (Yonhap)
Prayers For Peace, Hopes For Unity at DMZ (Andrew Salmon for Asia Times)
The Precarious Politics of the Joint Korean Hockey Team (The Atlantic)
Protesters Burn Picture of NK Leader in Rally Against Olympic Participation (Yonhap News)

Jan. 23: NK: SK Must Apologize for Monday’s Anti-NK Rally in Seoul (NK News)
Why Are We paying for North Korea? (Michael Breen for The Korea Times)
NK May Hold large Military Parade Day Before Olympics (The Korea Herald)
Administrative Oversight Costs Speed Skater Olympic Berth (The Korea Herald)
S. Koreans Burn Kim's Photo as NK Band Leader Passes (LA Times)

On the afternoon of January 23, I stumbled upon a small protest against North Korea's involvement with the Olympics. There was no burning of Kim Jong-eun's photo while I was there, which was unfortunate as the temperature was around -15. It was so cold in fact that when 2 female cultists (probably from Shinchonji) approached me and asked me to attend a cultural event that was taking place that afternoon just for me, I said no.

I took a few photos mainly to note the fact that there were as many (if not more more) reporters than protesters. I'm sympathetic to their cause, so I hope more people get involved in future protests.

February 04, 2018, 07:03:59 AM
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Re: The 2018 Winter Olympics
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2018, 07:03:59 AM »
Jan. 24: NK Gearing up for Massive Military Parade (The Korea Herald)
Ex NK Spy Kim Hyon-hui Casts Doubt on Kim Jong Un’s Olympic Motives (NBC News)
SK Conservatives Call for NK to Suspend Military Parade (UPI)
NK Ice Hockey Players to Visit Seoul Thursday (The Korea Times)

Jan. 25: SK’s $100 Million Winter Olympics Stadium Will be Used Exactly 4 Times (Quartz)
Call For Reunification: NK Sends Rare announcement to all Koreans (Reuters)
NBC Host Duped by NK After Reporting From Staged Ski Resort (Yahoo)
Checking Those NK Dancers (Donald Kirk for The Korea Times)

Jan. 26: Defectors' View on NK Music Troupe Leader's Visit to SK (Casey Lartigue Jr. for The Korea Times)
Pyongyang Olympics? Burning Tensions Ahead of Games (Korea Expose)
2018 Pyongyang Olympics (Oh Young-jin for The Korea Times)
N. Koreans Visit Olympic Venues for Second Day (The Korea Times)
Ex-NK Spy Recounts Olympic Plot to Blow Up Plane (CNN)

Jan. 27: NK’s Masikryong Ski Resort Kept Open by Work Gangs (NBC News)

Jan. 28: Guests Face Deep-Freeze Conditions at Roofless Pyeongchang Opening (The Korea Times)
SK Gets Cold Shoulder as Chinese Tourists Shun Olympics (South China Morning Post)
Olympic Dreams of a United Korea? Many in South Say, ‘No, Thanks’ (The New York Times)

Jan. 29: NK Apparatchiks Startled by K-Pop Gig (Chosun Ilbo)
Charm Offensive Kim to Wield Soft Power at Winter Games (Andrew Salmon for Asia Times)
Reuters Spoils Pyeongchang's Olympic Flame Secret (The Korea Times)
Koreas to Have Hectic Joint Training Sessions Ahead of Olympics (The Korea Times)
NK Fuel Request Puts SK in a Quandary (Korea JoongAng Daily)
NK Calls Off Joint Cultural Event With SK (The Korea Times)
Hanwoo Burger: McDonald Korea's Pyeongchang Tribute (The Korea Times)
NK Likely to Stage Large Scale Military Parade on Eve of Pyeongchang Olympics (Hankyoreh)
SK's Chilly Response to a Joint Olympic Team (The Atlantic)
Cultural Olympiad Runs Parallel to Olympics (The Korea Times)
Unified Teams Date Back to 1991 (The Korea Times)
Bow to NK But Don't Bend (Andrew Salmon for The Korea Times)

Jan. 30: NK Drops Out of Joint Cultural Event at Mount Kumgang (Korea JoongAng Daily)
26 World Leaders to Converge on South Korea for Pyeongchang Olympics (Hankyoreh)

Jan. 31: NK's Cancellation Overshadows Future Talks (The Korea Times)
Despite Olympics, Trump is Moving the Western Debate on NK to the Right (The Lowy Institute)
Reuters Banned from Opening Ceremony for Leaked Rehearsal Photos (The Straits Times)
Stop Pandering to Pyongyang (Korea JoongAng Daily)

February 04, 2018, 01:11:24 PM
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Re: The 2018 Winter Olympics
« Reply #4 on: February 04, 2018, 01:11:24 PM »
Feb. 1: NK Athletes Arrive in South to Affirm Olympic Detente (Bloomberg)
Bracing for Post-Pyeongchang (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Protecting an Olympics Held in NK’s Nuclear Shadow (New York Times)
NK Athletes' First Night at Olympic Village (The Korea Times)
The Anxiety of The Olympics in Korea (The New Yorker)
Olympic Villages Open to Athletes (The Korea Times)
Viewers React to Tampa NBC Affiliate Saying Scientology is Sponsoring Winter Olympics (The Underground Bunker)

Feb. 2: 2,000 Volunteers Have Already Dropped out of the Pyeongchang Olympics (Haps Magazine Korea)
Koreas' Unified Women's Hockey Team has Exposed a Key Difference Between South & North — Their Language (LA Times)
Trump Tries to Pressure NK Prior to Olympics (USA Today)
NK Short Track Skater Injured in Training (The Korea Times)
Two NK Staffers Have No IOC Accreditation (The Korea Times)
SK Lavishes Money on NK Olympics Delegation (Chosun Ilbo)
Fever for Pyeongchang Grows as Opening Nears (The Korea Times)
Olympic Village Stocked with 110,000 Condoms (CNN)
NK Art Troupe to Play SK Songs During Performances (Yonhap News)
Art Biennale Related to Pyeongchang Games Highlights Reality Gap (Yonhap News)
No Samsung Phones, Nike Uniforms for North Koreans? Sanctions Cloud Olympic Perks (Reuters)
Flashback to the 2016 Olympics: NK Stripped its Olympic Athletes of Free Cell Phones Given by Samsung (Sputnik News)

Feb. 3: Pyeongchang May Be No Game Changer for Nuclear Standoff (Oh Young-jin for The Korea Times)
Defectors: Training Was Tougher in North Korea (Reuters)
Pyeongchang Sponsors Compete For Golden Opportunity (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Getting to the Winter Games Is an Olympic Headache (Wall Street Journal)
NK Defends Army Anniversary Parade Slated For Day Before Olympic Opening (Yonhap News)

Feb. 4: IOC Vows to Protect Athletes from Harassment, Abuse in Pyeongchang (Yonhap News)
SK Hockey Goalie Not Pleased With IOC Ban on Admiral's Image on Mask (Yonhap News)
Father of Otto Warmbier Will Be Mike Pence's Guest at Opening Ceremony (Time)
Protests erupt before 2018 Winter Olympics (CNN)
NK Coach, Player Have Faith in Power of Joint Hockey Team (Yonhap News)

Feb. 5: Pyeongchang Volunteers Struggle With Crude Working Conditions (The Korea Herald)
IOC Refuses Russian Athletes' Request to Join Winter Olympics (CNN)
NK Hits Back at Criticism of Military Parade (Chosun Ilbo)
NK Ski Resort Overflowing with Luxury Goods (Chosun Ilbo)
Hopes For Talks Grow With NK's Ceremonial Leader to Visit SK for Olympics (Reuters)
36,000 Foreigners Banned From Entering Korea Over Potential Danger to Olympics (The Korea Times)
150,000 Apply to See Samjiyon Orchestra (Korea JoonAng Daily)
Moon to Meet with NK's No 2 During Olympics (The Korea Times)
Freezing Weather Causes Chaos in Pyeongchang (Korea JoongAng Daily)
She Killed 115 People before the Last Korean Olympics: Can My Sins be Pardoned? (The Washington Post)
Enjoy The Olympics But Talks With NK Will Fail
Olympic Staff Hospitalized After Drinking Virus Infected Water In Pyeongchang (Korea Boo)
As Pyeongchang Prepares for The Olympics, a Nearby Ski Resort Sits Abandoned (The Atlantic)
Will PyeongChang Olympics Pave Way for NK-US Talks? (Yonhap News)

Feb. 6: Ivanka Trump to Attend Pyeongchang Olympics' Closing Ceremony (The Korea Times)
Moon Says Pyeongchang Olympics Will Boost Inter-Korean Peace (The Korea Times)
Half-Naked Bunny Girl Freezes Tail off in Olympic Fur Protest (The Strait Times)
Seoul to Provide Food, Fuel, Power for NK Art Troupe on Ferry (The Korea Herald)
41 Olympics Security Staff Ill With Norovirus (The Korea Times)
Excluded Skiers Cry Foul Against Olympic Quota (The Korea Times)
NK Ferry Carrying Art Troupe Arrives Amid Protests (The Korea Herald)
How South Korea Left the North Behind (The New York Times)
Germany Surprised by Pyeongchang's Cold Weather (The Korea Herald)
SK President’s Winter Olympics Peace Dream Faces Flak From All Sides (Haeyoon Kim for South China Morning Post)
Excluded Skiers Cry Foul Against Olympic Quota (The Korea Times)

February 08, 2018, 11:24:21 PM
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Re: The 2018 Winter Olympics
« Reply #5 on: February 08, 2018, 11:24:21 PM »
Feb. 7: The Olympics Returns to SK 30 Years On – & So Do The Protests (Donald Kirk for South China Morning Post)
NK Asks SK to Provide Fuel For Ship That Transported Art Troupe (The Korea Herald)
Pyongyang Slams SK Conservatives' Rally Against NK Art Troupe (The Korea Herald)
Interesting Companion Piece: NIS: NK Stole Cryptocurrency From SK (The Korea Herald)

NK Sends Clear Message with Missile Parade on Eve of Olympics (CNN)
NK Art Troupe Rehearses for Rare Performances in SK (The Korea Herald)
NK Cheerleaders Return After 13 years (The Korea Herald)
K-Pop Concerts Across Korea During Olympics (The Korea Herald)
VIP Seating Plan a Headache for Pyeongchang's Opening Party (Reuters)
Kim Jong Un Sending Younger Sister to SK. That’s a Big Deal (Vox)
Defector Discusses Joint Ice Hockey Team’s Shot (Korea JoongAng Daily)
North Nixes Plan to Invite Foreign Press to Military Parade (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Parliament Adopts Resolution to Refrain from Political Strife During Olympics (the Korea Herald)
Pyeongchang Employs Bleeding-Edge Anti-Doping Tech (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Kim’s Sister Will Be Delegate to SK for Olympics (The New York Post)
State-of-the-Art Technology for Security of Olympic VIPs (The Korea Times)
Pence’s Attendance at Pyeongchang Olympics May Create Difficulties for SK Government (Hankyoreh)
Pro-Pyongyang Body's Cheering Squad Not Allowed to Join NK Cheerleaders (Yonhap News)
Korean Air Nut Rage Heiress Resurfaces as Olympics VIP While Her Former Target Scrubs Toilets (The Washington Post)
More about Nut Gate here.

Feb. 8: NK Leader’s Sister Kim Yo-jong to Come to SK This Week (The Korea Herald)
Anti-Islam Protest Derails plan for Muslim Prayer Rooms (The Korea Times)
NK Cheerleaders Travel to SK Ahead of Olympics (The Korea Times)
NK Orchestra Serenades South Koreans Amid Protest (Reuters)
UNSC Permits Sanctioned NK Official to Visit South for Winter Olympic (Yonhap News)
Figure Skaters Rekindle Friendship (Korea JoongAng Daily)
A Tale of Three Koreas: A Nation Finds its Swagger Through Sport (Andrew Salmon for Asia Times)
Muslim Prayer Room Plan Scuppered by Islamophobes (Korea Expose)
Scrambled in Translation? Norway Olympics Team Orders 15,000 Eggs by Mistake (The Guardian)
Gay Olympic Athlete Turns Down Pence Meeting (CNN)
The United States & SK Now Openly Disagree on NK (The Washington Post)
Pyeongchang Restaurants Serving Dog Meat During Olympics Despite Officials Ordering Them to Stop (Fox News)
Cheering Squad of Japan-Based Pro-Pyongyang Body Arrives in SK (The Korea Herald)
Banned from the Winter Olympics - Russia still Showed Up in Full Force (Yahoo Sports)

Feb. 9: Fear, Surveillance, Vetting: How NK is Guarding Against Olympic Defections (CNN)
How Olympic 'Diplomacy' Normalizes North Korea (The Hill)
Securing Pyeongchang Takes an Olympic Effort (Korea JoonAng Daily)
Pence Skips Dinner with North Koreans (BBC News)
Pence Skips Olympics Dinner in Snub to North Korean Officials (The Guardian)
Awkward Diplomacy on Show as 'Peace' Games Begin (James Pearson for Reuters)
NK Defectors Speak Out on Pence, Kim Yo-jong Olympics Visit (The Korea Times)
From Ballet to Bust, SK's Olympic Venues Face Uncertain Fate (James Pearson for Reuters)
Intruder Ejected from Opening Ceremony (The Daily Mail)
Will The Winter Olympics Ease Tension on The Korean Peninsula? (The University of Melbourne)
Norovirus Is Spreading Like Crazy at the 2018 Winter Olympics (Time)
The 'Perfect Human Pathogen' Is Spreading at the Winter Olympics (Live Science)
NK Got What it Wanted From Winter Olympics (BBC News)
Firms Pin Hope on Olympics for Restarting Kaesong Complex (Yonhap news)

Feb. 10: Pence Meets Defectors, Tours Cheonan Wreckage (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Moon Fails to Bring Pence, Kim Together at Reception (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Olympic Phone Snub Angers Iran (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Kim Jong-un Invites SK President for Talks in NK (USA Today)
NBC Mistakenly Calls NK Host of Pyeongchang Games (The Korea Times)
Pyeongchang Organizers Cyber-Attacked During Opening Ceremony (The Korea Herald)
Watch the North Korean Cheerleaders at Work (USA Today)
North Korea's 200-plus Cheerleaders Command Spotlight at 2018 Winter Olympics with Synchronized Chants (ABC News)
Norovirus Emerges As A Tough Competitor At The 2018 Winter Olympics (Forbes)
Protesters Tear NK Flags, Leader's Photos in Seoul (Yonhoa News)

February 12, 2018, 07:48:48 PM
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Re: The 2018 Winter Olympics
« Reply #6 on: February 12, 2018, 07:48:48 PM »
I think I've bitten off more than I can chew with this thread! There are just too many interesting incidents, tidbits, mishaps, and related articles. I might have to slow down a bit and then revisit this thread, adding links gradually over the coming months.

Feb. 11: Korail Hit for Lack of Tickets to Pyeongchang (The Korea Times)
Ski Resort Abandoned in Olympic Shade (The Korea Times)
Kim Jong Un's Sister Is Not Your New Fave Shade Queen. She's A Garbage Monster (BuzzFeed)
Unification Ministry Denies Report about Masks Worn by NK Cheerleaders (Yonhap)
NBC Analyst Under Fire in Korea over Ignorant Comment (The Korea Times)
NBC Analyst Relieved From Olympic Coverage for Offending Koreans (The Korea Times)
NK Heads for Diplomacy Gold Medal at Olympics (James Pearson for Reuters)
NK Cheerleaders Sing 'We Are One!' in Games Culture Clash (James Pearson for Reuters)
NK Leader's Sister Wraps Up Whirlwind Olympics Tour (Korea Herald)

Feb. 12: 177 Cases of Norovirus Infection Confirmed in Pyeongchang (The Korea Herald)
NK Athletes Under 24/7 Surveillance (The Korea Times)
Spaniard Tries To Enter Olympic Village With False ID (The Korea Times)

Feb. 13: The Pyeongchang Olympics is North Korea's Winter Offensive (The National Interest)

Feb. 14: NK Leaves the South to Pick Up Its Olympics Tab (The Wall Street Journal)
NK Cheerleaders Caught Off Guard by Fake Kim Jong Un (James Pearson for Reuters)
Angry SK Fans Attack Canadian Skater Following Controversial Short-Track Results (Korea Herald)
SK Fans Shower Canadian Skater With Threats, Abuse After Olympic Controversy (Yahoo Sports)
NK Cheerleaders Baffle IOC  (The Korea Times)
Barstool Sports Host Makes Tasteless Comment About Underage Olympian Chloe Kim (The Huffington Post)
Ire Grows Over Controversial Judgements in Short Track (The Korea Herald)
Dutch Man Caught Stealing Olympic Mascots (The Korea Times)

February 16, 2018, 11:24:10 PM
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Re: The 2018 Winter Olympics
« Reply #7 on: February 16, 2018, 11:24:10 PM »
Feb. 15: Bill for North’s Participation in Games Mounts (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Aussie Kim Impersonator Shows Up NK Cheer Squad (Herald Sun)
British IOC Member Assaults Security Guard in Pyeongchang (The Korea Times)
NK Taekwondo Team Heads Back Home After Four Shows (Korea Herald)
Olympics Brings Focus on SK's Dog-Meat Culture (Haeryun Kang for Al Jazeera)
NBC Insists On Saying Pyeongchang Incorrectly Because ‘It’s Cleaner’ (The Huffington Post)

Feb. 16: Two Swiss Athletes Contract Norovirus (Yonhap News)
Vomiting Shiffrin Complains of Virus at Olympic Slalom (The Korea Herald)
Why NK Shouldn't Have Even Been Allowed To Participate In The Olympics (Forbes)
SK Doesn't Want Olympic Visitors To See What It Does To Dogs (The Dodo)
Olympics Plus Lunar New Year Adding up to 'Nightmare' Travel (CBC News)

Feb. 17: NK Cheerleaders Visit Exhibition, Perform in Pyeongchang (Yonhap News)
Gangneung Media Village Worker in 50s Found Dead (Yonhap News)
261 People Infected With Vomit-Inducing Norovirus in Pyeongchang; 44 Quarantined (The Korea Times)

Feb. 18: 'SNS Terror' at Olympics (The Korea Times)
Korean Olympic Committee Accused of Belittling IOC (The Korea Times)
NBC, Read My Lips - It's Pyeongchang (The Korea Times)
SK Olympic Committee Under Fire Over Alleged Verbal Abuse (The Korea Herald)

Feb. 19: McDonald's Wins Hearts of Athletes & Spectators (The Korea Times)
Ivanka Trump to Visit South Korea This Week (The Korea Herald)
Olympic Fans Touched by Lee Sang-hwa’s Friendship With Japanese Rival Nao Kodaira (The Korea Herald)
Keeping Olympics Safe: SK Gun Laws Make a Mass Shooting Nearly Unfathomable (USA Today)

Feb. 20: Petition Calls for Ban for South Korean Speed Skater 'Bullies' (BBC News)
Speed Skater Kim Bo-reum Apologizes For Blaming Teammate (Yonhap News)
Dutch Man Caught Stealing Olympic Mascots (The Korea Times)
Forget Tourism: Pyeongchang's Legacy Probably Debt & Anger (ABC News)
In Pyeongchang, Maintaining Olympic Venues Relies on a Poor & Aging Workforce (The Washington Post)
There's a Dark Underbelly to These Winter Olympics (But Not Much of One) (The LA Times)

Feb. 21: Gov't Urged to Kick 'Skater Bullies' Out of National Team (The Korea Times)
Did this NK Cheerleader Accidentally Cheer for an American? (Yahoo Sports)

Feb. 22: NK is Sending the Suspected Mastermind of Deadly Attacks to the Olympics (Quartz)
South Korean Speedskaters Left A Teammate Behind; Now Fans Want Them Off The Team (NPR)
Dutch Speed Skater Jan Blokhuijsen Ignites Backlash After Telling South Koreans to 'Please Treat Dogs Better' (Fox News)
Dutch Speed Skater Makes Controversial Remark After Team Pursuit (Yonhap News)

Feb. 23: What’s Trending: Dog Meat, Racism and Sewol-Disaster (The Korea Herald)
South Korean MPs Demand Execution of North's Olympic Delegate (Yahoo Sports)
Figure Behind Cheonan Attack Leads Delegation (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Ivanka Trump Faces Backlash Over Olympic Closing Ceremony Gig (The Huffington Post)