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Author Topic: Copyright Complaint Filed By JMS Dismissed  (Read 594 times)

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February 04, 2018, 01:05:58 AM
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Copyright Complaint Filed By JMS Dismissed
« on: February 04, 2018, 01:05:58 AM »
February 2, 2018: JMS 위장행사 포스터 제작자의 조믿음 발행인 고소, 불기소처분

Google Translation:

JMS camouflage event poster producer Joe faith publisher Sue, disposal of fire
Enter February 02, 2018 at 14:27

The producer of the camouflage promotion poster of JMS filed a complaint against Right Media on alleged copyright infringement and infringement of copyrights, but the Uijeongbu District Prosecutor's Office dismissed the case on Jan. 19.

On August 23, last year, the publisher (defendant) posted an event promotional poster, reporting that JMS held a disguised event called Alpha Concert.

The complainant argued that the publisher had posted the posters registered with the Korean Copyright Commission without publishing the source without permission and infringing copyright. He also said that he used the copyrighted works of art intended as camouflaged camouflage, in a way that would defame his reputation unlike the author 's intention, infringing the moral right of authorship.
Although the prosecution has recognized the fact that the suspects (Joe Faith Publisher) posted the works of the plaintiffs' artwork, it is recognized that "as a media publisher related to religion such as private use and non-commercial purposes, "I have no intention of infringing on copyrights or infringing the moral rights of the author."

The publisher stated that "a published work under Article 28 (citing a published work) of the Copyright Act can be quoted in conformity with fair practice for the sake of reporting, criticism, education, research, etc. The source must be specified in accordance with Article 37 (Specification of Source), but there are exceptions. Article 26 (Use for Current Situation Report) that a representative case is not required to disclose the source in case of news coverage by broadcasting, newspaper or other methods. The right media used posters for the sake of the public interest, "said Lee." Cults try to spread their message through camouflage events that excludes religious color. I will continue to report these camouflage events. "

I especially found that interesting as I received threats to file similiar complaints a couple of weeks ago: