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Author Topic: SBS Radio Interview: JMS Leader & Rapist Jeong Myeong-seok to be Released  (Read 551 times)

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January 07, 2018, 02:09:57 PM
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I was dubbed into Korean for this January 5 segment that aired on SBS Australia's Korean radio program:

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January 7:  JMS Leader & Convicted Rapist Jeong Myeong-seok Soon to be Released (SBS Australia)

출소 앞둔 JMS 교주 정명석, 호주 침투 가능성은? (SBS Australia)

Here are the questions:

1. Jeong Myeong Seok, JMS is due to be released on parole in early 2018. There are many concerns at the moment that the Providence might take more active strategies when he is released. Whatís your view on it?

2. Many Australian media including our SBS Feed have reported about Australian young female victims and their families who deceived by JMS. How come it is possible that JMS who is in jail in Korea still can make influence to those people here in Australia?

3. How the cult organization is running in Australia?

4. What made you to seriously follow Providence issue and even opened a website against them?

5. You had received a lot of threats from JMS and the organization but why didnít you stop working on it.

6. How can we be cautious about the Providence and JMS in Australia?