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Author Topic: December 2006: Manipulative Cults Campus Invasion - Hong Kong  (Read 4976 times)

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January 02, 2007, 06:02:51 AM
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December 2006: Manipulative Cults Campus Invasion - Hong Kong
« on: January 02, 2007, 06:02:51 AM »
An editorial in Wen Wei Po Hong Kong newspaper. 8 Dec 2006.

google translation (first part is weird, but rest is understandable)

    Mr Wu Chi

    Protestant denominations for the origins and development has been diversified, sectarian town and the newly established Central Hall of the numbers are increasing. Since different organizations and the Catholic Church, a Christian non-existent central control of all the Pope or the Vatican; Therefore, Christian derivative of side lot, a number under the banner of Christianity are, in actuality, its leader control all of his followers. Christian religious teachings only judge the authenticity of increasingly difficult in the modern age; Scholars have pointed out, from the health followers of the religious belief of life to measure whether a problem. Orthodox believers in the church's religious beliefs may be hard to go wrong, but "manipulative" nature of the sects is definitely a problem.

    "Manipulative" sects common characteristic is the ability of religious organizations claim a unique knowledge or experience. Other orthodox church is not. Often buried in their own contacts through its founder, the followers who felt the "love bombing". so very admirable leader, and obey the leader or religious dictatorial control. "Manipulative" religious believers must whole-heartedly into sects, and gradually drifted away from the original family and relatives. to the total isolation of the individual network; Apart from the internal religious believers travel between personal life and the rhythm of the agenda, dominated by religious factions. These sects never encouraged his followers to be an independent thinker, not subordinate to any rational doubt as to the performance. Followers of autonomy, such as places of residence or marital gradually managed by the denominations. If there are followers left the sect, may be open to conviction. Religious believers continue to stay in there as long as insecurity, or even feel proud.

    Recently, a manipulative sect from Korea, Hong Kong is famous invasion; Missionaries and their means of recruitment is through its core members, particularly from the music, sports and other elite skills; and the core members of their professional capacity and skills to identify those who enter the campus love classical music. The concert instrument has an introvert with the students, inviting individuals to participate in religious activities. Higher specified, The sect also formed the "global culture of peace" (Global Association of Culture and Peace. listed WHO), or "cultural world" (International Cultural Exchange). an excuse to promote international cultural exchange, so I do not know its exact details have fallen into enlisting China. Because Korea sects, the University and schools alone, the clever and sophisticated means, such institutions or from the middle and upper families who own reputation, but would rather endure, not publicity or media reports, So manipulative sect can continue to hunt victims.

    Schools to meet manipulative sect is not that easy; Perhaps effective way to strengthen preventive education. to enable teachers and students to have a basic understanding of such manipulative sect. Cognition is not aware of any name or organization, the organization is the common understanding of the manipulation tools; When more people to be vigilant and manipulative sect would be more difficult to launch. In this sects, South Korea filed by the victims, and prosecution of its founder. If a similar local victims. also reported to the police or church organizations (such as the "emerging religious studies center") for assistance. Church organizations willing to help non-denominational schools, and whether the Orthodox Church, or to explain or for advice. As a religious worker, I hope more people will have a better understanding of the health belief. Live right and beneficial to the religious life; avoid undue faith poisoned soul trap people into religious swindlers! (Column published every Friday) (Editorial Forum)


    [2006-12-08] 正視操控性教派入侵校園




     最近,有來自韓國的操控性教派,正入侵港島名校;而其傳教手段正是透過其招募的核心成員,特別是來自音樂、體育等技能的菁英;而核心成員以其專業身份或技能,進入校園內物色那些愛古典音樂、或演奏樂器卻性格內向的學生,邀請個別參與教派的活動。更高明的是,該教派又組成「全球文化與和平組織」(Global Association of Culture and Peace,簡稱GACP),或「世界文化交流」(International Cultural Exchange),藉口推廣國際文化交流,使不知底細人士陷入其網羅中。正因為韓國教派,專向大學及名校埋手,其手段的高明與精密,就是此類院校,或來自中上等家庭人士,為了本身名聲,寧願啞忍,不敢張揚或傳媒報道,於是操控性教派能夠不斷地獵取受害人。

     校方要應付操控性教派,確實不易;也許有效方法是強化預防教育,讓校內師生對此類操控性教派有基本認知。有關認知不是知悉哪個名字或組織,乃是了解有關組織常用的操控手段;當更多人有所警覺,操控性教派要落手就困難得多。有關此教派,韓國已有受害人舉報,並對其教主作出起訴;倘若本地有類似受害人士,也可向警方舉報,或向教會組織(如「新興教派研究中心」)求助。教會組織樂意協助非教會學校,分辨正統教會,或作講解,或作諮詢。身為宗教工作者,筆者期盼更多港人對健康信仰有所認識,以至活出正確而有益的宗教生活;避免不當的信仰,毒害心靈,使人陷入宗教騙徒圈套中! (本欄每周五刊出) (文匯論壇)

May 17, 2018, 12:54:27 AM
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Re: December 2006: Manipulative Cults Campus Invasion - Hong Kong
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2018, 12:54:27 AM »
I just put that into Google Translate some 11 years after it made the above translation. Curious to see the difference - I've made no edits for grammar and readability:

Face up to manipulation sects invade the campus

Pastor Hu Chi Wai

The origins and development of Protestantism in Christ have always been pluralistic development and sectarianism, and the number of newly established churches is constantly increasing. Because the organization is different from Catholicism, Christianity does not have a pope or the Vatican Central who controls everything; therefore, there are many branches of Christianity, and there are also many Christian flags. Their leaders manipulate the believers in all their lives. Only judging from the doctrines the authenticity of Christian religious beliefs has become more and more difficult in the current generation. Some scholars have pointed out that it is necessary to measure whether or not there is a problem with the religion itself. Orthodox churches can hardly believe that believers may have problems in their beliefs, but sectarians with a "manipulative" nature certainly have problems.

The common characteristic of the “manipulative” sect is that the members of the organization claim to have unique religious abilities, knowledge, or experience that other orthodox churches do not have. Its leaders often make the believers feel the "love bombardment" of the person concerned through their personal contact, and they are very admired by the leaders. All listen to the dictates of the leaders or sectarians. The "Manipulative" sect believers must devote themselves fully to sectarian activities, gradually distancing themselves from relatives and friends of the original family, and completely isolated from the personal relationship network. Apart from the sectarian intercourse, the personal life schedule and rhythm are all dictated by the sect. These sects never encourage believers to think independently, and any rational question is seen as an expression of disobedience. The autonomy of believers, such as the workplace, residence, or marriage, is gradually handled by the denomination. If a believer leaves the sect, it may be openly convicted. As long as believers continue to remain in sects, they feel safe and even proud.

Recently, there are manipulative sects from South Korea that are invading elite schools on Hong Kong Island. Their missionary means are through the core members of their recruitment, especially those who come from skills such as music and sports. The core members use their professional identities or skills. Enter the campus to identify students who are in love with classical music or who are musically introverted, and invite individuals to participate in sectarian activities. Even better, the sect also formed the "Global Association of Culture and Peace" ("GACP") or the "International Cultural Exchange", which promotes international cultural exchanges so that people do not know the details. Into its snare. It is precisely because of the Korean sect that they are dedicated to universities and prestigious universities. The cleverness and precision of their means is that such institutions, or those from the upper middle class or other families, prefer to be obstinate and do not dare publicity or media reports for their own reputation. Controlling sects can constantly hunt victims.

It is indeed difficult for the school to cope with the manipulation of sectarianism; perhaps an effective method is to strengthen preventive education so that teachers and students in the school have a basic understanding of such manipulation sect. The cognition is not to know which name or organization, but to understand the control methods commonly used by the organizations concerned; when more people are alerted, it is much more difficult to control the sect to fall. Regarding this sect, the victim in South Korea has reported and prosecuted his leader. If there is a similar victim in Hong Kong, he or she may also report it to the police or seek help from a church organization (such as the “Symposium”). Church organizations are willing to assist non-church schools, distinguish orthodox churches, or give explanations or give advice. As a religious worker, I hope that more people in Hong Kong will have a better understanding of health beliefs and live a correct and beneficial religious life; avoid improper beliefs, poison the soul, and trap people into religious traps! (This column is published every Friday) (Wenhui Forum)