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Author Topic: JMS Alpha Concerts in Korea  (Read 837 times)

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August 24, 2017, 10:38:31 PM
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JMS Alpha Concerts in Korea
« on: August 24, 2017, 10:38:31 PM »
August 8, 2017: JMS 위장행사, 알파콘서트

Google Translation: 

Christian Gospel Mission) is conducting a camouflage event in the name of 'Alpha Concert' around the country. Beginning in Jeonbuk on Aug. 7, it was held in Seoul on August 15, in Busan on November 17, in Incheon on June 19, and on June 24 and 26 in Seoul and Daejeon respectively.

It is necessary to be careful because it hides the fact that it is JMS and carries out the street protest (Alpha bus king) and the concert which invited acquaintances (Alpha concert).
"The hiding of identity is one of the characteristics of the heresy pseudo," said an official at the Pyeongyang JMS Damage Coalition. "They (the elders) are begging for their beliefs, and they are seemingly happy and packed as if they contribute to society"

Alpha Day, celebrated in June 1, is one of JMS's most important days. I'll have to check, but I believe it marks the foundation of the cult in 1978.

I'm devastated that I missed attending. ;)