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Author Topic: Australian Tax Office Lawyer Whitewashes Wikipedia from Work  (Read 3754 times)

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May 03, 2016, 02:46:55 AM
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Wikipedia Page of Rapist-Led Cult Whitewashed from Inside the ATO

I've been waiting a while for this article, and let me tell you I got some mighty strange texts from an acquaintance I am certain is a cultist just hours after the ATO lawyer was contacted by journalist John Power. Those texts and the person who sent them are perhaps a story for another day.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have passed this onto John or another reporter, nor would I have made a complaint to a member's workplace, but having been threatened repeatedly, after beating bullshit criminal charges and then receiving threats of more including threats to get me thrown in jail, after having seen so many attempts by cultists to whitewash the internet and try remove factual material, etc (yes, I could go on), I decided to send a clearer message to the cult that I wasn't about to let them intimidate me and that I was getting quite sick and tired of their bullshit.

It also offended me as an Australian that a government employee was using government equipment to aid Jeong while getting paid to do her actual job. If there had been no use of ATO computers, I'm sure it never would have occurred to me to pursue this particular matter further. I first learned of her existence and job a good two years earlier and had just filed that info away at the back of my brain as an interesting and surprising tidbit.   

So when journalist John Power, after having written about the cult's attempt to sue me for Vice, asked me if I had any other ideas for stories, I couldn't help but say, "Well, there's this ATO lawyer who's a pretty fanatical follower of Jeong, and she's been whitewashing Wikipedia during office hours on an ATO computer." He thought that worth writing about and Crikey Magazine agreed.

One interesting detail not mentioned in the article is that her username on Wiki was CollinsBK.

Example Edit when the article propaganda level of the article was at its peak. There's a lot to unpack in that one edit alone. Hopefully, I'll get around to that.

There is actually a Bruce Collins who works for the ATO. He is the Assistant Deputy Commissioner of the Private Groups & High Wealth Individuals For the record, I have never heard his name in relation to cult membership and never considered the possibility that Bruce Collins from the ATO was using the CollinsBK wiki account that was posting from within the ATO. Reason being, I knew the name of the JMS member who worked for tax and that person isn't Bruce Collins, and I didn't think it likely there were two.

Was that similarity merely a coincidence? If the cult member/lawyer deliberately chose that username, why would she choose a username (and use it on ATO computers) that was almost identical to the name of a senior?

I can think of a few scenarios:
1) It was an attempt to hide her actual identity and perhaps add legitimacy to her edits should someone notice her edits were made on ATO computers. Such deceptions are certainly typical of JMS members.

2) Another possibility is that it is Bruce Collins' account and he shared access to it to the cultist and possibly other staff/friends as it was other Wikipages were edited which I assume are beyond the intereststs of a JMS cultist tasked with cleansing Wikipedia of factual material about a certain Hitler-praising serial rapist. I emailed Bruce and asked him about that account but didn't get a reply, and I believe John Power also failed to get a response. I certainly made it clear in my email that I was certain he wasn't the cultist working for the previously mentioned rapist. Sure, it's not everyday you get emails like that, but I thought it warranted a reply, assuming he read it. No big deal, but certainly if someone had been making such edits from my place of work with a username that could be tied to me, I'd like to know. And for the purposes of this thread, I think I should make it clear that the ATO lawyer who used the CollinsBK account isn't Bruce Collins.

Correction, the initial intro - which was later deleted - suggests the cultist was the only person using the account. And it's interesting that the "from Australia" part was edited out hours after the description was first entered on August 10, 2015. And a browse through all her edits shows that the vast majority (well over 90%) of edits were made on the JMS page.

I am a practising lawyer from Australia and I will be editing articles in relation to the following areas of law:

Defamation law
Private international law
Media and Entertainment law
Criminal law

3) And of course another scenario is simply it was a coincidence. Maybe a B. Collins was the lawyer's favorite/least favorite high school teacher or favorite/least favorite soccer player. Still, it was interesting to Google "B. Collins" and "ATO" and to discover there indeed was a B. Collins working there.

Below is an example of the kind of nonsense she posted on the Wikipedia talk page in support of her failed whitewashing attempts with the CollinsBK wiki account:

She actually accused me of fabricating an article. I was honestly flabbergasted to first read that. Miss Lawyer, your leader is a Hitler-praising serial rapist who claims to be God - and to have super powers. I don't need to make anything up. Trust me, I have enough primary material for a lifetime of reading and listening, and I couldn't for the life of me make up anything crazier or more damning. I just wish you could listen and read such material with ears and eyes wide open.

I have no idea if she really believed that as lying is part and parcel of being a member. If she really believed it, how on earth did she come to think that? Was she simply parroting lies heard from JMS HQ? That seems the most likely explanation. The article in question is also noteworthy and its existence is certainly something the cult would love to see erased.

Here is that article. It's a translation of a Korean article about a press conference at which victims and former members spoke. Former members admitted committing acts of violence to silence and intimidate. That is pretty much the definition of terrorism.

It is interesting she feigns ignorance of the subject, when in fact she is a long-term member. I would argue that she is indeed ignorant as members are usually more ignorant of their group than an outsider with a few minutes to spare and an internet connection. Thus, her lie could ironically be ironically be considered truthful.

Here's an interesting Canberra example - since we're talking about the ATO - of such ignorance coupled with membership. I'm from Canberra, too by the way. It's a nice town. Not as many cults as Seoul of course, but you can still easily find an indecent cult or two to bother.

Jenna Hill, the niece of Scientology leader David Miscavige, first read about Scientology's alien Xenu teachings while living in Canberra. She had been brought up in the cult and was totally flabbergasted to learn something that anyone with an internet connection and a spare minute could learn. Her book, Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape is well worth a read.

And as a Canberra boy, it was quite surreal to read about my hometown in a book about Scientology. I had no idea that American Jenna had lived for a time in Canberra. Was she there the day I went in for a lark? Anyway, my point is she had spent her entire life in Scientology up until then, yet knew precious little about. That's the life of a cultist as information is dangerous.

Upon further reflection, the Jenna Miscavage example is not a really a suitable one here. Yes, cultist generally know quite little about their organisation as the more controversial and criminal it is, the more material the cult has to try to keep from the member/recruit until. I have heard from former JMS members and former members of other Korean cults who were involved for over a year before thy were deemed indoctrinated enough to know the name of their leader. That of course makes finding information, should the recruit seek information beyond what the cult feeds them, that much more difficult.

While cults that don't run countries like the regime that leads North Korea have a harder task of keeping information from members once the names of the group and leaders are known, some of the same kinds of indoctrination techniques can lead to similar results. In Bible-based cults, the fear of Satan is used extensively coupled with a fear of life outside the cult is sometimes all that is needed to discourage the viewing of unwanted material. Other cults use this same fear without calling upon the name of Satan, Scientology for example. The result is that members do not view critical material and can be totally oblivious to its existence. JMS often warns English-speaking members from visiting my lovely site for example. The same goes for critical news reports and articles. JMS does reveal eventually that Jeong is in jail, but that is only done so when the cult feels the member is indoctrinated enough to accept its spin doctoring.

Some members, however, are trusted to view critical material, and the ATO lawyer is one of them. The task of monitoring critical information and countering it can only be given to members whose devotion and level of indoctrination are significant enough to be trusted with such a task. Ergo, the ATO lawyer isn't simply a naive member deliberately kept clueless about the crimes of the cult, she is a senior long-term member who is well aware of most of the controversies surrounding Jeong. That she continues to serve and continues to discount all of them including the rape convictions is testimony to the power cults have and their ability to bypass critical thinking.

Lying becomes a habit to members as members continuously live in fear of exposure and of their recruits discovering the truth before they are "ready". Members of JMS lie as a matter of course as they can't very well go around inviting beautiful women to worship their serial raping messiah. The Hitler-praising also gets left out for the same reason. That comes later. The Moonies, the cult from which JMS sprang, even coined a term, Heavenly Deception, to justify the telling of straight out lies:
"One of the central doctrines of the Moon religious aspects is what they call heavenly deception,” the FBI report said. “It basically says that to take from Satan what rightfully belongs to God, you may do most anything. You may lie, cheat, steal or kill."

Back to Wikipedia. I didn't really have much to do with the Wiki page at all, so the fact she zoomed in on me with that ridiculous allegation is pretty strong evidence she was acting under orders from JMS HQ in Korea and was surely not just some random non-member that for some reason decided to take an interest in a rather obscure footnote on the Wikipedia page of a rather obscure serial rapist and in the process form a totally wrong opinion about one article amongst dozens.

And as I said in the above article, there is a coordinated campaign conducted by members worldwide, under orders from Korea HQ, to whitewash the net and intimidate me and others willing to share information about the cult. Jeong is due for release next year, and he has not been rehabilitated. His raping days may not be over, and the cult is dangerous beyond the leader's ability and desire to sexually abuse. The fact I have quite a bit of knowledge of JMS and an obvious desire to share it frightens them.

When Jeong is released in Feb. 2018, I suspect he'll want to make up for lost time. There are certainly no indications from inside the cult that anything has changed. If anything, the culture is more extreme. And he'll have help from thousands of enablers including a certain ATO lawyer.

May 04, 2016, 01:22:01 AM
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Re: Australian Tax Office Lawyer Whitewashes Wikipedia from Work
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2016, 01:22:01 AM »
Part of the article concerning the actions of the lawyer/cultist:
Crikey can reveal an ATO employee has used her work computer to make favourable edits to the Wikipedia page of Providence, also known by the names Jesus Morning Star (JMS) and Christian Gospel Mission.

Under a pseudonym, a lawyer with the ATO has gone to considerable lengths to beautify the Christian sect’s Wikipedia page since August last year. Crikey has chosen not to name the ATO lawyer involved.

The effort has included scrubbing references to Jeong Myeong-seok’s sexual assaults and an incident in which cult members broke into and trashed a newspaper office in South Korea in retaliation for negative press, as well as mentions of the term “cult”. Jeong was charged with rape in 2001 and was captured in Hong Kong in 2003 but vanished while out on bail. He resurfaced in 2007 and was found guilty of rape in 2008. An appeals court added four years to the original six-year sentence in 2009.

The ATO lawyer also changed the Wikipedia page to challenge the integrity of Jeong’s conviction and South Korea’s justice system and insert glowing passages about the founder’s character and art, describing his poetry as conveying “the freedom within God’s truth and love”. Several times the lawyer revealed she was editing the Wikipedia page from an ATO IP address, and she edited the page at all times of day and night, including during the week.

Crikey can further reveal that the same lawyer tried to have material about Providence removed from the website, run by Peter Daley, claiming it had breached copyright by using images and videos of the sect.

The lawyer did not claim an ATO affiliation in the letter, instead referring to herself as an “authorized representative of Christian Gospel Mission”.

When contacted by Crikey, the ATO employee initially denied responsibility, but then admitted to both editing the page and sending the letter.

But she said her personal beliefs had nothing to do with the ATO and that most of the Wikipedia editing had been done outside of work. She also said she had done most editing in her “down time”, though Crikey can confirm the IP address associated with some of the edits to the Wikipedia page is an ATO computer.

The lawyer also denied Providence was a cult or even controversial, claiming it had been persecuted and that Jeong’s conviction was faulty.

“Just because he was convicted for an offence doesn’t mean the organisation is bad,” she said.

Not controversial?  :o

December 13, 2017, 12:37:29 PM
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Re: Australian Tax Office Lawyer Whitewashes Wikipedia from Work
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2017, 12:37:29 PM »
I just browsed my first post and rewrote pretty much all of it, fixed a few typos, probably made a few more, and I added the pic of the ATO and Jeong at the top. And I made some more changes to above and in this thread the morning of Dec. 16, 2017. Suffice to say this whole thread is for the most part a work-in-progress.

I had included the lawyer's first name in my first post, but I decided to just simply refer to her gender. Including her first name doesn't really add anything, and I have mixed feelings about posting her full name publicly. As much as she's an enabler, she's also a victim, and hopefully one day soon she'll escape from the bubble that has enclosed her and from the serial rapist she worships. If that happens, it would be nice if she can move on with her life without her name being attached to a Hitler-praising serial rapist. The other side of the coin is of course that enablers of rapists should be exposed for the public good. Wouldn't you want to know if a colleague or acquaintance was recruiting for a rapist? By keeping her name from this site, I may be helping her to recruit. Moral dilemma.

And just now browsing some related files, I decided to share a little more. First a couple of screenshots from the copyright complaint. Here we see the secrecy the cult thrives on and acknowledgement that the tax employee is moonlighting for a rapist.

Her copyright complaint was directed at two threads on my forums. One was my posting of about 5 or 6 photos of Jeong that appeared on JMS websites. I accepted that. There are plenty of other photos of him. No loss. Why did she bother? She probably would have received the same response from a simple email from an anonymous email account.

The second was a little more interesting and perhaps fraudulent. On this thread, I have links to audio recordings of Jeong talking on the phone to teenage female members who have been indoctrinated to believe he's God. They're in Korean, so I offered a translation. To show the voice is Jeong's, I linked to a YouTube video posted publicly by the cult featuring an excerpt from one of his sermons. Now linking does not violate copyright, especially the linking of a video of a serial rapist to show to those skeptical and perhaps under his influence that he's not the messiah he's cracked up to be.

I couldn't be bothered with a counter notice although I later sent counter-notices to New York and New Zealand members concerning material that in no way infringed copyright. Both concern the pictures in those threads of members. Pictures that I altered to hide and protect the identity of members even though the New Zealand pictures were screenshots of Twitter posts that are still online. There's just no pleasing some cultists.

So instead of a counter-notice, I simply removed the video in question and replaced the link with a link to that channel's homepage. I later changed that to another similiar video. I brought up the issue with a police officer during one of my interviews following complaints from members. Yes, linking is fine. Of course it is. And those interviews were certainly memorable. I really do need to write more about them.

And from the correspondence between SBS's The Feed and JMS's spokesperson ahead of the airing of this report, an interesting tidbit which may have some connection to the lawyer. If you're going to register a criminal cult as a charitable organisation for tax purposes, it sure can't hurt to have an ATO lawyer in your pocket.

From: Andrew Choi, Chief of External Affairs,
Christian Gospel Mission
To: Joel Tozer, Producer,
The Feed
Sent: 02/04/2014 Background:

Does the church have charitable status for tax purposes in Australia? If not, could you indicate why?