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Author Topic: A Family Torn Apart: Heavenly Mother on NBC's Today Show  (Read 2213 times)

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February 08, 2018, 01:30:14 PM
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Re: A Family Torn Apart: Heavenly Mother on NBC's Today Show
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2018, 01:30:14 PM »
YouTube videos:

Interesting comments under that last video:

He literally lied 75% of the questions.

I am so glad that NBC did this interview. Job well done Ronan Farrow. I was a member of this cult for 7.5 years and a deacon for 5.5 yrs at the Denver location. I've been to Korea to meet the "Heavenly Mother" twice. I left the cult a little over a year ago (on 12/15/15). I was sent to set up house churches in North Dakota and Kansas City. The tithes definitely get sent to Korea. I was married to a Korean woman and had to divorce her when I left. This place completely indoctrinates their members, teach about the last days, take member's money, and constantly make you feel like you are not doing enough. There is no freedom in this place. They use fear tactics to keep their members in the church. They do not allow you to go on the internet. They do not allow you to think for yourself. They love bomb and continuously fill your head with empty promises.

Another thing, it's so typical that Pastor Daniel Lee of the NY location declined the interview and put their token white missionary, John Power, in front of the cameras to take the heat. They do this to all of their American "gospel workers". His comments show how brainwashed everyone there is, especially the bible teachers. These teachers have memorized certain rebuttals to the public's claims against the church. Listening to John Power speak I found myself finishing his sentences because we were all trained to respond in this very same way. Their reason and logic, or lack thereof, is ridiculous and over-generalized. I can't believe that he compared his membership to the church with racism. Then he made the comment that he thought all of that was over (racism and discrimination).. This shows how detached this group is from the rest of society. Did anybody else notice that when he was asked about members who have gone through divorce, or separated from their families, the church would not even take an ounce of responsibility for these outcomes? Instead, all of these unfortunate events are the member's fault and not the church's. And look how squeamish and uncomfortable he gets when he tries to answer questions that do not have a biblical answer (taxes, free time, arranged marriages, etc). UGH, so stupid!