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Author Topic: The Church of God: A Recount of an Annoyed Atheist  (Read 2436 times)

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January 07, 2016, 11:07:28 PM
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The Church of God: A Recount of an Annoyed Atheist
« on: January 07, 2016, 11:07:28 PM »
It's always fascinating and usually quite funny when a cult's bubble of unreality (to put it politely) crashes into people from the outside world. It doesn't happen all that often with the more secretive Korean groups like JMS and Shinchonji that closely guard their inner teachings about their leaders being God, so well done to the Heavenly Mother's followers for at least having the honesty to state their beliefs about the leader and her dead husband. But being ridiculed and mocked can help cement their beliefs via the hold "us Vs the Satanic world" mindset, so perhaps their honesty, which I'm sure was directed from above, wasn't just for the sake of being honest.

Interestingly enough, a recent article about the group's operations in America stated that in the US, they do not openly admit their beliefs much like their Korean cult cousins in JMS and Shinchonji etc:
Colón says it isn't until you're already committed to the faith that you're told of Mother God's existence. "They don't tell you what they are all about upfront, because if they did, no one would join them,"
Thanks to Scott for taking the time to write his story and for allowing me to share it here:

The Church of God - a recount of an annoyed Atheist
By Scott Tracy
The Church of God
A recount telling of an annoyed Atheist.

So to recount this story completely I actually have to explain a bit about myself and go one week before my ill fated encounter with the “Church of God.” At this time in my life, I was in the United States Army serving as an Army bandsmen (Pianist and Trombonist). I had arrived back on the peninsula (I was here before in 2001 -2002) around November 2004. So my “encounter” with The Church of God took place sometime in the summer of 2006. I remember that it was summer because the very next day I had to play a ceremony (most ceremonies are in the summer) and I was deathly ill but had no choice. GO ARMY.
    THE WEEK BEFORE: So, with most gigs in the Army Band we underlings usually only knew the basics: What uniform to be in, what time to be there and what music we are playing. We had been invited to play music for a walk-a-thon. Basically the mission aka gig was to play music for the beginning of the walk and at the end when they returned. The group we sent out for this little show was the Dixie Land band aptly named “The Swinging Dix” *cue laughter* For this particular group I played trombone. I liked the dixie band as it was a lot of fun; an old forgotten style of music rarely performed outside of places like new Orleans. ANYWAYS.

    So we get to the site and realise that in usual Korean fashion somebody didn't pass along the memo and there were some changes. No big deal. We aren't playing a dixie show anymore but we are now playing with an all girl Korean brass band. They all wore those Kpop style mini skirts usually reserved for KBS stage shows. I thought I died and went to K-girl heaven. I was like WOW, Korean girls, who were actual talented musicians…. who were playing trombone, tuba, trumpet, french horns…….needless to say… We were happy campers.

      I parked next to a Trombone player and we talked about the music, I tested my limited Korean on her with the regular expected responses, “Your Korean is good, how long have you been here?”Accompanied with the appropriate giggles from her. Then soon it was gig time and we played the mini “concert.” 30 minutes later we were finished and the organisers came out and thanked us and handed out water, juice and some cold Lotteria burgers. Soon after that, they came to our group leader (we’ll call him VHS) and said they wanted to formally say thank you to all of us by offering a steak dinner and a tour of their facilities, which was located in Bundang. Of course we could have easily said no we are busy or some other jazz like that, but we were thinking of those hot mini skirt girls and the prospect of getting some phone numbers (pre-kakao) and a steak dinner; it was just too good to pass up. We said cool and cleared it with our Commander. Did our goodbyes packed up our gear and rolled out back to the Army base with stupid shit grins on our faces.

        A WEEK LATER: The day comes when we have to go to eat steak and be as the army says “good neighbours” to our hosts. The day of said event I woke up with a 102 fever and I felt like walking death. I was burning up, felt like I was freezing and I ached all over… any normal person would have cancelled the meal and apologized to the hosts, but I was thinking about those hot mini skirt girls and the prospect of free steak. I thought, at most I'd be down there 3 hours, what would be the big deal? One driving, one eating steak, one driving back home. Easy peasy. Plus, I get to hangout with some hot Korean girls. Maybe I can get some sympathy for being a bit sick and coming anyway. Maybe get a dinner date out of it, a movie? Maybe more? 

        So first, VHS called and said he had changed his mind and that he wasn't coming. He had already made plans with his girlfriend (now wife) at Seoul Tower and they were going to go do that instead. Which meant that now that I was in charge for this little trip. Whatever, no big deal. So it's me, the trumpet player who we’ll call “Henry”, the guitar player who we’ll call “Beef” the saxophonist who we’ll call “Gyopo“, the tuba who we'll refer to as “the Mexican”, and the drummer who we’ll call “Beats off.”

We were all waiting for the POC which is Army talk for Point of Contact, to pick us up in a van and drive us to the site. Finally the POC shows up. It's a youngish 2nd Lieutenant which is one of the lowest officer ranks you can have. Its like being a freshmen in high school. You don't know shit about shit but think you are the shit. In the back of the van was some random Private First Class who I just ignored because well, he was a private first class and you ignore those guys unless they are taking out my trash, mowing the grass or stabbing Taxi drivers in Itaewon.

    One HOUR LATER: We arrive in Bundang. Mind you, while I had been back in Korea for 2 years I actually hadn’t been to Bundang before. It was a nice city, kind of new back in those days (2006). I heard a rumour that In-sooni, a famous black/Korean singer, lived in the area and unknown to me at the time, I would play no less than 5 concerts with her just a few months later. 

    So we find the building and parked the van across the street. Henry, who was and still is a chain smoker, jumped out of the van and immediately lit a cigarette up. While I occasionally smoked while drinking I was neither drinking nor in any condition to smoke so I just stood next to him while enjoying his second hand smoke as the rest of my band members plus the POC and that private first class exited the vehicle.

    Soon we were greeted by familiar faces. Our lovely hosts that we had met a week before. Nicely dressed, American educated, coming from good money, young and handsome, Korean men. The week before they were in shorts and T-shirts because of course it was a walk-a-thon and for some reason I was expecting the same. We all shook hands and they even commented on Henry’s smoking habit which I found a bit odd. Something like, “Smoking is not good for you, but I used to smoke too,… but I don’t anymore. Bad for the temple.”

    Henry just kinda giggled and agreed that it was indeed bad and suggested that perhaps in the future that he would try to quit. As of this writing (I contacted him a day before I wrote this) he had not. So, Henry finishes his cigarette and one by one we walk into the office building for a small tour and all seems normal… for now. I on the other hand, along with Beef, are looking around for those hot Mini Skirt girls, who are nowhere to be found. But hey, they’ll be out later right? Right? RIGHT?

    THE OFFICE TOUR: It was a seemingly normal office building. I mean, it had chairs, cubicles, snack and coffee machines, workers, and obvious slackers pretending to work; what I mean is it had all the symptoms of being a normal everyday office found any where in Korea or in the US for that matter. They showed us around the many facilities, very proud that many of the offices were brand new. Finally as we are walking upstairs Beef spotted the Trombone player girl that I had played with the previous week. I yell out to her her “NUNA!!!” as she was older than me and in Mi-gook fashion I had forgotten her name. She looked over, but was in an obvious rush to go somewhere.

She waved and said, “Wow nice to see you again! I'm sorry, I'm a little busy right now, but see you soon maybe? hehe!”
Beef and I gave a confirmation shit grin and a mental thumbs up to each other, and we both smiled and waved bye like a bunch of horny college students. Unbeknownst to us, that would be last time we saw her or anybody of those Miniskirt girls that day or EVER again. 
Our hosts took us to a large rectangle table and passed out cookies, various snacks, and bad maxim coffee. I had grown accustomed to bad Korean coffee due to my frequent samgyupsal outings. In the US Army band, it wasn’t uncommon to be treated to food from our hosts seeing that we always played for free. Meaning that the army gave us a normal salary and typically when we traveled, gas, plane tickets, KTX tickets, hotels, and sometimes even meals were paid by the Military so when the host pays for the meal and sometimes even the accommodations its always good for us. There's a limited budget for that kind of stuff every year. So its always best to do gigs that the host at least picks up some of the bill so that we could travel and gig more. I mean, name one professional band in the history of ever that pays to play? I'm losing track however.

    Our hosts begin talking amongst themselves in Korean about something, as this was the first year I started learning Hangul I had no idea what they were talking about. So, as I rocked back in forth sweating in chills from my fever and enjoying my coffee and cookies I looked around the room. “A lot of religious pictures on the wall.” But you know, I didn't think much of it. Even in my own house I had and still have an epic picture of Hercules beating the living shit out of Medusa. Why? Because it was bad ass. Art is art. And even if the hosts are mostly Christians, whats the big deal? Also, when am I going to see those mini skirt girls again and when am I getting that steak?
  “Do you guys want to see our museum?” one of the hosts asked. “Museum?” I asked puzzled with a mouth full of cookies.
“Yeah. We just built a new museum and nobody from the outside has seen it. We just want to show it to you and get your opinions. Just 30 minutes. Then we can have steak dinner.” the host answered.

 I looked around the table at my team and I didn't see any visible disagreements. I thought, whats the big deal? I get to see a museum, meet the hot mini skirt girls, free steak dinner; its all win win in my book. 
“Sure sounds good.” I answered back.

 Henry suddenly leans over to me and signals that he wants to smoke. I tell the host the that we are going outside to have a cigarette before the little museum tour. The host tries in his own little way not to let him go.
“ It’s only 30 minutes you can after that.” But Henry was pretty adamant about his damn cigarette. Always was. So grudgingly, he gave the okay and Henry and I walked outside.

      We were standing around in front of the building, shooting the shit, while I kinda just paced back in forth because of the fever I had. Henry who was engaged to a Korean woman, had been taking Korean lessons, and was trying to sound out the sign on the building.

He’s like…..”gyo… gyo…. gyo…hee….. whats that… hmmm…wait…. wait bro…. bro… I think this place is a fucking church man. I'm not sure but I think thats what that sign says.” Me having no clue was like,

Then we actually look at the building. There’s the traditional Christian cross at the top of it. It suddenly dawn on us that this was indeed a church and our host were indeed members of said church. Now you might say well nothing is wrong with that and you would be right. But in the military (besides events for the Chaplains (military priests)) It’s against regulations to do anything that supports one particular religion outside of official military functions. That even goes for supporting political parties outside of military functions. Example: playing music in a republican or democratic rally backing a specific candidate for an official government position while representing the Military. Either way. We were in no no land, and it was my call. So I thought to myself, One, the POC had taken us there, Two, we supported the walk-a-thon not a christian promoting event, and Three there were going to be those hot mini skirt girls and steak dinner later so you must be fucking insane if I was going walk away from that.

    “It’s all good bro.” I said. “It’s only 30 more minutes and we can meet up with those ladies and enjoy a good meal.”
“Yeah you’re right man.” Henry answered reassured.

    Now let me give you a little bit of history about Henry and I, who was once a very good friend of mine. We are both atheists, I at that time was in the early angry phases of my atheism. You know, that phase when you read a lot of religious text from every culture and you're like that little know it all that nobody asked for. Or that annoying person who’s got cancer facts for everybody they see smoking. I was an annoying arrogant little bastard and so was Henry who was a bit younger than me. But we both knew that it was neither the time nor the place to display our true colours about the subject. We were representing the Army, the United States, foreigners in general and were going to be good neighbours. Our host hadn't tried to force anything down our throats (at least not yet). It just so happened that their office was located in a church and that they were Christians. They were kind and respectful. So we would do the same.

“Bro you finished with that cig yet?” I inquired. “Yeah man. Lets get inside..… You sure you’re good man? You look like shit.” He asked. “Im good, just this damn fever. At least my throat isn't sore, thats always the worst… wait I look like shit?!” I asked only worried because I thought the Mini Skirt girls would think the same and reject me. “Haha man I’m just fucking with you. You always look like shit. Fuck man, lets go inside.” I gave him the stink eye and proceeded back into the building. We wouldn't exit said building for about another three hours.

      THE MUSEUM: If I remember correctly, which I might not (it was in 2006 mind you) the museum was downstairs. I thought to myself, well it's a museum in a church how good could it be? You know limited budget and all I was expecting the lowest standard as possible with some Bible themed things attached. Boy was I wrong. Not only was the museum top shelf quality but it had animatronics that could rival 1980’s Disney World in Florida. I shit you not. For a non-profit organisation, it seemed to me that they had a lot of money just floating around.

    The first section was a fully narrated animatronic retelling of the beginning of Genesis… or should I say the Church Of God’s (the name of the church) version of Genesis. According to them, we were all once angels who forgot we were once angels that fell from heaven. Now remember, I’m in the mist of a 102 fever, so I’m a bit delirious and word vomit tends to happen when you are not in your right mind. “Bullshit.” I said pacing back and forth.

Henry who was still keeping his shit together gave me the quiet finger but the Host already over heard.
 “No no, not I assure you this is the truth.” The host said as he went on to explain to me why it was true in such great detail that it was obvious he had prepared said speech.

  It was at this time that our host’s started showing their true intentions. To invite, convert and bring new members to the church. They handed out a bunch of pamphlets and little booklets explaining their very strange version of Christianity including “Christ Ahnsahnghong” the belief that not only Jesus had already been reborn but he had been reborn in South Korea. Yes you heard right. Korean Jesus in the flesh. Oh and they had exact quotes out of the Bible that was used to to prove their point of why Jesus would and did get reborn in Korea.

  “The land, which Israel's prophets prophesied as the place where Christ would come again was the farthest corners, at the ends of the earth. That is Korea.” explained one of the hosts. I let them talk. Again, being a good neighbour and all, but I was close to my wits end. Fever was kicking my ass and now I was not only annoyed but I was getting hungry. “Where are those girls I saw last week?” I interrupted, obviously not paying attention to anything they just said. The Gyopo hit my shoulder as to say, “come on dude.” “What girls?” One of the hosts answered.

They looked at each other for a second and then took us to the next area. It was another animatronic station, this time of Noah and the Ark. However Noah had a bit of a re-imagining…. he look a bit more Asian than I remember, but hey, whatever right? This is Asia!
Like with the last station, the host took the time to point out Bible verses and explain to us in great detail why their versions of events were correct. It was around this time I saw Henry losing his shit. We had only seen one of the stations in this museum and it was already pass the 30-minute mark, and it was time for that cigarette. “Dude I need to smoke.” he said to me.
“Man you’re going to have to wait until were out of here to do that. Korean Jesus would frown upon it.” I said jokingly.
“But seriously though, dude what are we doing in here? This isn't cool.” Henry exclaimed. “And why the fuck does Noah look like he owns a dry cleaners?”

  Between the fever, me being extremely annoyed and angry, Henry needing a cigarette and being annoyed as well…. this is the moment when we lost our shit. But not in a necessarily bad way. We started laughing until tears came out of our eyes and wouldn't stop laughing for the next few hours. This whole scenario couldn't be reproduced or made up if we tried….. it was too surreal.
  Finally after a few more “stations” we got to the birth of Jesus. Again fully animatronic and equally as hilarious. The robots had that jerkiness a lot of 80’s animatronics did. You know, missing that full fluid motion that wouldn't become the norm until many years later.
“Jesus dude…..” Henry said looking at me and the group. “Don’t you mean Korean Jesus?” I retorted. We both starting laughing again like a bunch of pot heads after hitting a bong. The Mexican, Beef, the Gyopo and Beat off were also visibly annoyed but were keeping their cool and pretending to be interested while the host again explained their version of the Bible and scriptures and other Biblical knowledge nuggets. Now the best “station” in this whole thing was coming up.

“Dude, listen……. What the fuck is that?” I asked Henry. I could her the next station, and it sounded epic. There was awesome music, screaming, crying, and a language that wasn’t Korean or English. I wanted to check it out. When we walked over there to my amazement it was a 15-minute video loop of the Passion of Christ on a big screen TV. Basically it was Jesus Christ getting his ass beat for 15 minutes in a non-stop loop. Not sure they got the rights from Mel Gibson to do that…. but needless to say; it was fucking glorious. This was the grand finale. The Big Coup de grâce. I was slain.

Of course, by this time I was gaining composure of myself and not bursting into laughter like a bunch of high school kids. I was more sensitive about this particular station because I knew my hosts would take offence. But.. god damn was it fucking funny. I just stood there with my fists clinched watching Jim Caviezel get his ass beat over and over and over and over again while the Host explained to us why Jesus died for our sins, his resurrection, and reincarnation in South Korea. I stood there with tears in my eyes not because I was sad or moved but because I was laughing soo hard in the inside and trying to maintain control. I was visibly shaken.

      So soon after that greatness the next station goes into the book of revelations. Which is a book full of craziness even too nutty to go into detail here. Lets just say by this time I was done. They could keep the fucking steak and even the Mini Skirt girls. I was going to call my boss as soon as this was all over and black list these particular organisers so that we didn't have to work for them again.

    The next room was a room dedicated to all the walk-a-thons that the Church of God had participated in the past. Along with self earned and self presented medals for said Walks. As we entered this room I started feeling sorry for the POC. I mean, he is the one who took us to this event and he was probably having just as a hard time just as much as the rest of us. Then I looked up at the wall… and it suddenly all dawned on me.

“That muther fucker.” I said to Henry. “Huh? What? What muther fucker?” Henry inquired. I pointed to the wall which had pictures of past Walk-a-thons on it. “That muther fucker!!!!!” Henry confirmed when he looked at the wall.

You see, on the wall was a picture of that same POC aka the 2nd Lieutenant from a walk-a-thon two years ago. With several other pictures of him in the room that I hadn't notice before. This guy, who I was feeling somewhat bad for, was a member of the fucking church. Henry now really needed that cigarette.
“We want to show you our video.” said one of the hosts. “We promise it's just a few minutes and then we can go eat steak dinner.”
The idea steak dinner was getting less appealing. and the idea of getting our asses in that van and riding back to the Army base was sounding better. But we were all already defeated. Technically, the POC was in charge as he outranked everybody in the room and he was down for going to see this video. I sighed, shook my head to proceed while a visibly pissed off team followed. If I thought the Passion of Christ snuff porn video was epic. This would be the epilogue that almost rivalled it.

  THE SACRED MOTHER: So we file in this medium sized movie room. Its a pretty nice place, would be a cool area to binge watch all the star wars flicks with your friends. It reminded me of that movie room they had in the first Jurassic Park film. It was that nice. This video by the way wasn't just a few minutes long it was a little under 30 minutes. But it was worth every single second.

    In the video we learned about the “Jerusalem Mother” or “Heavenly Mother” and “God the Mother.” All the same woman. Now forgive me, but I'm going on 10 year old memories, but if my memories serve me right her name was Jang Gil-ja. The video taught us about the foundation of the church, Jesus AGAIN reborn in South Korea… even though he technically died again in the 80s….heart attack and stroke….. every time the Mother was mentioned or seen she was wearing a Hanbok (the only one wearing a hanbok) and she was always referred to as the “Jerusalem Mother” or “Heavenly Mother” or “God the Mother.” Never anything different out of those three. Also they would show a beautiful cult camp in the Korean mountains then there would be like strobe flashes on the screen and they showed mother with her hair blowing in the wind…

Then their billion dollar headquarters…

Then like 300 white people brainwashed from the states who flew to Korea to meet the mother God. IT. WAS. AWESOME. The only thing that would have made that video better was some popcorn, dried squid and for it to have been in 4D/3D. I was having a blast.
      “Okay okay, but before you said Ahn Sahng-hong was God? (Korean Jesus). Now this video is saying Jang Gil-ja is God now? I'm confused.” I asked genuinely intrigued.

      “He is God, but she is also God also. They both are God. Understand?” The host answered as he turned around and looked at his video like he had never seen it before. Henry looked at me and gave me a stink eye as to not encourage them anymore. He he had enough. But I hadn’t. I was just getting started.
I asked soo many dumbs troll questions that even I who was trolling felt trolled, but in much delight the hosts answered my every question no matter how stupid or insane. I really wanted to know about this Jesus resurrection thing in Korea. I mean, every Christian I ever met tries to own Jesus in their race. I wanted to know what made Korea so special to get their own Korean Jesus. With Great delight one the host left and brought back a map along with scripture. Something about Jesus coming from the far east and Korea being the furthest east on the map. That was enough confirmation for him that Jesus was and already had been reborn a Korean. I also pointed out that the world was spherical, and if you just kept going you probably run into the Americas, but he was undeterred.

    “Jesus, was resurrected here in Korea. I have faith.” he said to reassure me that he was indeed correct. I still had all kinds of other smart ass question in my head like did Korean Jesus eat Kimchi at the last supper? But you see, the best part of trolling people is to not let them know that you are trolling. I felt the question was to obvious, and I was hungry, and it was time for that steak.

  So we finally walked back to the Van and Henry and even Beef and even the Gyopo lit up a cigarette. “Dude what the fuck man? What the fuck is going on here?” Beef asked smoking erratically. “You need to call the commander and tell her whats going on here. We shouldn't be here.”

 “I know man, but we didn't drive here and at least it's steak time” I answered. Mind you, this was 4 hours after arriving there… so everybody’s patience was wearing thin. Even the Mexican who was a Christian and Beat off who was an in-the-closet Atheist, but the most nicest patience guy on the planet, were getting annoyed. “Lets eat this steak. Go back home and forget this ever happened.”

    THE STEAK HOUSE: I’ll openly admit. It was the best steak I’ve ever tasted in my life. It was pretty fucking amazing. Juicy, not over cooked, didn’t need any sauce and it came with 4 courses. These Church of God folks put their money where their Jesus was; it was a good spread.

    I, by this time, was pretty much done being patient. At the dinner table our lovely hosts did the normal Christian tactics, trying to get our phone numbers (the Mexican gave him his) handed out more pamphlets, quoted more scriptures, boasted about their church and donations to the poor, talked about the end of times and getting right with God and a lot more about the sacred “Heavenly Mother.”

    “What did you think of our video?” asked one of the hosts. Quite honestly, the video had been the highlight, at least for me, of the whole tour. It was soo blatantly cultish and hilariously creepy, it was hard not to like its charms, but I was in no mood to give out straight props. “Would have been cool in 3D with Popcorn” I answered sarcastically as I chewed my steak annoying loud with my mouth wide open. “Haha. Yeah I agree! We were discussing that earlier for the kids when we show them the video! We haven’t showed anyone that video before today.” The host answered.

Dammit. He was agreeing with me. I was going to have to troll harder. “Also, what did you think of our museum?”
I sat there and cut another piece of soft delicious succulent steak into my mouth and pondered the question for a bit. Then I sipped my coke a cola and looked at the host straight in the eye and said.

“I think it’s missing like..a Jesus Roller coaster. You know like…. it takes you up into heaven and then like Descends you INTO THE DEPTHS OF HELL for like 5 minutes…. screaming and hollering and carrying on….. with little Animatronic red demons poking at you with their little red tritons and sharp scary hooves.. maggots… seas of fire and brimstone…. kids screaming for their parents wishing they were somewhere else.. ANYWHERE else…then just when they feel like you can't take anymore the ride slows down and you enter into Heaven.. directly in the sacred Mother’s bosoms.. or the Sacred man bosoms? Which ever one. Shit, I dunno. They are both God anyway. Alls I'm saying is that its heaven now and that's where they… you… WE want to go.” - I watched Beef Choke while laughing on his actual Beef.

  “THAT…… and a Korean Jesus gift shop. I mean, every good Roller coaster leads to a Gift shop is alls I'm saying. You can have Korean Jesus is my homeboy mugs and T-shirts key rings and shit. Thats all I’m trying say. I dunno. Just my opinion.” - I take another bite of my steak.
 At the moment its obvious that I had taken things too far and they were onto me. They were visibly unimpressed with my suggestions and stopped asking me questions. Equally embarrassed was the POC who had brought us there. I knew he was scared because he knew a word from me or my team to his boss maybe wouldn't end his career, but it would bring a nice scolding. I'm not a complete ass though. We’ll get to him later.
So the meal ends. We say our goodbyes and thank yous and Henry fucking smokes again and we get into the van to depart Bundang back to base. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT DUDE” Henry says out loud as we all burst into laughter. 

 “What just happen bro? What the fuck was that? Steak was on point though, no lie.” I said which was met with equal laughter.
So for the next hour or so (there was traffic) we basically roasted Korean Jesus, the Church of God, and the Sacred Mother fulling knowing that our driver was a member of the church (turns out the Private first Class was the Chaplains assistant he was having a good laugh with us too) Oh before you think he told us to shut up, he was taking it. It was the only way he was going to get out of me and my team telling anybody else outside of the VAN (who was important) about what just transpired. Like I said, he could have gotten into a bit of trouble for the whole event. Being at the bottom of the barrel in the officer ranks, that's the last thing one would want.

     A FEW EXTRA WORDS: And that in a nutshell was my experience with the Church of God. Though, it wouldn’t be the last time I ran into them, but it would be the last time that I played a concert for them and got trapped in their facility for 4 plus hours. Usually, my run ins later would be regulated to Itaewon on Friday and Saturday nights as they sent their young brainwashed minions out to talk some Korean Jesus and sacred Mother to drunk people. I don’t know if that museum is still there, but I suspect that it still is. I'm a little curious if they upgraded it or not. Even though….. I'm not curious enough to go down there and check it out.

“Samgyupsal, soju and eternal salvation.....Mother provides it all.”