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Author Topic: A Mannam 2011 Brochure  (Read 3728 times)

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August 15, 2012, 11:23:53 AM
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A Mannam 2011 Brochure
« on: August 15, 2012, 11:23:53 AM »
A Mannam 2011 Brochure that includes a photo (in the last page) of the always smiling Man Hee Lee.

And just saving this here for now, from the Mannam Running Club:

2013 Annual Plan
MIRC had a generally successful first year in 2012. It is now entering into its second year and this document is intended to set out our general aims and objectives for the forthcoming year. This plan shall act as a reference point throughout the year and there will be a progress review quarterly.

MIRC Vision
Our overarching vision is set out in full in the Appendix. It is our intention to take steps towards this objective this as far as possible throughout the course of the year. In brief, our vision is to encourage understanding and acceptance between peoples and cultures by running together and participating in volunteer projects and in so doing, take small steps towards world peace.

Athletic Goals
The general athletic goals are set out below. There will be specific weekly sessions to achieve these goals which will vary according to the time of the year. In particular, we want to strive towards the following:-
1. To promote safe running. This will be achieved by instruction on how to run safely with video analysis, regular sessions on running technique, training and nutritional advice, goal setting and achieving etc;
2. To encourage self reliance i.e. that all runners should look after themselves and be self sufficient on runs;
3. To create leaders;
4. To participate in running events including track events. MIRC will enter one “marathon” event per month as a club; and
5. That members of the management committee will aspire to do something athletically that they have never achieved before, for example, to run a full course marathon in autumn 2013. This will demonstrate (1) leadership by example and (2) encourage the formation of a group with a similar achievable objective which in turn will attract and maintain members.

Membership Goals
We currently have approximately 20 active members. We propose to grow to have 40 active members by the end of the year. This will be achieved by:-.
1. Development and promotion of an effective website and Facebook page;
2. Participation in local and international athletic events;
3. Volunteering;
4. Networking; and
5. Promoting own events.

Event Goals
MIRC proposes to promote one and possibly two major events in 2013.

Volunteer Goals
MIRC members should commit generally to participating in volunteering activities. Participation in volunteer activities is not compulsory.
There will be a monthly volunteer activity on 4th Saturday of the month.

Club Finances
MIRC will not charge a membership fee. However, we will retain a small amount from the sale of T-shirts (currently priced at KRW20,000) to cover miscellaneous expenses. MIRC will be fully self-financed. Its accounts will be published monthly and there will be an annual report.

All communications between the MIRC management team, its membership and between MVA shall be open and transparent. Any negative issues relating to the general operation of the club shall be dealt with appropriately and expediently. MIRC shall aim to have four articles printed in the national press and there to be regular blog / website posts.

Event Calendar:
a. Weekly running sessions (days and times are flexible according to the season);
b. Entry into one race as a club per month;
c. Participate in one volunteer activity per month;
d. Social – every two months;
e. Field trip (volunteering, race, or otherwise) – quarterly; and

Club Organisation
President: Mark
Management Positions

Manager Area Responsibilities

Executive • General oversight of MIRC including liaison with MVA
• General support and assistance for MIRC where needed
• Submission of weekly reports to MVA
• General advisory and executive duties
• Business development and marketing
• Coordination resources needed for events
• Preparation of Agenda / Minutes for management meetings
Mark Training • All matters to do with training and actual running
Paul Member Maintenance
• Distributing Mannam membership cards when needed
• Contacting members directly when necessary about events/updates
• Ensuring members feel welcome
• Listening to ideas/feedback from members and letting MIRC management know
• Participating in volunteering events and fostering volunteering mindset in members
• Helping maintain FB page by responding to members' posts.
• Participating in staff meetings and supporting other staff as appropriate
• Promoting MIRC at events and generally
• Organizing, researching and coming up with new ideas that will help grow MIRC
Suhyun / Elina Accounts • Maintain MIRC accounts
• Preparing monthly and annual accounts reports for MIRC members
Gary / Suhyun Volunteering • Organizing monthly volunteering events from start to finish
Suhyun Athletic Events • Organizing monthly marathon events from start to finish
Andrea / Paul Social Events • Organizing bi-monthly MIRC social events from start to finish
Elina Communications • Output for press
• Website maintenance
• General marketing and relationship development

MIRC Vision
“Every Stride for World Peace”
MIRC’s goal is to promote world peace through participation in volunteer projects and by competing in local and international athletic events. At the same time, we aspire to become physically and mentally fit and above all, to have fun.
You may ask how we can promote world peace through MIRC and running. The answer is by taking action, making progress, doing things, taking small steps, improving ourselves and through our conduct. We want to show that cultural differences, colour, religion and nationality can be transcended. MIRC is also about leadership - we aspire to put others in a position to help themselves.
Athletic Goals

“Run for Life”
MIRC is open to all runners, from beginners to seasoned veterans. Our training sessions are organised so that we can run together as a group but that we train according to our respective abilities. That means that there will always be someone you can run with. You can always get help and advice and nobody will ever be left behind. We actively encourage ANY runner to join because it is not your ability that matters, rather your personal qualities that you add to our group.

MIRC and Mannam Volunteer Association
MIRC is affiliated to Mannam Volunteer Association (MVA) though our decision making process is entirely autonomous except to the extent that we fall within the general objectives of MVA. We are strictly a secular organisation. We espouse the right to free speech except to the extent that any religion (or for that matter, race or sex) cannot be actively promoted or discriminated against. Moreover, we are not a recruitment vehicle for any church.
MVA is a volunteer group established in 2003. It is connected with a Christian church in that there is a certain commonality of membership to both organisations. MVA is however strictly non religious in its intent and has differing objectives from the church (broadly speaking, volunteering). MVA’s international section was started in June 2011 and is designed to reach out to people of all different nationalities in Korea. It is not a recruitment vehicle for that church.

MVA has numerous sporting and cultural clubs. For more information about MVA and its clubs please visit the following site: