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Other Cults & New Religious Movements / Re: Adi Da & Adidam
« on: February 28, 2018, 10:26:07 PM »
Thank you, Katie! I'd never heard of this guy. I just watched some of this video. It's great!  ;)

They're anti-vaxers as well? That's a great find. There's been no reference to that as far as I know in any of the media reports about the guns.

And Jesus chimes in too in this channeled message from April 2015:

April 22, 2015, Wednesday, 11:50 AM EST

My Child:
This is Jesus of Nazareth.
The son of Joseph, the carpenter.
I was born of a lineage of greats. So many faithful and sacrificial saints and patriarchs. Nobody has a comparable lineage to mine–nobody can hold a candle–to borrow a common English expression for my English speaking Brothers and Sisters and Children of my faith that I initiated through my blood, sweat and tears.

I am a child of Zachariah, the high priest. I am not born without the sperm of a man. How could I? How could a woman 2,000 years ago have a child through an angel or spirit being? I do not want to cause disbelief among the faithful. It does not make me, Jesus, the Lord, any lesser. It proves that people of God had faith. It proves that people of God fulfilled their duty and responsibility. It proves that they were truly God's people. Not failures but truly God's people. Everyone in the history of the world must still thank the Jewish peoples. They provided the lineage with God. I don't really know if it is to say Jewish people or peoples. There were many tribes. It does not matter. God worked and God provided a lineage.

I need to clear up a confusion.

Sun Myung Moon was not born sinless. Hak Ja Han was not born sinless. Nobody was–except I had a special birth. It is hard to quantify and qualify. My birth was special. It was relatively more sinless than anyone else ever. But it is really splitting hairs. What matters is that Sun Myung Moon, the Lord of the Second Advent, completed a Victory. A victory over the Principalities of Darkness. A victory over Satan, Lucifer, the Destroyer. He did humble himself once or twice. But the battle continues. His minions are still at large. They are prevalent still.

They continue their march. They continue their march at the halls of CheongPyeong prayer hall. Do not be shocked, Lucifer is the most clever being God created. There is no match. There is no comparison in all of cosmos.

This is why this situation of faith–the Unification Family of Faith–is such a tragedy.

We are all worshipping not God–but in reality we are worshipping a substitute to God right now in the Unification Family of Faith. We are worshipping an adulterer of Scripture. I am speaking of Kim Hyo Nam. She is unparalleled in history in the art of deception.

Again, borrowing a catchy phrase from the English language–nobody can hold a candle to her. Masterful. Brilliant. So clever. But so devious! But to what end? To wipe out all of the Christian foundation. To wipe out all of the Buddhist foundation. To wipe out the Western cultural sphere. To wipe out true faith on Earth. To make every person a slave. To make every person a sinner. To make every person subservient to her whims.

This is a tragedy of unparalleled dimension. The foundation that My Savior–yes my savior–Sun Myung Moon made has been and is continuously being stolen and desecrated. This is utterly not just plausible, but it is happening as I speak and write through my humble servant holding the transcribing pen.

Please wake up–you people of faith.
Money does not buy salvation.
Your repentance, faith and resurrection do not depend on your wealth and monetary means. This is a tragic turn in the Unification Faith.

Stop. Now.
Stop donations.
Stop the falsehood of the CheongPyeong ancestor liberation fallacy. I do not believe you my Brothers and Sisters can doubt me. What did Martin Luther do? What did he accomplish? Was it of no avail? Was it all in vain? Please stand up. Please demand restitution and re-conveyance of all ill-gotten assets given to Kim Hyo Nam and her family's treacherous practices.

I am Jesus. I drove away the money changers from the Temple. With a whip! Yes, I drove them all away.

This is my command–I am in authority from my blood sacrifice on the horrible wooden cross to make this demand:

Put away all donation money and send instead to Sanctuary Church, Newfoundland, PA.
Investigate the corruption of CheongPyeong to the maximum extent. History must be recorded that such a tragedy can never, ever, never never never never happen again. Why did I die on the cross? So that salvation can be bought with coin and money? There is no higher form of blasphemy. I proclaim it to the mountain tops and every website and web page–I did not die so that salvation can be purchased by donations.   


True Parents are eternal. This position was established by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, born in North Korea in 1920. He established the True Parents' Position. I repeat–he did so. He was authorized by the God Almighty to establish the position of True Parents in Heaven and on Earth. This was not a sole accomplishment of Sun Myung Moon. Hak Ja Han did her responsibility adequately to establish the Absolute Position of True Parents to exist for all of eternity.

But I must clarify–and I am Jesus of Nazareth–and I am not a dummy. I know what I know because of my humble and sincere devotion to God and to True Parents.

Hak Ja Han has failed her final mission of remaining submissive to the Father position of True Parents' position. There is an Absolute Position of True Parents. She has left her proper role at this late hour. This is most tragic and most unfortunate. A crisis. A postmodern apocalypse.

How are we to deal with this my Brothers and Sisters? We need to fast. We need to pray. We need to see visions and dreams and bring the Holy Spirit–the Spirits of Most High into our lives.

We will all heal. We will all prosper. We will all overcome this calamity.

Hak Ja Han can be restored upon her deep repentance and conditions she must make.

Until then and until such conditions are fully completed she is no longer Hak Ja Han in a True Parents' role on Earth.

From now on there is a proxy on Earth for True Parents instead–Hyung Jin Moon and Yeonah Nim Moon.

This I proclaim–Jesus of Nazareth–the Lord of Lords, who bled tragically–yet victoriously in resurrection–through the horrible course of the cross.   


Please believe in Jesus, Brothers and Sisters. I am also your savior–I bled for you. But without True Father I am nothing. He completed my mission. 100%.

But still human responsibility remains. We must eradicate the forces of evil. We must use the Holy Spirits of Heaven as our Army.

Holy Spirit is high spirits and high angels. Do you believe? Do you have faith? We can change the whole world through spirit and truth. Did not Hyung Jin say so? Did not Sun Myung Moon say so? Did I not say so?

We are a force of goodness. All Brothers and Sisters, please work with Hyung Jin Nim! He is not the Devil. The Devil lives in CheongPyeong prayer hall.

(Please share this message).

Jesus of Nazareth


[End of transcribing: 12:33 PM, April 22, 2015]

Universal Medicine led by Serge Benhayon / Re: Universal Medicine websites
« on: February 26, 2018, 02:15:19 PM »
Thank you. Esther, who is being sued by these clowns, sometimes posts here and will I'm sure appreciate your efforts. I'll pass on this thread to her. I regret I've been too caught up with Korean cults to look into this cult more.

Some Moonie watchers have been noting Hyung-jin's growing and bizarre fascination with guns for I think around 6 months now. The blog How Well Do You Know You Moon? first posted about the guns in May 2017.

 I saved a few photos a while ago, but didn't get around to posting them. Now that he's making news for his interest in guns and the more central role guns are playing in his church, I think it's time to start a thread here. For now, here are some recent articles, and I'll post the photos I saved soon. An Image Google search brings up some of the photos I have in mind.

Feb. 9: Anti-LGBT Cult Leader Calls on Followers to Purchase Assault Rifles (Southern Poverty Law Center)

Feb. 20: Pennsylvania Church Plans to Bless Worshipers’ Assault Rifles (Fox2 Now)
Pennsylvania Church to Bless Couples Toting AR-15 Rifles (The New York Times - AP) Also available here.
Church Encourages Couples to Bring AR-15 Rifles to be Blessed (New York Post)
Local Church to Hold Four-Day Celebration of Assault Rifles (The Pike County Courier)

Feb. 21: Church Asks Worshippers To Bring AR-15 Rifles For Blessing Ceremony Near Elementary School (Newsweek)
Church Run by Son of Moonies Founder Invites Worshippers to Bring Assault Weapons to Service (Independent)
Poconos Church to Bless Couples Toting AR-15 Rifles; National Church Leader Wears Crown, Keeps Rifle on Desk (The Morning Call)
PA Church Plans to Bless Assault Rifles, Associates Them With Return of Christ (The Hill)

Feb. 23: Outrage After Church Invites Parishioners to Bring in their AR-15 Assault Rifles to be Blessed Amid Gun Control Debate After Florida Shooting (The Sun)

Feb. 24: Blessing of AR-15-Bearing, Crowned Couples Expected to Draw 600 to PA (Lehigh Valley Live)
Hundreds Attend Gun Rights Dinner Thanking President (WNEP)

Feb. 28: Worshippers Clutching AR-15 Rifles Hold Commitment Ceremony (CTV News)
Couples Lug AR-15 Assault Rifles to Pennsylvania Church Blessing (Yahoo News)
Church Blesses Members & Their Guns (CBS News)

March 1: Pennsylvania Couples Clutching AR-15 Rifles Renew Wedding Vows (CNN)

Church of God/Heavenly Mother / Church of God in Ohio
« on: February 25, 2018, 04:47:18 PM »
I probably should merge all the Heavenly Mother on campus articles into the one thread. Will do that when I have more time.

"God the Mother” Followers Aim to Proselytize Students (The Oberlin Reunion)

Thanks again. I'm so grateful for the time and effort your putting into finding all these links and for sharing them here. And your timing is great as this cult is getting quite a bit of attention in the US for its recruiting drives on campuses.

Shinchonji / In-Depth SCJ Article: Taken By The Cult
« on: February 25, 2018, 03:56:44 PM »
The Australian newspaper just published an in-depth piece about Shinchonji by journalist and author Chris Johnston. It's a must read and it offers some really disturbing insights into the inner workings of SCJ. And I want to thank Chris for spending a lot of time and effort on this piece. I was first contacted by Chris nine months ago. 

Feb. 24: Taken By The Cult (The Australian)

Some friends have had trouble accessing the piece. The text of the article is also available here. The embedded video is available here.

Korean Translation:

Church of God/Heavenly Mother / Church of God on New Jersey Campuses
« on: February 23, 2018, 02:53:43 PM »

From 4:30, an interesting and frank detailing of the sex rituals Rev. Moon took part in that formed the basis of Jeong's cult, using many of the same English terms that JMS uses. Calling them sex rituals, however, is a bit misleading as the enormous power differential between a "messiah" and a believer at best complicates the question of consent; at worst, it's simply rape.

So True Father established the perfected Eve with his last wife, Hak-ja Han Moon. And you might have read different articles and different  rumours about different sexual encounters that Rev. Moon had with women, and you may have read them in a very negative way. But as the representative of God, Jesus came again to restore woman, so he had to restore woman though the Brides of Christ, and that is what those women are. And after they had a conjugal relationship with the Lord through the Body of Christ, then they were also married to different historic figures whose spirits exist in heaven Like Confucius, Mohammad, and Jesus Christ himself.

So these women are the women of Christ who, through the body of Rev. Moon, engaged in a conjugal relationship with God which is the most powerful love. So these were the Brides of Christ. They needed a bridegroom. They were prepared to meet the Bridegroom.  And the relationship between a bride and a bridegroom is a conjugal sexual relationship. But the one wife of Rev. Moon himself - the one wife of Christ - was Hak-ja Han, but at the very last moment she betrayed him, so she lost the position of being his wife. So the trihead of God is composed of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, and all women are the Brides of Christ and all the men are the sons of God. Amen. Give this video and thumbs up and I'll see you in next video.

The speaker is a member of Moonie splinter group led by Hyung Jin Moon, one of Moon's sons. I don't know if the sexual relay is something he has adopted, but this recent April 2015 endorsement from George Washington in heaven doesn't exactly allay concerns he's setting up his own cult.

George Washington has thrown his weight behind Moon's son, Hyung-jin, who leads a splinter Moonie group. His mother gained control of the core group after her husband's death. Another of her sons leads another splinter group. They don't really get along.

The website that contained General Washington's endorsement was once the official site of the group, but it is now offline, perhaps due to recent media interest over Hyung-jin's gun obsession. The "channeling of endorsements of famous dead people" is an idea he got from his father. All the dead US presidents threw their weight behind Rev. Moon. And now it's over to General Washington.

Update: George's endorsement is archived here on The Internet Archive.

April 24, 2015, Friday, 10:05 AM EST
Good Morning,

This is General George Washington.

Thank you for having a framed picture of me in your living room. It means a great deal to me.

I am coming to you at this hour of urgent desperation and urgent need.

We need a new Army of righteousness. There has been a coup. The Providence of God has been hijacked. There has been a quiet usurpation of authority and power, away from the rightful, official and legal authority. The rightful, official and legal authority in the nation of United States of America and throughout God's prepared lands belongs to the heir of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Mr. Hyung Jin Moon, along with his wife who effectuates as a proxy to True Mother at this time.

The citizens of the United States and people of the world need true leadership. This leadership and authority has been missing recently particularly after the Reverend Sun Myung Moon ascended to the spiritual world as a Glorious Victor of All Cosmic Victories. There has been a lack of leadership. There has been a void. There has been an hour of darkness that has descended on the country I love. Now things are dramatically changing and dramatically developing. But just like during the Revolutionary War, the battle is not easy. There will be bad feelings. There will be shocking twists and turns. There will even be some setbacks, but there must be a final victory, and there will be a final victory, if we remain steadfast, and if we remain true to our beliefs and convictions, and if we do not waiver.

Citizens of the United States!
The citizens of the world!

You have been ruled by a false authority. True Mother's authority has been recently usurped by entities other than Heaven's power.

My brothers and sisters of faith!
Please realize this urgent and disastrous circumstance that we are in. There is corruption at the highest levels. This cannot and must not stand.

Why did I fight?
Why did I lead a revolution?
To separate from corruption at the highest levels! We need to carry through the same exact accomplishment and we need to perform the duties of revolutionaries at this hour. We cannot be lukewarm. We cannot be mild. We cannot be placid. We cannot be complaisant. We cannot be half-hearted. We cannot be nonchalant. We cannot be bystanders. We cannot be observers. We cannot be on the sidelines.

Brothers and sisters. My brethren.

I am General George Washington. I know what you need. You need courage! You need conviction. You need to pound your chests and join the battle for righteousness. I am of course speaking in metaphorical terms. You need to have that conviction in your minds, and I am not saying that an armed insurrection is called for. But this time is serious and the times are grave.

The darkness had fallen over this country I love. So much division and hatred. Citizens! You must love! You must show charity! You must be pure in heart! And pure in mind! Do not follow false Gods. Follow truth. Follow the righteous path.

There is a young man now in the United States who is fighting the good fight. He is in Newfoundland, PA in a small church. Everyone who loves the United States must listen to this young preacher. He is vocalizing the nature of our threat. And he is explaining our predicament that affects my county and all countries.

We need to heed his words.
We need to heed them now. Not later.

I am George Washington, the General of the Revolutionary Army, and the first President of the United States. Do I not care about my country still? I cry for my country. So many things have gone wrong. But there is still hope. A new dawn is beginning. It begins with faith. Politics will follow later. Please have faith first.

You have to demonstrate that those who have ears to hear, need to understand that when the returning Lord–the Rev. Sun Myung Moon–stated that he has instituted an heir, he meant what he stated and wrote. There is no equivocation. It is plain and clear.

Because his authority was challenged and darkness fell on the land, we have had all types of instability and calamities in our political and geopolitical world. We have had beheadings of Christians and civilians. This has to stop by all means. But the cause of external conflicts is the lack of internal faith that drives the balance of the universe.

I am George Washington, brothers and sisters of Unification faith and Christian faith. The Lord returned to Earth. He won a victory over darkness. But his efforts are being usurped and hijacked. You need to stand strong and reject falsehood and abrogation.

You need to follow a man named Hyung Jin Moon.

This is my command to you.

General George Washington

End of transcribing: 10:35 AM, April 24, 2015

I'll check, but I think that's Jo-eun's real name. Certainly, Jeong Jo-eun is not her real name. It was changed so that when pronounced it sounds in Korean like "I like Jeong".  "Jo-eun" sounds like the Korean verb "to like".

Shinchonji / Re: Death of a SCJ Member - Parents Responsible?
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:03:24 AM »
A news site out of India covered the story from SCJ's side at least. I am curious how the writer came to write about this and how she gained access to SCJ members.

All too familiar story unfortunately. If you have some money and the inclination, please consider donating:

My entire family has been working as volunteers for the humanitarian health organization, Jungshim since 1996. Back then we were the only “ Western Qi Masters” from one entire family, and whilst this brought pride and joy, as we were able to help so many people over a 20-year period, a set of challenges have arisen over time. Jungshim qi masters do not get paid a salary and volunteer their work entirely from their heart. But in our case, since we are the only children to our elderly parents (now just Dad George) this led to progressive loss of assets and the inability to financially support our ageing parents, more so, in times of illness. One of us (Eric) had to stop the Jungshim work in 2011 and has attempted to rebuild both career and income stream. But the combined need for care from both parents with the cruel lack of time, has not enabled him to work full time order to stop the financial erosion.

I am writing these lines from my desktop computer, February 2018, while are living in the pleasant and comfortable family home belonging to my Aunty Rosemay in Mauritius.    My 93-year old father is sleeping peacefully in the other room. In about 2 month time, in April, I am not sure where we will be living. We had to leave expensive Sydney, we are homeless, and financially broke through an incredible set of events over the past 10 years, that I am ashamed of sharing to anyone, except for one friend, for fear of being judged and misunderstood. Whilst this sounds like a misfortune, (and it is a disaster) I feel deeply blessed by the love I received from my two parents, the happiness I have encountered in my life from them and shared with others whenever and wherever I have been and will continue doing. I am able to use this inner force as a wonderful reserve of energy to have the strength to write this story and ask for your kindness, generosity and help. I don’t think there are parents as loving, caring and beautiful as my parents, George and Claude, whom I owe everything, with their radiating love and a huge sense of service and sacrifice to their loved ones, their children.

Please help me care for my elderly father. Your help will enable cover the medical bills and the day care facility expenses.  This will free up my time, so I can resume my own work and fully rebuild myself professionally

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