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From 4:30, an interesting and frank detailing of the sex rituals Rev. Moon took part in that formed the basis of Jeong's cult, using many of the same English terms that JMS uses. Calling them sex rituals, however, is a bit misleading as the enormous power differential between a "messiah" and a believer at best complicates the question of consent; at worst, it's simply rape.

So True Father established the perfected Eve with his last wife, Hak-ja Han Moon. And you might have read different articles and different  rumours about different sexual encounters that Rev. Moon had with women, and you may have read them in a very negative way. But as the representative of God, Jesus came again to restore woman, so he had to restore woman though the Brides of Christ, and that is what those women are. And after they had a conjugal relationship with the Lord through the Body of Christ, then they were also married to different historic figures whose spirits exist in heaven Like Confucius, Mohammad, and Jesus Christ himself.

So these women are the women of Christ who, through the body of Rev. Moon, engaged in a conjugal relationship with God which is the most powerful love. So these were the Brides of Christ. They needed a bridegroom. They were prepared to meet the Bridegroom.  And the relationship between a bride and a bridegroom is a conjugal sexual relationship. But the one wife of Rev. Moon himself - the one wife of Christ - was Hak-ja Han, but at the very last moment she betrayed him, so she lost the position of being his wife. So the trihead of God is composed of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, and all women are the Brides of Christ and all the men are the sons of God. Amen. Give this video and thumbs up and I'll see you in next video.

The speaker is a member of Moonie splinter group led by Hyung Jin Moon, one of Moon's sons. I don't know if the sexual relay is something he has adopted, but this recent April 2015 endorsement from George Washington in heaven doesn't exactly allay concerns he's setting up his own cult.

George Washington has thrown his weight behind Moon's son, Hyung-jin, who leads a splinter Moonie group. His mother gained control of the core group after her husband's death. Another of her sons leads another splinter group. They don't really get along.

The website that contained General Washington's endorsement was once the official site of the group, but it is now offline, perhaps due to recent media interest over Hyung-jin's gun obsession. The "channeling of endorsements of famous dead people" is an idea he got from his father. All the dead US presidents threw their weight behind Rev. Moon. And now it's over to General Washington.

Update: George's endorsement is archived here on The Internet Archive.

April 24, 2015, Friday, 10:05 AM EST
Good Morning,

This is General George Washington.

Thank you for having a framed picture of me in your living room. It means a great deal to me.

I am coming to you at this hour of urgent desperation and urgent need.

We need a new Army of righteousness. There has been a coup. The Providence of God has been hijacked. There has been a quiet usurpation of authority and power, away from the rightful, official and legal authority. The rightful, official and legal authority in the nation of United States of America and throughout God's prepared lands belongs to the heir of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Mr. Hyung Jin Moon, along with his wife who effectuates as a proxy to True Mother at this time.

The citizens of the United States and people of the world need true leadership. This leadership and authority has been missing recently particularly after the Reverend Sun Myung Moon ascended to the spiritual world as a Glorious Victor of All Cosmic Victories. There has been a lack of leadership. There has been a void. There has been an hour of darkness that has descended on the country I love. Now things are dramatically changing and dramatically developing. But just like during the Revolutionary War, the battle is not easy. There will be bad feelings. There will be shocking twists and turns. There will even be some setbacks, but there must be a final victory, and there will be a final victory, if we remain steadfast, and if we remain true to our beliefs and convictions, and if we do not waiver.

Citizens of the United States!
The citizens of the world!

You have been ruled by a false authority. True Mother's authority has been recently usurped by entities other than Heaven's power.

My brothers and sisters of faith!
Please realize this urgent and disastrous circumstance that we are in. There is corruption at the highest levels. This cannot and must not stand.

Why did I fight?
Why did I lead a revolution?
To separate from corruption at the highest levels! We need to carry through the same exact accomplishment and we need to perform the duties of revolutionaries at this hour. We cannot be lukewarm. We cannot be mild. We cannot be placid. We cannot be complaisant. We cannot be half-hearted. We cannot be nonchalant. We cannot be bystanders. We cannot be observers. We cannot be on the sidelines.

Brothers and sisters. My brethren.

I am General George Washington. I know what you need. You need courage! You need conviction. You need to pound your chests and join the battle for righteousness. I am of course speaking in metaphorical terms. You need to have that conviction in your minds, and I am not saying that an armed insurrection is called for. But this time is serious and the times are grave.

The darkness had fallen over this country I love. So much division and hatred. Citizens! You must love! You must show charity! You must be pure in heart! And pure in mind! Do not follow false Gods. Follow truth. Follow the righteous path.

There is a young man now in the United States who is fighting the good fight. He is in Newfoundland, PA in a small church. Everyone who loves the United States must listen to this young preacher. He is vocalizing the nature of our threat. And he is explaining our predicament that affects my county and all countries.

We need to heed his words.
We need to heed them now. Not later.

I am George Washington, the General of the Revolutionary Army, and the first President of the United States. Do I not care about my country still? I cry for my country. So many things have gone wrong. But there is still hope. A new dawn is beginning. It begins with faith. Politics will follow later. Please have faith first.

You have to demonstrate that those who have ears to hear, need to understand that when the returning Lord–the Rev. Sun Myung Moon–stated that he has instituted an heir, he meant what he stated and wrote. There is no equivocation. It is plain and clear.

Because his authority was challenged and darkness fell on the land, we have had all types of instability and calamities in our political and geopolitical world. We have had beheadings of Christians and civilians. This has to stop by all means. But the cause of external conflicts is the lack of internal faith that drives the balance of the universe.

I am George Washington, brothers and sisters of Unification faith and Christian faith. The Lord returned to Earth. He won a victory over darkness. But his efforts are being usurped and hijacked. You need to stand strong and reject falsehood and abrogation.

You need to follow a man named Hyung Jin Moon.

This is my command to you.

General George Washington

End of transcribing: 10:35 AM, April 24, 2015

All too familiar story unfortunately. If you have some money and the inclination, please consider donating:

My entire family has been working as volunteers for the humanitarian health organization, Jungshim since 1996. Back then we were the only “ Western Qi Masters” from one entire family, and whilst this brought pride and joy, as we were able to help so many people over a 20-year period, a set of challenges have arisen over time. Jungshim qi masters do not get paid a salary and volunteer their work entirely from their heart. But in our case, since we are the only children to our elderly parents (now just Dad George) this led to progressive loss of assets and the inability to financially support our ageing parents, more so, in times of illness. One of us (Eric) had to stop the Jungshim work in 2011 and has attempted to rebuild both career and income stream. But the combined need for care from both parents with the cruel lack of time, has not enabled him to work full time order to stop the financial erosion.

I am writing these lines from my desktop computer, February 2018, while are living in the pleasant and comfortable family home belonging to my Aunty Rosemay in Mauritius.    My 93-year old father is sleeping peacefully in the other room. In about 2 month time, in April, I am not sure where we will be living. We had to leave expensive Sydney, we are homeless, and financially broke through an incredible set of events over the past 10 years, that I am ashamed of sharing to anyone, except for one friend, for fear of being judged and misunderstood. Whilst this sounds like a misfortune, (and it is a disaster) I feel deeply blessed by the love I received from my two parents, the happiness I have encountered in my life from them and shared with others whenever and wherever I have been and will continue doing. I am able to use this inner force as a wonderful reserve of energy to have the strength to write this story and ask for your kindness, generosity and help. I don’t think there are parents as loving, caring and beautiful as my parents, George and Claude, whom I owe everything, with their radiating love and a huge sense of service and sacrifice to their loved ones, their children.

Please help me care for my elderly father. Your help will enable cover the medical bills and the day care facility expenses.  This will free up my time, so I can resume my own work and fully rebuild myself professionally

The Release of Jeong Myeong-seok from Prison (Feb. 2018) / Jeong Released
« on: February 19, 2018, 08:41:32 PM »
Here are a few translations of Korean articles published Feb. 18, 2018, the day of Jeong's released. I've made a few small edits to clarify some details, but generally I left the translations alone. They're not perfect, but I think they get the job done. I use Google and Naver's translation site as using both helps clarify confusing passages. Sometimes Google and Naver translate passages better than the other. I'll ask some friends during the week to clarify any confusing parts.

This first article summarizes the convictions and history quite well.

정명석은 왜 징역 10년을 선고받았나 Why was Jeong Myeong-seok Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail?

The Christian Missionary JMS (Jesus Morning Star) named the year 2018 "the year of resurrection of hope and joy." It is meaningful that the year when the general chairman Jung Myung-seok (73) was released from his ten-year sentence was expressed as "the year of resurrection".

Jeong Myeong-seok was sentenced to six years in jail and ten years in jail for the first time in 2008, when he was admitted to sexual violence against four female members. In 2009, the Supreme Court confirmed the appeal and was imprisoned in prison.

Kyung-gyu said that JMS serves Jongmyeong as the Second Coming and Messiah. One of the many Christian heresies, JMS, received public attention because of Jung's sexual violence. The withdrawal revealed that Jung is constantly engaged in sexual violence against the goddesses who believe in him as the Messiah.

Chung Myeong-seok escaped to Taiwan after being charged with assault by a number of rape suspects since 1999, and took refuge in Hong Kong and China. In 2002, he was nominated for an Interpol red request at the request of the Korean prosecutors. He escaped from Hong Kong to China. He was arrested in China in May 2007, and was forced to return to Korea in February of the following year.

The so-called goddess of Jeong Myeong-seok was so bizarre that it was expressed as a ' Ten years ago, it was rare to be sentenced to 10 years in prison for sex problems in a social atmosphere. Semi-rape, compulsory rape, rucksack rape, rape and homicide.

On February 18, Jeong Myeong-seok was released from Daejeon prison after finishing 10 years of prison time. Based on the court's written judgment and the circumstances at the time, <News and Joey> looked at why he was sentenced to a 10-year term.

"Victims who followed me like the Messiah
Using anti-extraterrestrial sex abuse "
In 2009, the Supreme Court confirmed the conviction of Jeong Myeong for crimes committed outside Korew. All of them are sexual violence when he is out of the country. Five victims appeared in the judgment. Of these, four people finally recognized the damage by the court.

According to the verdict, the victims believed Jeong to be "the Messiah and obeyed his absolute authority." During the trial, Jeong said that he was not a Messiah through legal statements and handwritten statements. But this was only to reduce sentencing, and the believers actually believed him to be Messiah, Lord of the Second Coming.

Victims A and B are sisters. Jeong brought A and B to Hong Kong in early 2003. When he told me not to tell anyone that he was going to Hong Kong, the sister deceived her parents and left. Jeong used his sister, who was obeying his absolute authority, to relieve his lust.

Jeong Myeong-seok raped the two women in turn. Jung insisted in a prosecution investigation that he called two people to Hong Kong, took a massage in the room, and laid arms and legs on both sides, but insisted, "There was no rape." However, the court did not accept that Jeong's defense.

The court noted that the two were "unable to protest" at the time. The court ruled that "the victims regarded Jeong as the Messiah, and their relationship with the defendant, who absolutely adhered to his authority, and the apartment in which the damage occurred, were in a state of considerable difficulty to resist psychologically in light of the fact that there were only a few believers who believed in Jeong- It is significant. " The court acknowledged the fact that Jeong Myeong-seok's crime (a crime committed by adultery or abuse using the state of mental or physical loss or non-repudiation of a person).

Jeong was arrested in Hong Kong Immigration in July 2003 when he was in the red for Interpol. Jung, who had been released after bail, was stowed in China on a boat. Victim C met Jeong in April 2006 in China. Jeong was forced to go to the bathroom alone with C, forced C to take off her underwear, and forced sex.

The court said that the act that Mr. Jung made by Mr. C believed Jung as a Messiah like A and B, and that Jung 's threatening to the victim by saying and act was also assault and intimidation enough to make the victim' s difficulty of diving (?).

There was one peculiar point in the trial process. In the first trial, only sexual violence against three victims was sentenced to six years' imprisonment, but the appellate court also acknowledged the damage of another complainant, D, and sentenced him to further four years.

D was molested while staying in Malaysia in 2001. Jeong Myeong-seok molested D by saying, I have a doctor's license and I will examine you through God, so I will give you a gynecology test. The first trial court judge was not guilty, saying, "We can not admit that Jeong threatened her enough to make the victim's protest difficult."

However, the court admitted that at the time of the damages, it was difficult for the victim to resist  because of the mental confusion she was in due to people around her. Jung Myeong-seok made a decision on the sex contact of a member who believes he was a special position religious leader, and Chung (63), who was convicted by the court in his first year of age.

In addition to being sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment, Jeong Myeong-seok has indicted two women who withdrew from JMS and has been indicted for damages.
Even in Korea, Jung Myeong - seok has been recognized in the court for the rape of the goddess. Seven women who withdrew from JMS claimed damages in 2000, claiming damages. The lawsuit lasted eight years, and four judges agreed with Jung and two other judges, including one who has expired the statute of limitations, have been awarded damages of 10 million won and 50 million won, respectively.

According to press reports and judgments, Jeong is believed to be a Messiah and is a sex offender who uses his faith to fill his lust. However, the JMS believers believe that Jung was misled and misled. The brochures produced by JMS include the following: "Religious biased trials influenced by press and broadcast public opinion, prejudicial judgment by free autism without evidence," "no definitive evidence of guilt, no evidence of innocence, The result of neglecting the basic principles of the trial ".

2012 goddess 'naked video' ripples
"In jail letters, 'evergreen' designation"
Heresy experts should be careful "JMS Forbidden"
JMS received public attention again in 2012. This is because the retired people who served as JMS core executives held a press conference in March 2012, claiming that Jeong was also influential in prison. Jo Kyeong-sook, who has been active in JMS for 26 years, said that various women groups exist in JMS and the women who are prepared as the bride of Jeong are called "evergreens" and "JMS is a word of sexism".

They said JMS sent a female profile to Jung Myeong-seok and Jung sent a letter of handwriting in jail and chose an evergreen directly. The profiles released by retreats include a photograph of a candidate in a bikini and personal information. Some of them are minors. In the video that was released at the press conference, the young statues of the young goddesses were called "Lord", "Honey" and so on.

JMS said that some of the goddesses built their own videos, never been involved in the denomination, and never sent them to Mr. Jeong. They contended that the former members used the video for public opinion and could not be a testimony to their sincerity.

Jeong Myeong-seok came out of the car in front of the entrance of the Daejeon jail by riding a silver-colored foreign car.

However, detainees and heretics experts worry that if Jeong is released, he will commit sex crimes again. Kim Jin-ho, who served as the director of JMS, said, "The women who are selected as evergreens are waiting for Jongmyeongseok to be released.

In Japan, the harm of JMS is serious. Dr. Kawashima Kenji, a professor of pseudo-religious studies in Japan who visited Korea last year, also diagnosed that "the crimes of Jung Myeong-seok are related to the doctrine and thus the likelihood of re-punishment is high."

JMS believers are not only in Japan. Last May, a New Zealand press reported that JMS was recruiting young women at schools, shopping malls, and so on. If you search on YouTube, you can find the testimony of Americans and Australians who follow Jeong.

The specialist media in the Christianity group report that JMS propagation should be cautious. Before the release of Jeong, Jung-moo said that the Christian Gospel Missionary is looking for tall and pretty female college students to take to Jeong.

JMS In Korea / MOVED: CTS TV Reports Leading Up To Jeong's Release
« on: February 16, 2018, 08:45:52 AM »

I've long been curious about what restrictions would be placed on Jeong after his release - I started this thread almost three years ago about the topic. The details finally were revealed today (Feb 9, 2018), and as expected, he will have to wear a monitoring anklet. But what good will that do when he has so many enablers willing to bring victims to him? It may stop him from leaving the country, but the wearer of one such anklet recently managed to remove his. I doubt he had the resources available to him that Jeong will soon have.

Feb. 9: 정명석, 출소 후 전자발찌 찬다 - 전자발찌 7년, 신상공개 및 고지 명령도 받아

Google Translation:
Jung Myeong-seok, after the release, 7 years in electronic bracelet

The JMS (Christian Gospel Mission), which was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape, rape, and quasi-torture, is known to be released from prison this month. The court has ordered Jung to wear an electronic anklet.
The Electronic Ankle Order and the Statue Disclosure and Notice Order were issued on different dates, respectively, in different courts. The Daejeon District Prosecutors' Office requested an order to attach an electronic device to the Daejeon District Court on Oct. 19, asking Jung to be charged with electronic braces. The Daejeon District Court cited an attachment order request on November 30. Jung has seven years to wear an electronic brace.

In accordance with the Act on the Protection of Specified Offenders and the Attachment of Electronic Devices, etc., if a person (the person to be detained) violates the provisions such as prohibition of access to specific persons such as the victim and restriction of going out at certain times such as night, A fine of at least 5 million won shall be imposed.

The disclosure and notification order was decided in 2015 ahead of schedule. On December 23, 2013, the Seoul Central District Attorney's Office filed an appeal to the Seoul Central District Court for the disclosure and notification of Chung's identity. The Central District Court cited the bill on December 16, 2014. Jung's appeal was passed to the Seoul High Court, but on January 5, 2015, he withdrew his appeal.

Therefore, Jung must report the place of residence to the local police station within 20 days after the release. The police will send the information to the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Justice will again deliver the information to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family to disclose and disclose the information on the sex offender notification site.

Mr. J, who had heard about Jung's electronic footsteps, said, "JMS believes Jung Myeong-seok is the second coming, and says he went to jail with his falsification. I want to ask who you are to the self-proclaimed Messiah Jung Myeong-seok, who raped the goddess and wear the electronic bracelet. " Another resigner, B, added, "We must strictly isolate Jung from the goddesses to prevent other victims from appearing." Mr. C said, "I do not want to hide his ugly appearance as a religious mask."

I've never seen anything like the crowd scenes shown in the last 30-40 seconds:


I imagine the recent questions to Prime Minister Trudeau stem from these bannings. And I've never heard of human trafficking allegations being made before. According to some of the articles below, allegations were made on social media. I'd be curious to know the specifics. Assuming they are indeed false, there is still much to be concerned about - as with any cult.

Having said that, certainly the typical activities of cults would seem to meet some of the criteria set out in this definition. I bolded a few such phrases:

Article 3, paragraph (a) of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons defines Trafficking in Persons as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.

Jan 30, 2018: Religious Individuals Under Investigation by Campus Police (The Daily Helsman)
Local Religious Group Faces False Accusations Due to Viral Media Posts (The DM Online)
Oxford Police Release Statement On Religious Group Going Door-To-Door (WTVA)
Oxford Police Say Religious Group Legitimate (Oxford Eagle)

Jan. 31: Fringe Sect Proselytizes on Campus (The Torch)
Church Members Barred from UofM Campus for Aggressively Discussing Religion (WREG Memphis)
GSUPD Searching For Suspicious Women (The Signal)
WMSCOG Gets Banned From University Of Memphis (WMCAction 5 News via YouTube)

Feb. 1: University Of Memphis Bans Korean Mind Control Cult From Campus (Daily Caller)

Feb. 5: KSU PD Opens Investigation into Human Trafficking Allegations (The Sentinel)
Mid-South Church Responds to Being Banned from 2 College Campuses (WMCAction 5 News)

Feb 6: Campus Christian Groups Deterred by "God the Mother" Group (The Daily Helsman)

In contrast:
Feb. 4: Doing God’s work: Volunteers Clean Up Downtown Alleys (Hudson Reporter)

I clicked on this link with no idea it involved a Korean cult. I love those little surprises. And perhaps her question to Prime Minister Trudeau stems from the recent banning of her cult from two US campuses.

Feb 6, 2018: Justin Trudeau Interrupts Woman to Tell Her to Use 'Peoplekind' Instead of 'Mankind' (Daily Mail)

The BBC also reported on this, but didn't pick up on the cult angle. That wasn't the main point of the story of course, but it's an interesting releated tidbit that does provide some details about the cult's efforts to expand internationally and to legitimise itself.

Canada PM Trudeau Faces PC backlash Over 'Peoplekind' Comment (BBC)

Here's a video from the Edmonton Branch:

Strange Events & Scandals / The 2018 Winter Olympics
« on: February 04, 2018, 05:04:32 AM »

The Winter Olympics don't usually capture my attention - I was barely aware of them while growing up in Australia. The 2002 Winter Olympics were only of interest to me because John Williams wrote a piece of music for the games that was sung by the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It's not so often that my interest in music and cults combine:

Incidentally, John Williams also wrote a piece, "The Olympic Spirit", for NBC's coverage of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. I much prefer it to the 2002 Winter Olympics piece. He also wrote themes for the 1984 and 1996 Olympics. Here's "The Olympic Spirit" since it has some connection to Korea:

Living in Korea, I developed somewhat of a passing interest in the upcoming Olympiad from reading some articles about the preparations and missteps, but it was the announcement that North Korea would be sending athletes, musicians, handlers, etc. that really sparked my interest. I started bookmarking interesting articles, and have finally found the time and energy to collect them here for those interested and to be honest, mainly for myself as I love collecting links. I've highlighted articles I think are especially interesting or just funny.

 The release from prison of serial rapist Jeong Myeong-seok, for whom this site is dedicated to, could also add interesting elements to the mix, but as of the time of writing, that remains to be seen. Certainly JMS and other cults, in particular Shinchonji, will be be looking to take full advantage of the Olympics both to recruit and to keep their own members busy and sleepy.

Let the games begin!

July 25: Questions Raised Over Unification Church's Involvement in 2018 Winter Olympic Venue (Japan Today)

April 20: SK Rounded up, Abused Vagrants Before 1988 Games (Yahoo Sports)

April 21: The 1988 Seoul Olympics Were a Horror Show of Human Rights Abuses. Will Rio Be the Same? (The Nation)

June 21: North Korea Could Co-Host 2018 Winter Olympics (The Guardian)

Sept. 20 SK President Hopes Olympics Brings Inter-Korean Peace (CNN)

Sept. 27: North Korea’s Athletic Ambassadors (The New York Times)

Nov. 3: Russians Threaten to Boycott 2018 Winter Olympic Games (Edmonton Journal)

Nov. 10: Visa Offers Olympic Fans & Athletes Innovative Payment Experience (The Olympics)

Nov. 23: SK Considers Scrapping Exercise With US for Olympics (Reuters)

Dec. 5: Visa Procedures Eased for Winter Games (Korea Net)

Dec. 26: 17 Foreigners Deported Over Potential Threat to Olympics

JMS In Korea / MOVED: Copyright Complaint Filed By JMS Dismissed
« on: February 04, 2018, 01:07:10 AM »

JMS News / Copyright Complaint Filed By JMS Dismissed
« on: February 04, 2018, 01:05:58 AM »
February 2, 2018: JMS 위장행사 포스터 제작자의 조믿음 발행인 고소, 불기소처분

Google Translation:

JMS camouflage event poster producer Joe faith publisher Sue, disposal of fire
Enter February 02, 2018 at 14:27

The producer of the camouflage promotion poster of JMS filed a complaint against Right Media on alleged copyright infringement and infringement of copyrights, but the Uijeongbu District Prosecutor's Office dismissed the case on Jan. 19.

On August 23, last year, the publisher (defendant) posted an event promotional poster, reporting that JMS held a disguised event called Alpha Concert.

The complainant argued that the publisher had posted the posters registered with the Korean Copyright Commission without publishing the source without permission and infringing copyright. He also said that he used the copyrighted works of art intended as camouflaged camouflage, in a way that would defame his reputation unlike the author 's intention, infringing the moral right of authorship.
Although the prosecution has recognized the fact that the suspects (Joe Faith Publisher) posted the works of the plaintiffs' artwork, it is recognized that "as a media publisher related to religion such as private use and non-commercial purposes, "I have no intention of infringing on copyrights or infringing the moral rights of the author."

The publisher stated that "a published work under Article 28 (citing a published work) of the Copyright Act can be quoted in conformity with fair practice for the sake of reporting, criticism, education, research, etc. The source must be specified in accordance with Article 37 (Specification of Source), but there are exceptions. Article 26 (Use for Current Situation Report) that a representative case is not required to disclose the source in case of news coverage by broadcasting, newspaper or other methods. The right media used posters for the sake of the public interest, "said Lee." Cults try to spread their message through camouflage events that excludes religious color. I will continue to report these camouflage events. "

I especially found that interesting as I received threats to file similiar complaints a couple of weeks ago:

Shinchonji / Death of a SCJ Member - Parents Responsible?
« on: January 30, 2018, 05:12:54 AM »
I saw this press release from SCJ last week, but wasn't sure if it was describing a real event - the death of a young member at the hands of her parents while they tried to get her out of the cult through an enforced intervention. I thought it might have been a fiction aimed at instilling more fear of the outside world and a fear of going back to parents. Broken families are a hallmark of SCJ. Also, since no mention was made of SCJ, I felt that was a further indication the account wasn't legit.

But Korean articles about the death are starting to appear. Since sources beyond SCJ are reporting it, I can only conclude the death actually happened. Well, that article also seems to have a SCJ slant.

I asked a Korean friend who is very knowledgeable about SCJ. He said he's not sure of the surrounding circumstances and if an intervention attempt was made without consent, but he said it seems that a young woman did die and that her parents are in some way responsible.

And SCJ protests took place yesterday (Jan 28) in Seoul and around the country. Here are some videos. I'm not sure if SCJ hid its name as it often does, but the rallies bear all the hallmarks of SCJ events. 

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