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Spot-on observations and commentary.

A few related tidbits.
Korean language article that explores recent propaganda pieces from The Heavenly Mother's Church of God.

A Google translation offers some interesting details about the campaign and its target audience:
A typical example is the A Daily Planning section. On September 26, A Daily created a four-page feature section and introduced the Church of God on a massive scale. It seemed to put the reporter's name and e-mail address up to the reliability of the article, but it was actually advertising. "The Church of God has become a haven for the world because of the love of Mother God," A Daily Newspaper praised God's church, "establishing over 5,000 local churches in 175 countries and growing more than two times over two years." ....

Kim Jung-wook (61), who left the church at the highest level of God's church in 2014, said, "Even in the church leadership of God, there is a problem with the doctrine, a sense of crisis that the truth is not spreading and spread to the believers. The advertising side is for internal crackdown, but the believers do not even know it is an advertisement. " Kim said, "When I was in the job, I spent a lot of money on it," he said. ....

Jin Yong-sik, president of Korea Christian Ethics Advisory Council, said, "Since the heretics are very sensitive to the press, they set up their own media response team and operate a 24-hour surveillance system." The fact that they advertise in media companies is also an "insurance" Is not well known. "

The Korea Times' contribution to that campaign:

Korea Times CEO welcome message:

The Contact Us page mentions a code of ethics:
"The Korea Times observes the Press Code of Ethics and the Standard of Conduct of Newspapermen."

A 1997 version is available here.
We the journalists declare that the press ought to be independent from various external forces of influence such as politics, businesses, societal interest groups, and religious units.  We will resolutely reject any external attempt to interfere with, or unduly use, the press.

Also, the Urim Books homepage offers this about its sole author:
His Christian columns appear on The Hankook Ilbo, The JoongAng Daily, The Chosun Ilbo, The Dong-A Ilbo, The Munhwa Ilbo, The Seoul Shinmun, The Kyunghyang Shinmun, The Korea Economic Daily, The Korea Herald, The Shisa News, and The Christian Press. 

A little more about those columns here.

I'm having trouble finding such columns. The Korea Times is a curious omission from that rather long list.

Hurricane Irma stopped by Lee's prayers:

June 30: Urim Books CEO to lead CBA Korea Organization (Archived)
(The Korea Times - Attributed to no one. Photo courtesy of Urim Books)
As the CEO of Christian publisher Urim Books and a board member of Korean Publishers Association, Mr. Noh serves as a visionary leader of the publishing industry. Urim Books has published more than 450 Christian titles authored by Dr. Jaerock Lee in 75 languages including English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. Dr. Lee's Manmin Central Church has 11,000 branches and associative churches around the world, according to Warren Bird, Director of Research and Intellectual Capital in the U.S.

October 29: The 14th International Christian Medical Conference Was Held in Russia (Archived)
(The Korea Times - Attributed to: [email protected])
The six divine healing cases that were presented in this Conference concerned the healing of arthritis, acute appendicitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, complex fractures, blindness, and strabismus that had occurred by the prayer of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee. In particular, the healing of blindness where a blind person opened his eyes amazed many medical doctors because it is the same miracle as the Lord Jesus performed.

Here's the full Korea Times piece on one of the cult's websites.

A shorter version that omits the above paragraph was posted here one week earlier, so the Korea Times piece was not likely written by the Korea Times staff member whose email is included at the end of the article. That usually denotes authorship, doesn't it?

May 31: 9th Int’l Christian Medical Conference held in Kenya (Archived)
(The Korea Times - Attributed to no one)
At the conference, eight divine healing cases were presented with medical data: four cases performed through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayers or after handkerchiefs sent from other countries that he prayed over were laid on patients.

June 29: Dr. Jaerock Lee's Books Attract Attention (Archived)
(The Korea Times - Attributed to [email protected])
The booth’s ambience allowed visitors to enjoy a feeling of comfort as though they were in a personal library in Heaven. 8)

November 4: International Theologian Publishes Sermon in Seven Languages
(The Korea Times - by Kwon Ji-youn [email protected])
Prof. Kim Byung-jong of Seoul National University has endorsed the book. Kim teaches oriental painting at the university, and his work was presented to the Chinese president Xi Jin Ping during his visit to Seoul on July 4. "Through this magnificent drama about the Book of Job, I have come to understand that the ultimate goal of Rev. Lee Jae-rock's ministry of healing of the body and spirit he dreams is to lead as many people to the kingdom of heaven," Kim wrote in his endorsement. ...

Rev. Lee, senior pastor of the Manmin Central Church in Seoul, is currently chairman of the United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ and permanent president of the World Christianity Revival Mission Association.

December 14: Spiritual Leader's Autobiography Published in 34 Languages
(The Korea Times - Attributed to no one)
My Life, My Faith 1 the first of a two-part autobiography by international spiritual leader Dr. Jaerock Lee, has been published in 34 languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Initially, the book was published in Korean in 2006, and it has since been translated into other languages: Asian languages, including Indonesian, Japanese, Tagalog and Vietnamese; and European languages, including Albanian, Armenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
Tidbits: The paperback and eBook English editions on Amazon have a combined total of zero reviews as of July 12, 2016. The sequel, My Life, My Faith 2, is only available on Amazon in Spanish; it also has zero reviews. This 48 cent paperback edition has one glowing review: "wow Love this book !!!1." Excerpts from part 1 and part 2 can be browsed courtesy of Google Books.

March 2: Urim Books Featured at New Delhi World Book Fair
(The Korea Times - Attributed to [email protected] Photo courtesy of Urim Book)
Among the titles, the series book" Spirit, Soul and Body(2)" had the visitors' attention. In the book, Dr. Lee writes: "We can stop not only typhoons but also other natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions or earthquakes if we utilize the spiritual space. We can just cover the source of volcano eruption or the earthquake with the space of God, and these things can be made possible when it is right according to the justice of God. For example, to stop a disaster that causes damage at a national level, the leader of the country is supposed to ask for the prayer." :o

October 23: International Delegation Visits Urim Books
(The Korea Times - Attributed to [email protected] Photo courtesy of Urim Books)
According to the list of literary works by the number of translations cited in Wikipedia, the Bible continues to be the most translated book in the world. The list also includes the following books authored by Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, senior pastor of Manmin Central Church: "The Message of the Cross" (57 languages) and "My Life, My Faith" (35 languages). :o

January 6: DR Congo Official Visits Urim Books
(The Korea Times - Attributed to [email protected] Photo courtesy of Urim Books)
Pengo thanked Rev. Lee for his prayers for the African country on Sept. 21, 2014, hoping for the termination of the Ebola disease. Pengo claimed that the prayer "stopped the spread of the Ebola virus and no casualties occurred."

July 8: Lee Jae-rok's Books Featured at Int'l Christian Show (Archived)
(The Korea Times - Attributed to no one. Photo courtesy of Urim Books)

Some speeches from the event. Kin Nam-hee speaking from around 40:00 is worth listening to.

JMS News / Re: 30 Minute JMS Report From China
« on: September 16, 2017, 12:44:40 AM »
Done. The link has been added to the first post.  Thanks again Lulu for noticing the original link no longer works.

JMS News / Re: 30 Minute JMS Report From China
« on: September 14, 2017, 09:55:27 PM »
Thanks for letting me know. I do indeed have it backed up. I'll upload it to a file sharing site tomorrow or the day after.

Jungshim/QiWellness / Qi Wellness -> Jung Shim: Latest Name Change
« on: September 04, 2017, 07:27:21 AM »
Another name change for the London branch. It is now called Jung Shim. Previous names include Ki Health, Innersound, and Qi Wellness.

March 8, 2017: Is Korean Chanting The Remedy For Stressed Out Londoners? (Evening Standard)

New site:

I was threatened with legal action back in 2006 for suggesting the London branch, which was at the time called Ki Health, was a branch of Jung Shim. Jung Shim is the current name for the cult founded by these two fraudsters.

From 4:30, an interesting and frank detailing of the sex rituals Rev. Moon took part in that formed the basis of Jeong's cult, using many of the same English terms that JMS uses. Calling them sex rituals, however, is a bit misleading as the enormous power differential between a "messiah" and a believer at best complicates the question of consent.

So True Father established the perfected Eve with his last wife, Hak-ja Han Moon. And you might have read different articles and different  rumours about different sexual encounters that Rev. Moon had with women, and you may have read them in a very negative way. But as the representative of God, Jesus came again to restore woman, so he had to restore woman though the Brides of Christ, and that is what those women are. And after they had a conjugal relationship with the Lord through the Body of Christ, then they were also married to different historic figures whose spirits exist in heaven Like Confucius, Mohammad, and Jesus Christ himself.

So these women are the women of Christ who, through the body of Rev. Moon, engaged in a conjugal relationship with God which is the most powerful love. So these were the Brides of Christ. They needed a bridegroom. They were prepared to meet the Bridegroom.  And the relationship between a bride and a bridegroom is a conjugal sexual relationship. But the one wife of Rev. Moon himself - the one wife of Christ - was Hak-ja Han, but at the very last moment she betrayed him, so she lost the position of being his wife. So the trihead of God is composed of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, and all women are the Brides of Christ and all the men are the sons of God. Amen. Give this video and thumbs up and I'll see you in next video.

The speaker is a member of Moonie splinter group led by Hyung Jin Moon, one of Moon's sons. I don't know if the sexual relay is something he has adopted, but this recent April 2015 endorsement from George Washington in heaven doesn't exactly allay concerns he's setting up his own cult.

Good Morning,

This is General George Washington.

Thank you for having a framed picture of me in your living room. It means a great deal to me.

I am coming to you at this hour of urgent desperation and urgent need.

We need a new Army of righteousness. There has been a coup. The Providence of God has been hijacked. There has been a quiet usurpation of authority and power, away from the rightful, official and legal authority. The rightful, official and legal authority in the nation of United States of America and throughout God's prepared lands belongs to the heir of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Mr. Hyung Jin Moon, along with his wife who effectuates as a proxy to True Mother at this time.

The citizens of the United States and people of the world need true leadership. This leadership and authority has been missing recently particularly after the Reverend Sun Myung Moon ascended to the spiritual world as a Glorious Victor of All Cosmic Victories. There has been a lack of leadership. There has been a void. There has been an hour of darkness that has descended on the country I love. Now things are dramatically changing and dramatically developing. But just like during the Revolutionary War, the battle is not easy. There will be bad feelings. There will be shocking twists and turns. There will even be some setbacks, but there must be a final victory, and there will be a final victory, if we remain steadfast, and if we remain true to our beliefs and convictions, and if we do not waiver.

Citizens of the United States!
The citizens of the world!

You have been ruled by a false authority. True Mother's authority has been recently usurped by entities other than Heaven's power.

My brothers and sisters of faith!
Please realize this urgent and disastrous circumstance that we are in. There is corruption at the highest levels. This cannot and must not stand.

Why did I fight?
Why did I lead a revolution?
To separate from corruption at the highest levels! We need to carry through the same exact accomplishment and we need to perform the duties of revolutionaries at this hour. We cannot be lukewarm. We cannot be mild. We cannot be placid. We cannot be complaisant. We cannot be half-hearted. We cannot be nonchalant. We cannot be bystanders. We cannot be observers. We cannot be on the sidelines.

Brothers and sisters. My brethren.

I am General George Washington. I know what you need. You need courage! You need conviction. You need to pound your chests and join the battle for righteousness. I am of course speaking in metaphorical terms. You need to have that conviction in your minds, and I am not saying that an armed insurrection is called for. But this time is serious and the times are grave.

The darkness had fallen over this country I love. So much division and hatred. Citizens! You must love! You must show charity! You must be pure in heart! And pure in mind! Do not follow false Gods. Follow truth. Follow the righteous path.

There is a young man now in the United States who is fighting the good fight. He is in Newfoundland, PA in a small church. Everyone who loves the United States must listen to this young preacher. He is vocalizing the nature of our threat. And he is explaining our predicament that affects my county and all countries.

We need to heed his words.
We need to heed them now. Not later.

I am George Washington, the General of the Revolutionary Army, and the first President of the United States. Do I not care about my country still? I cry for my country. So many things have gone wrong. But there is still hope. A new dawn is beginning. It begins with faith. Politics will follow later. Please have faith first.

You have to demonstrate that those who have ears to hear, need to understand that when the returning Lord–the Rev. Sun Myung Moon–stated that he has instituted an heir, he meant what he stated and wrote. There is no equivocation. It is plain and clear.

Because his authority was challenged and darkness fell on the land, we have had all types of instability and calamities in our political and geopolitical world. We have had beheadings of Christians and civilians. This has to stop by all means. But the cause of external conflicts is the lack of internal faith that drives the balance of the universe.

I am George Washington, brothers and sisters of Unification faith and Christian faith. The Lord returned to Earth. He won a victory over darkness. But his efforts are being usurped and hijacked. You need to stand strong and reject falsehood and abrogation.

You need to follow a man named Hyung Jin Moon.

This is my command to you.

General George Washington

It's that time of year again when hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people fly to Korea to unwittingly endorse one of the country's most infamous cult leaders.

Sleep Deprivation in JMS

I'll add to this post over time with numerous examples of sleep deprivation in JMS.

First, a couple of my own experiences:

1) My flatmate and fellow teacher was a member for some 6 months. At the height of her indotrcination, thankfull she left soon after, she went to dawn service at Wolmyong Dong five days in a row from Monday to Friday. That involved getting up at around 3 am. She was quite proud of herself, and I remember noticing that her pride stood in stark contrast to her deteriorating job performance. We were teaching kids as young as 4 at the time, and well, you need patience to work with kids.

2) Soon after, I found myself at Wolmyong Dong for the first time. Instead of an afternoon of hiking, I was stuck at an all night JMS festival that lasted until 6 am the following morning. I recall that members at around 6 am spoke of further events later that same morning.

Feb. 26, 2013: Wolmyeongdong Church is setting 21 days predawn Condition Prayer
Wolmyeongdong church is seting 21 days condition prayer from 2/25 to 3/17. march 17, the conclusion of the campaign is They wake up at the predawn hours when The Holy Son Lord is working and work really hard to receive the Holy Son Lord who is our bridegroom with love.

The "Holy Son Lord" is of course the leader, Jeong Myeong-seok. Campaigns like the above 21-day campaign are quite common in Providence. North Korea does the same.

January, 2016: Testimony From a Former Member Aged 19
Being a member of JMS/providence meant that pre-dawn prayer was crucial to the group. Initially we are told that 4’oclock prayer time is appropriate. We then came to learn that if one did not attend predawn prayer then their spirit is sexually abused by satan. Additionally, if one wakes up at an earlier pre-dawn time then their spirit is at a higher level. The golden time to pray was 1am. I proceeded to pray at 1am for an hour and via internet I watched the broadcasted, live service from our church at approximately 2am. After the service I would pray for a few hours and then read a few hours of the group’s literature.

During the day I would pray for hours and would have very little time to do any university work. By that time I cut off all my old friends and barely spoke a word to my family. The peak of my craziness was when I was praying 10 hrs a day with only 1hr sleep. Despite being a science student I convinced myself it was fine and that sleeping and studying was a luxury I did not deserve.

General Discussion / Sleep Deprivation in General & in JMS & Other Cults
« on: August 28, 2017, 03:41:50 PM »
Sleep Deprivation in General and in Cults

Sleep is an interesting topic in itself - why we need it, what happens in the brain when we do and don't sleep, dreams, etc and of course it is the lack of sleeo that serves cults so well. Here are a few links on the subject. I'll add a few more eventually.

Feb. 13, 2014: 10 Things to Hate About Sleep Loss (WebMD)

Nov. 18, 2014: What Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Brian in One Stunning Graphic (MIC)

June 9, 2015: Lack of Sleep: Can It Make You Sick? (Mayo Clinic)

Sept. 25, 2015:
Why Lack of Sleep Makes Us Emotionally Distracted by Everything (New Scientist)

Oct. 23, 2015: Here Are 5 Infamous Religious Cults That Used Sleep Deprivation to Control Their Followers (AlterNet)

Oct. 27, 2015: The Church of Sleep Deprivation: How Scientology Keeps Its Workers Compliant & Childless (Raw Story)

May 26, 2017: The Brain Literally Starts Eating Itself When It Doesn't Get Enough Sleep (Science Alert)

June 5, 2017: The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body (Healthline)

JMS News / JMS Alpha Concerts in Korea
« on: August 24, 2017, 08:38:31 AM »

Google Translation. 

Christian Gospel Mission) is conducting a camouflage event in the name of 'Alpha Concert' around the country. Beginning in Jeonbuk on Aug. 7, it was held in Seoul on August 15, in Busan on November 17, in Incheon on June 19, and on June 24 and 26 in Seoul and Daejeon respectively.

It is necessary to be careful because it hides the fact that it is JMS and carries out the street protest (Alpha bus king) and the concert which invited acquaintances (Alpha concert).
"The hiding of identity is one of the characteristics of the heresy pseudo," said an official at the Pyeongyang JMS Damage Coalition. "They (the elders) are begging for their beliefs, and they are seemingly happy and packed as if they contribute to society"

Alpha Day, celebrated in June 1, is one of JMS's most important days. I'll have to check , but I believe it marks the foundation of the cult in 1978.

I'm devastated that I missed attending. ;)

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