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General Discussion / Downsizing Site and Spending Less Time .....
« on: June 21, 2018, 02:51:12 AM »
I've decided it's time to gradually start to move my life away from this cult watching hobby which has been a constant part of my life since 2003 when I first exncountred JMS. Other more enjoyable interests have been competing for my time as have some work-related opportunities that I want to put a lot of time and effort into.

Also, I've gradually realized I'm feeling pretty burnt out on the subject. I remember a couple of years ago, I heard about a large Shinchonji cult event taking place in Seoul in public. I would have previously jumped at the chance to witness it, but when I heard about that event, the only thought that came to mind was "I can't be bothered this time." I realized with some surprise that my passion for this hobby had reduced. Likewise, I've recently seen articles I would have devoured instantly, but these days, I'm more likely to bookmark them for later and then not get around to reading them.

I'm not sure what that means for this site in the long term. I still have the domain and hosting paid for until the end of the year. I'm not sure I want to see all this information go, but at the same time, I'm no longer totally aghast at the idea. And as there are other sites and more recently a lot more information available about Korean cults, my site no longer seems as necessary as it once was.

There are still various threads I intend to keep posting in over the coming months -mainly related to Korea in general (both North and South) like the "Violence Against Women" thread and this one that concerns the lives of North Korean defectors. But when it comes to certain cults, I won't be proactively looking for information and details. That's not to say I won't continue to post off and on when I think something is significant or newsworthy, but over all, I'm going to try to reduce the amount of time I spend on this site and thinking about it. And then after a few months, I'll see how I feel about things. This gradual decision hasn't been the result of any specific threats. Generally, threats motivate me rather than demotivate me, and if I do walk away from this hobby, it needs to be a decision I am comfortable with.

In the short term, I'm looking to streamline and downsize. By that I mean merging some threads, deleting or reducing posts  that don't really add anything, and removing some threads that don't necessarily add anything major.I've actually been doing that a little over the past couple of months.  That in itself is quite an about-face for me as my guiding philosophy was always "save everything". I doubt the changes I've made would have been noticeable to the casual visitor, but if you are intimately familiar with my site, you might have noticed some changes. I'll continue to chip away at gradually reducing things over the next few weeks. Ironically, moving away from this hobby will initially mean spending more time on it as I review threads and decide what can go or stay for now.

Entirely peaceful in contrast to the 1999 invasion of MBC TV.

June 16: 여전히 '이재록 찬양', 대규모 행사 연 만민중앙교회 Praise for Lee Jae-rok! (Newsnjoy)

Naver Translation:

The Korean Central Church, hosted by pastor Lee Jae-rok who was arrested for sexually assaulting several people, held a massive event and began to unite. On June 16, the National Church of Korea conducted the " People's Festival " in Yeouido, Seoul.

Even in the hot weather, thousands of people, including members of the church, gathered. The age range ranged from children to the elderly. The church gave the church members a yellow hat made of paper, a bag of water, bread, and wet tissue at the entrance. All around the venue were placards containing words such as " Believe and obey church! " and " O people who practice your love! " Before the event, the church notified the congregation, " Do not respond to media interviews. "

The event lasted for two hours. The church members performed, performed fan dances, and performed worship. The festival was more like a festival, but the focus was on pastor Lee Jae-rok. A video clip showing Lee Jae-rok acting as a pastor was released in the middle of the movie. He was used as a tool of God and introduced it as a man who set the knight and the target with authority.

There was also a video showing that Lee had been cured by his authority. One church member told the pastor that the burn had been cured. Another church member said the minister's prayer, which was stored on the smartphone, came to life when his heart came home. The church members who were watching the video applauded.

There was also a video clip highlighting Lee Jae-rok's rescue mission. Lee said that he helped needy Catholics live in religious life without caring about their living, without caring about food, clothing, and shelter. The book also said that it changed the life of the church into an atrial atmosphere. The church members were told that they could stand up with the help of Reverend Lee Jae-rok. At the end of the video, I will not forget the love you gave me. " I miss you so much, my beloved party leader. "

Reverend Lee Soo-jin, who is the chairman of the trading committee of the Korean Central Church, also spoke out Lee Jae-rok. Lee Soo-jin, daughter of pastor Lee Jae-rok, said, The leader of the party carried evidence of God around the world, which resulted in a history of healing and conversion. Lee Jae-rok, the pastor of many countries, also met with presidents of various countries and led peaceful rallies, which increased the status of Korea.

There was a series of videos praising Lee Jae-rok, but there were no stories about Lee's recent status and sexual assault. The Korean Central Church has denied the charge of sexual assault by pastor Lee Jae-rok. The church said, The false witnesses are trying to undermine the minister for personal gain and debase the church. Lee Jae-rok said, " I am a pastor who practices God's good and love. "

Reverend Lee Jae-rok was indicted on May 31. The church denies the charge of sexual assault by pastor Lee Jae-rok. GalmurI
After the event, the congregation cleaned up their surroundings and left. He asked several members of the church to cover the case to find out how they felt about the sexual assault by pastor Lee Jae-rok, but most of them refused.

" It is for God to judge, not for man to judge, " said a middle-aged man who responded to the report. No one can shake off dust. Everything is intact. There is some tea on the jewels.

" The priest has kept his right hand from doing anything, " he said. He is a role model. He has done so many good things, but it is unknown and only bad things are lost. Our party leader said, " Evil does not repay evil. There will be a great reversal.

JMS 탈퇴자들, 숙명여대 앞에서 JMS 예방 전단 배포 - Raising Awareness of JMS at Sookmyung Women's University (Bareun Media)

Leavers and victims of JMS (Christian Gospel Association, Jeong Myung-seok) distributed leaflets showing the identity of the JMS to students of predestined universities in the morning of June 5.

The victims and those who withdrew from the school judged that the JMS, which is the most prevalent in the university community, is needed to prevent the JMS, to create the university's first fake mission, and to produce simple anti-democrative prevention methods.

" I also joined JMS after being disguised as a college student, " said one of the people who distributed the leaflets. I came out today hoping that no one like me would have a victim like me.

Meanwhile, within just 10 minutes of passing the leaflets, the JMS believers appeared and confronted the defectors. The police were dispatched after the end, and the men's wives and overheated atmosphere with me to pick up the pieces.

Discounters and victims said they will not stop distributing leaflets to universities, and it is likely that future conflicts with JMS will be inevitable.

While they are willing to forget their past experiences and live a new life, they are eager to provide assistance to the Korean community for the victims of the defectors.

JMS탈퇴자들, “JMS를 아십니까?” "Do You Know JMS?" (CTS TV - Video Report in Link)

The group's leader, Jeong Myung-seok, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for sex crimes and reported in February that he was released from prison wearing an electronic anklet.

Anchor: In the past, people claiming to be members of this group visited college campuses with leaflets. I'm trying to raise awareness among college students. They heard the story. I'm Choi Dae-jin.

In front of a women's university in Seoul, a woman is handing out flyers to female college students. The leaflet contains information on the Christian Gospel Mission, the JMS, and Jung Myung-seok, known as the leader of the group. Another woman, who appeared shortly after, take turns with the woman who was distributing flyers. The people who are handing out flyers are the people who left the house after living as believers in the JMS.

What do they want to say? Jeong-jo, who left JMS 10 years ago, started to study the Bible with her older sister who taught her to dance at a cultural center where she went to learn free dances with his high school friends. " I found out that the leader was a sex offender by searching the Internet out of curiosity, " Chung said. " I decided to leave because I was so disillusioned. "

INT > Jeong In-in (alias), / JMS desertor, 36 years old

Jeong Myung-sun, who dropped out of JMS last year.

INT > Jeong Myung-sun (alias) / JMS desertor, 23 years old

In the meantime, two women came to an interview with the JMS defectors who had finished distributing leaflets. The women who were photographed told the police that they were the JMS believers.

June 4, 2018: 이대 벗들! JMS 조심해! - Ehwa University Be Careful (Bareun Media)

Google/Naver English Translation:
" Ewha Womans University? There are 100 JMS believers, right? There are so many fake programs! " "Miss A", a student who said she experienced JMS through missionary work in Ewha Womans University, said, " Friends (Editor : Ewha Womans University students) refer to each other as " friends. "I don't want them to be fooled by JMS. "

Having been interested in CCM accompaniment, Ms A posted on the community site of Ewha Womans University students that she wanted to take lessons in accompaniment. A sister called ("sister" is an older student not a sibling). Taking the same school, same religion, same hobby, and lessons, I naturally got close to my sister. Although it was not true later, the comments were made by other JMS members and connected my older sister.

My older sister did not attempt to make an urgent mission to Ms. A. " My sister told me a little bit about church, faith, and faith for six months. Now, if you think about it, it's sort of a little bit of a dilution of some of the JMS's core doctrine. I trusted her, and I went to a Bible study meeting that she recommended because it seemed like a good idea. "

Ms A started studying the Bible at a JMS fake church. Since she had lived abroad, she had little opportunity to access information about Korean false religions. There was no doubt about the group and the identity of Jeong Myeong-seok, as well as the fake church.

Get to know JMS

Two times a week, two hours a day, and two months, I studied 30 101. Until then, he did not know that JMS was where he studied. " Introduction 30 is a doctrine that turns Jung Myung-seok into a messiah, " said A. But he described the messiah as a pastor, not a charade. After learning the Introduction of 30, I asked you to tell me who the pastor was and meet him. The return answer was, I can't see him yet because he's so busy. " I got some information because I asked him only to tell me his age. " Ah! As soon as this guy was called, the Internet was covered with Jeong Myung-seok's sex crimes. It was confusing. " I told them what I had been through and asked them about Jung Myung-seok. "

The answer was obvious. On the recommendation of an acquaintance, I found a healthy heretic clinic. After hearing the 30-point evidence, I learned the true nature of JMS and Jung Myung-seok. " It's God's help. I've recovered a lot from my training at the consultation center. Especially with the theory of salvation, I was convinced that the cross of Jesus Christ was mine. "

It was not easy to leave. I couldn't just break up with the people there, especially my sister. Rather than feeling betrayed that he cheated me for my mission, I thought I should get my sister out of JMS. However, JMS completely blocked the relationship with her sister. Now, he said, " I can't reach my sister. "

Sightings and revelations

Ms. A has been abroad for a while. As soon as I thought everything was back in place, I saw the JMS mission at Ewha Womans University. There were many programs that friends would be interested in, such as making tiramisu, making personal makeup lectures, smiling education, and new Pilates One Day Class. In the hope that victims like him do not happen, she posted a message on a community website asking them to reveal the identity of JMS and to be careful about the fake missionary work. The reaction was hot. The number of students is around 17,000 (as of 2017), but the number of students checked by far exceeds 20,000. Not all of the cases are JMS, but there have been hundreds of articles saying that I was treated like this.

" I think it is very possible that the two schools will carry on well, " There are quite a few students who feel lonely just because they are girls. But the purpose of JMS is to make God my perfect lover, right? Maybe the emotions match.

" JMS has the special nature that female victims have to understand each other with the same sensitivity, " said A. I want to keep helping them get to normal religious life and social life. " And when I see them actively working, I ask them, why do they do something like that? I'm sorry for the situation, but I will continue to help those who have the same mindset, " she said.

I just put that into Google Translate some 11 years after it made the above translation. Curious to see the difference - I've made no edits for grammar and readability:

Face up to manipulation sects invade the campus

Pastor Hu Chi Wai

The origins and development of Protestantism in Christ have always been pluralistic development and sectarianism, and the number of newly established churches is constantly increasing. Because the organization is different from Catholicism, Christianity does not have a pope or the Vatican Central who controls everything; therefore, there are many branches of Christianity, and there are also many Christian flags. Their leaders manipulate the believers in all their lives. Only judging from the doctrines the authenticity of Christian religious beliefs has become more and more difficult in the current generation. Some scholars have pointed out that it is necessary to measure whether or not there is a problem with the religion itself. Orthodox churches can hardly believe that believers may have problems in their beliefs, but sectarians with a "manipulative" nature certainly have problems.

The common characteristic of the “manipulative” sect is that the members of the organization claim to have unique religious abilities, knowledge, or experience that other orthodox churches do not have. Its leaders often make the believers feel the "love bombardment" of the person concerned through their personal contact, and they are very admired by the leaders. All listen to the dictates of the leaders or sectarians. The "Manipulative" sect believers must devote themselves fully to sectarian activities, gradually distancing themselves from relatives and friends of the original family, and completely isolated from the personal relationship network. Apart from the sectarian intercourse, the personal life schedule and rhythm are all dictated by the sect. These sects never encourage believers to think independently, and any rational question is seen as an expression of disobedience. The autonomy of believers, such as the workplace, residence, or marriage, is gradually handled by the denomination. If a believer leaves the sect, it may be openly convicted. As long as believers continue to remain in sects, they feel safe and even proud.

Recently, there are manipulative sects from South Korea that are invading elite schools on Hong Kong Island. Their missionary means are through the core members of their recruitment, especially those who come from skills such as music and sports. The core members use their professional identities or skills. Enter the campus to identify students who are in love with classical music or who are musically introverted, and invite individuals to participate in sectarian activities. Even better, the sect also formed the "Global Association of Culture and Peace" ("GACP") or the "International Cultural Exchange", which promotes international cultural exchanges so that people do not know the details. Into its snare. It is precisely because of the Korean sect that they are dedicated to universities and prestigious universities. The cleverness and precision of their means is that such institutions, or those from the upper middle class or other families, prefer to be obstinate and do not dare publicity or media reports for their own reputation. Controlling sects can constantly hunt victims.

It is indeed difficult for the school to cope with the manipulation of sectarianism; perhaps an effective method is to strengthen preventive education so that teachers and students in the school have a basic understanding of such manipulation sect. The cognition is not to know which name or organization, but to understand the control methods commonly used by the organizations concerned; when more people are alerted, it is much more difficult to control the sect to fall. Regarding this sect, the victim in South Korea has reported and prosecuted his leader. If there is a similar victim in Hong Kong, he or she may also report it to the police or seek help from a church organization (such as the “Symposium”). Church organizations are willing to assist non-church schools, distinguish orthodox churches, or give explanations or give advice. As a religious worker, I hope that more people in Hong Kong will have a better understanding of health beliefs and live a correct and beneficial religious life; avoid improper beliefs, poison the soul, and trap people into religious traps! (This column is published every Friday) (Wenhui Forum)

A nice allusion to the above courtesy of Korea Times columnist Jacco Zwetsloot as he reminisces over his experiences with Korean religions.

May 13: My Life at a Korean Law Firm Part 18 (The Korea Times)

In the early 2000s, I was looking for work as a freelance English-to-Korean translator. That was before I learned that I was not cut out for that kind of work (a story for another time). One job advertisement that kept appearing was looking for someone to translate the sermons and writings of an apparently famous pastor into several languages, so that his teaching might be made known to the outside world.

Skeptical and cautious, I checked on Google and found that not only was he controversial, but his own church network had been kicked out of the Christian Council of Korea for heresy in 1999. I decided not to pursue that work offer after all. That was probably for the best; the minister now stands accused of multiple charges of rape.

Nevertheless, somebody definitely did translate his texts, because this paper has reported several times over the last decade in what one might generously call an uncritical way about this particular pastor publishing books in more than 70 languages, and leading healing and conversion crusades in countries around the world.

Pleasantly surprised to see The Korea Times, courtesy of intern Jin Yu-young, mention Jaerock Lee in a piece that wasn't penned by his own followers. Background - Lee was recently arrested on rape charges. I wasn't sure the Korea Times would ever mention that.

May 7: Buddhist Monk, Pastor Embroiled in Sexual Scandals (The Korea Times - Archived)

Lee Jae-Rok & The Manmin Chungang Sungkyol / Lee Jae-rock Arrested
« on: May 08, 2018, 12:16:22 AM »
May 4: 성폭행 의혹 이재록 목사 구속 Rev. Lee Jae-rok Arrested on Charges of Sexual Assault

Lee Jae-rok, minister of the Korean Central Church, has been arrested. It has been 24 days since allegations surfaced that she sexually assaulted women. The court issued an arrest warrant on May 3, claiming that the minister was summoned to commit a crime and that there was a risk of destruction of evidence and flight.

Reverend Lee Jae-rok, who was summoned and investigated by the police two times earlier, reportedly denied the charges. The Church of Korea has argued that Lee never committed sexual assault. According to police, Lee sexually assaulted about 10 women from 1995 to 2015. Six of the affected women sued the minister.

Exdous Manmin, who has teamed up with the women, said, There is still a long journey but is a valuable first step. I sincerely appreciate those who have given my support with interest.

Yoo Byeung-eun's cult is in the news again via allegations of that some leading figures in the K-pop industry are members. I really have no idea if those allegations are true; nonetheless, the allegations and responses are interesting. Also, it seems that The Korea Herald has deleted its first article which contained a promise to take legal action if the allegation proved false

May 1: Park Jin-young Refutes Reports About Ties with Religious Group (The Korea Herald via Internet Archive after Article Deletion)

“I will share a document of my testimony, so that you can scan it carefully. If it contains anything against the law or morality, your (reporters’) coverage is legitimate. But if it doesn’t, you will be liable for any damage caused to us.”

The Full Story Behind JYP & The Cult Linked To Sewol Ferry Disaster (Korea Boo)
K-pop Heavyweight Park Jin-young Denies Preaching for Religious Cult (Yonhap News)
JYP Entertainment Shares Nosedive on Cult Religion Reports (The Korea Herald)

May 3: Bae Yong Joon Denies Being Part Of Religious Cult (Korea Portal)
Dispatch Revealed Park Jinyoung (JYP) & Actor Bae Yongjoon Involved with Cult (Reddit)

Obvious comparisons to JMS highlighted in this piece

April 26: 저항 못 할 세뇌'…같은 혐의 'JMS 정명석'은 징역 10년
'Brainwashing that can not resist' ... JMS Jung Myung-seok was charged with 10 years in prison

In the meantime, it was the case of Jeong Jung-seok, JMS, who came up the most in the way of people among the religious leader's rape. The victims believed Jung as a god and were raped in an irresistible state. Jung was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape, and this is the same allegation he applied to Lee Jae - rok 's investigation.

It is a reporter.


In 2009, JMS Chief President Jung Ju Jung was convicted of raping four goddesses and sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment at the Supreme Court.

Semi-rape differs from rape accompanied by violence or intimidation.

It applies mainly when the victim is sexually assaulted in a state where he or she can not resist being drug or alcohol.

At that time, the court ruled that "Jung was believed to have been brainwashed by victims who believed in God."

Police believe the victims who claimed to have been raped by Lee Jae-rok were in a similar situation.

[Damage claim A: This person is God, and I feel that it is a sin to speak and judge like this. ]

The claims of victims of the Minmin Church are similar.

[Claimant B: My heart is God's heart. So I did not choose you. God has chosen it.]

The JMS victims who were raped overseas were isolated from their families and their immediate surroundings.

The victims of the people also insisted that Lee constantly forced them to block him.

[Damage assertion Mr. C: I told him to cut off his normal family and thoroughly cut off all the people around me, and I really lived in the dark.]

April 26: 신도 성폭행" 만민교회 이재록 목사, 경찰 기습출석

Rev. Jaerock Lee of the Manmin Central Holiness Church, accused of sexual assault, appeared to police one hour earlier than scheduled. It seems to be intended to minimize exposure to the press.
Lee was present at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department as a suspect at 8:04 am on March 26. The original investigation time was 9:00 am.
He headed to the investigation room, receiving the support of the church staff, without responding to the reporters' questions such as' Do you acknowledge the charges of sexual assault 'or' Have internal staff claim damage '.
This pastor has been accused of raping ten people of the Goddess of the Central Church of Manmin through several years.

Six of the victims filed a complaint with the police earlier this month, raising public questions. The damage was claimed to be from 2015 to the late 1990s. This pastor is suspected of committing sex crimes, saying 'God's instructions' and 'God's choice'.
Police have banned the minister from leaving the country because of the specific and consistent statements of the complainants, and have recently completed the complainant investigation. It was reported that about 10 victims were killed if they did not sue but joined the other shrine who stated the damage to the police.
Police said the minister had committed sex crimes by making the deacons virtually unenforceable by using the power relations within the church and applying the rape charges. The attorney 's lawyer asked for a complaint, but the police did not provide it because the minister had the possibility of persuading or persuading the minister to agree.
The Manmin Central Holiness Church is a large church located in Guro-gu, Seoul, which is said to have reached 130,000 people.

Dec. 21: Top Court Acquits Korean Air Heiress in Nut Rage Case (The Korea Times)

March 27: Nut Rage Cho Set to Make Comeback (The Korea Times)

April 13: Police Looking into Water Rage Incident (The Korea Times)

April 14: Police Take Up Bottle Rage Incident (Korea JoongAng Daily)

April 15: Korean Air heiress Returns Home to Barrage of Criticisms & Probe for Violence (The Korea Herald)
With Nut Rage Sisters, Korean Air is Nowhere to be Seen (The Korea Times)
Recording Reveals Korean Air Water Rage Heiress in New Angry Outburst (The Korea Times)

April 16: Korean Air Heiress Lawyers Up (The Korea Herald)
Nut Rage Sisters Feared to Fan Anti-Biz Sentiment (The Korea Times)

April 17: Police Seek Travel Ban for Korean Air Heiress (The Korea Times)

April 18: Korean Air Faces Complaints Over Its Corporate Title & Identity (The Korea Herald)

April 19: Rage Probe: Police Search Korean Air Headquarters (The Korea Times)

April 20: Water Rage’ Scandal Escalates into Customs Probe (The Korea Herald)
How Korean Air's Cho Family Smuggled Their Stuff (The Korea Herald)
KAL Owners Used Planes to Smuggle Private Goods (The Korea Times)

April 22: Korean Air Rage Sisters Removed From Management (The Korea Times)

April 23: Korean Air Ousts Nut Rage Heiress & Her Sister (CNN)
Korean Air Chief's Wife Under Probe Over Assaults (The Korea Times)
Korean Air Family Under Siege Despite Father’s Apology (The Korea Herald)

April 25: Officials Seek Evidence of Alleged Tax Evasion by Korean Air Owning Family (The Korea Herald)
Mother’s Violent Outburst Raises Pressure on Chos (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Korean Air Chairman Accused of Excessive Disciplinary Action (The Korea Herald)

April 28: Korean Air Heiress to be Questioned Tuesday (The Korea Times)

April 30: Ex-Korean Air Heiress in Infamous Nut Rage Case Faces Divorce Battle (The Korea Herald)
Korean Air Workers to Rise Up in Arms Against Abusive Chairman Family (The Korea Times)

May 2: Korean Air Heiress Denies Assault Allegations (The Korea Times)

May 4: Ediya Coffee Terminates Contract With Korean Air Heiresses (The Korea Herald)

May 14: Korean Air Purser Booked for Slapping Security Guard Out of Irritation (The Korea Herald)

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