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Link for future reference:
Australian Gov. doc Worth a read! Includes references to and quotes from other and subsequent articles.

Here are two of The Korea Times pieces mentioned. The first is an editorial that was published on May 13, 1999. The second is an article published August 28, 1999:

Also in that PDf document is a reference to a May 14 article which I failed to find. From the PDF:

Jungshim/QiWellness / Oasis's Liam Gallagher Attending Jung Shim
« on: January 22, 2018, 10:24:57 PM »
Well, this is interesting. From The Daily Mail:

Meaningless noise emanating from Liam Gallagher’s mouth? Who ever would have thought it!

The former Oasis frontman has been attending Korean ‘Qi energy’ chanting classes at the Jung Shim centre in Marylebone, London.

The 40-minute sessions involve ‘repeating vibrational sounds that have no translatable meaning’ but ‘declutter the mind’.

Perhaps his classes led to Liam, 45, recently ending the long-term feud with brother Noel, 50.

JMS In Korea / Re: Korean JMS Awareness Page & JMS Sites
« on: January 19, 2018, 12:13:43 AM »
Thanks. I really appreciate you being careful and cautious. And if you still have those links you're not sure about, can you email them to me?

And just to be safer, and this probably goes without saying - please don't post links to individual member's Facebook accounts. I know you haven't - just getting more threats from JMS, so just want to ensure such links don't appear. I can't imagine there is anything illegal with linking to public Facebook groups and websites created by members.

By the way, I gained a lot of useful stuff from that campus page.

February 18 is the day according to this Korean article.

JMS In Malaysia / Re: Malaysia
« on: January 14, 2018, 02:21:46 AM »
Thanks again. That photo is of a musical about Jeong. I'm sure the rape convictions didn't get a mention. Serial rapists are not usually the heroes of stories.

The cult of personality they have around him and how it differs from reality is quite astounding.

JMS In Hong Kong / Re: Hong Kong
« on: January 11, 2018, 01:16:28 PM »
Thanks Katie. My went well and it's almost over here. I'm just about to finish a 3-week stint of extra winter classes, so I'm very ready for a break!

Yes, I am curious about Hong Kong. I find it really interesting that a cult like JMS can get a lot of media attention at some stage and then years later, it drops off everyone's radar. But of course, the cult continues under an umbrella of ever-changing front groups. If you happen to dig up anything on JMS in Hong Kong, that would be much appreciated.

JMS In Hong Kong / Re: Hong Kong
« on: January 10, 2018, 08:58:27 AM »
Hong Kong news articles (in Chinese):
淫邪教主招徒亂港 性侵犯三港女 周五遺返南韓 (July 30 2003)

Article archived here on The Internet Archive.

性侵犯三港女 周五遺返南韓




Google Translate again:

Prodigal leader trick chaos Hong Kong
Sexual assault Three Hong Kong women left to South Korea on Friday


[Static Report] The alleged involvement of more than 500 female believers in the name and insult of many South Asian countries in various Asian countries accused South Korea's Cheng Ming-chih, who originally concealed Hong Kong as late as the end of last year and quietly recruited in Hong Kong Members, at least three Hong Kong women suspected of being violated. As early as this month, when Cheng Ming-pak was arrested at the Clearwater Bay mansion in Sai Kung, she was gathered together with two girls in sexy swimsuits. At that time, there were still more girls in the house, including Hong Kong women. It was reported that they were all following the pro- Female followers

It is learned that after being released on bail at about HK $ 708,000, Cheng Ming-chih, who was arrested by the Immigration Department earlier this month for illegal residency, will have to report to the Immigration Department weekly. After Friday's report, as long as the consul general of South Korea's consular mission to Hong Kong After Zheng returned his passport documents, the Immigration Department deported Zheng to the South in accordance with the Immigration Ordinance. Both the Immigration Department and the South Korean Consulate General in Hong Kong rejected the comment yesterday.
Claim that members are mainly doctors and lawyers
According to the sources, Cheng Ming-pai has been living in Clear Water Bay mansion for months in recent years. During his meetings with neighbors, Zheng Chengjie revealed that he belonged to an international organization with about 10,000 members in Hong Kong, mainly professionals. For example, Doctors, lawyers, etc. Zheng invited some residents to participate in the activities organized by the organization, but no one was invited.

The South Korean non-governmental organization EXODUS, who has been tracking the whereabouts of Cheng Ming, has been tracking down. Miss Jiang, a Hong Kong-based contact person, estimates that the nearly 10,000 members of Cheng Ming-chih's analysis merely exaggerate the number, but I believe Zheng Ming did indeed recruit members in Hong Kong and initially It was learned that three Hong Kong women were violated. However, based on the traditional notion of housekeeping, the victimized woman has not been reported to the police.

Miss Jiang continued that in view of the fact that Hong Kong and South Korea did not have extradition agreements, Cheng Ming-ch'u analyzed the allegations of illegal stay currently involved and would be sentenced to minor penalties even if the prosecution was successful. She fears that Cheng Ming-shan would either flee to other countries and continue to use its name to hurt Others, so EXODUS is actively encouraging victims to come forward to report.

According to the information, Cheng Ming-ch'eng is living in a mansion unit currently arranged by lawyers in Hong Kong. As for the clear-water mansion in which Cheng Ming-pai once lived, yesterday saw that the window had been draped with white drapes and many pieces of luggage and sundries were placed outside. Six young men and women were escorted to carry luggage and were ready to move to store goods Warehouse. They claim they do not know what is in the baggage. As for the apartment garden grass, the scene left two white wicker chairs, tied with ropes and a tent seat, and Cheng Ming was arrested when captured the same environment.

The letter has reached 200,000 redemption redemption

According to the information, Cheng Ming-pao was established in 1978. Some of the righteousness stems from the unification. As many as 200,000 people attended the meeting. While Cheng Ming-ch'in instils into his followers his thoughts that a woman has original sin by inducing men to eat the forbidden fruit, the Redeemer must "redeem" the woman through the body of the Lord. The so-called "redemption" means that there is sexual activity.

Lai Yuk-ching, executive secretary of Hong Kong Catholic Friendship and Incubation Office, pointed out that in many cases the incarceration of female believers under the pretext of sectarianism is often based on the charisma of the leader and the packaging of the deceased to attract believers. He reminded members of the public that these cases are often overlooked when believers are emptied of their hearts. When they are hypocritically concerned with approaching interests and believers make them unable to extricate themselves, they then make absurd demands so that believers can not refuse them. Therefore, they should pay special attention to strangers.

JMS In Hong Kong / Re: Hong Kong
« on: January 10, 2018, 08:52:24 AM »
Over 100 core members of the South Korean cult in Hong Kong (October 2 2006)

That article is archived on The Internet Archive here.

(東方) 10月 02日 星期一 03:00AM
【東方日報專訊】近年以月明教會之名入侵本港的韓國攝理教會,以大專學生為主要吸納對象,一名前月明教會信徒向本報披露該教會的核心成員逾百人,做禮拜時會由化名為Joshua Jung(又名Jousha


該名已脫離月明教會的信徒阿強(化名)本身是基督徒,於大學飯堂被就讀其他學系的同學游說到其教會。「初到教會時,已經覺得他們的行徑神神秘秘,禮拜由一個叫Joshua Jung?『老師』以視象會議形式帶領,整體感覺與一般教會很不一樣。」

期後阿強發現教會鼓勵教友在家中供奉Joshua Jung的照片以供膜拜,才覺不妥,加上在網上無意中發現涉及多宗性侵犯案件的韓國攝理教教主鄭明析正是Joshua Jung,令阿強與另一同學決定離開教會,但他表示在脫離教會初期,經常在學校遭其他學生教友滋擾及恐嚇。




Google Translate - Not perfect, but mostly understandable.

Han cult more than 100 core members of Hong Kong
(Eastern) Monday, October 02 03:00 AM
[Oriental Daily News] In recent years, the Church of the South Korean invasion of Hong Kong in the name of the Church of the Churches in order to college students as the main object to be absorbed, a former YMCA church members disclosed to the newspaper the core members of the church more than 100 people, Will be pseudonym for Joshua Jung (aka Jousha
 Cheng Ming-Lee of Lee led the believers to pray through a video conference. Tracing the whereabouts of South Korea's Cheng Ming organization refers to his hiding in the Mainland and attracting followers at the hotel as a base.

Founder Zheng Ming video conference to pray

The Ahn'Qin (a pseudonym), a believer who has departed from the Yue Ming Church, is a Christian in his own right, lobbying his church with students from other departments at the university canteen. "When they first arrived in the church, they thought their actions were mysterious and were led by a video conference called Joshua Jung?" Teacher. "The overall feeling was very different from that of the churches."

After AQiang discovered that the church encouraged Joshua to worship Joshua Jung's photos at home for worship, he felt that it was wrong to do so. In addition, it was exactly the unnamed Korean Protestant leader Zheng Ming analyzed on the internet that involved multiple sexual assault cases Joshua Jung, which led Ah Qiang and one of his classmates to leave the church, said he often was nuisance and intimidation by other church members in his early days in the church.

Suspected hiding inland hotel remote operation

A strong also means that the church in Yue Ming will only solicit Christian students on a low-key campus. More than a hundred of the core members of the school are medical school graduates, of whom more are university lecturers. As far as I know, the church in Yue Ming increased its influence and participated in various community activities in the name of other organizations. It also solicited its own web site for its members, but the website was deleted in May 2005.

For many years, a member of the South Korean non-governmental organization Exodus who persevered in tracing Cheng Ming-pao's earlier interview with this newspaper said when he learned that Cheng Ming-shan and his aides were hiding in the hinterland and operated the branches with the hotel as their base camp, Exodus mastered the whereabouts of Jung After reporting to the police in the Mainland, he was escaped from escape because of leaks and his assistant was released after the investigation. The member said Exodus will at all risk to Zheng law.

A rough Google translation of this Korean language piece published January 7.

JMS, Jung Myeong-seok: Large-Scale Propaganda Activities

The JMS (Christian Gospel Mission) is raising the faith in the mission before the release of Jung. Especially, they are preparing various events for college freshmen as the entrance season begins and coincides with Jeong's expected release in February.

JMS Shindo, College Life Guidance Lecture

JMS Shindo is active in lectures on "Everything in College Life: Guide to University Life". While representatives of the Shinto MAKIT COMPANY to use the nickname Mentor Saehwa has several years teaching at the nation over more than 40 (universities), including Yonsei University, Hanyang University, Korea University of Foreign Studies, Seoul National University and Sungkyunkwan University, more than 20 high school game material. Mentor Shae uses her lectures as a means of propagation and requires special attention from freshmen. The lecture on "Everything in College Life" held at Chungnam University on January 10, 18th grade university in Daejon is also understood to be an extension of the activity of the dancers.

JMS, Jung Myeong-seok is out in front of large-scale propaganda activities
▲ everything in university life lecture poster (left), utopia _ exhibition promotion poster (right)
2018 Utopia in Ssamzie Gil _ Exhibition

Held from the 10th coming from the Korea Craft & Design Cultural Institute in Seoul, Insadong ssamjigil to 16, 2018 Utopia _ 展 (Editor's Note: I): go to the extreme that he has "a missionary is expected to be the place of JMS. JMS is naturally not burden anyone with through well-known before the event, "freshman Outpost: Are exhibitions to (Editor's note According to taltoeja of JMS refers to the process of throwing the bait to hear the doctrine of the 30 views of JMS) Life Connection Please make sure you have an opportunity. " The appearance of the person in the event poster is Mr. Jung Myung-seok.

The theme of the event is 'He Goes to the Pole' and 'Pole' is a word he often uses in his sermon. The pole means the end, and when it reaches the peak, it means that you can meet Mr. Jung Myeong-seok.

I just came across this link, and think it worth sharing. I was happy to see links to quotes from Lee's book simply entitled Hell. I read it a few months ago, and was constantly surprised and disgusted by it. I honestly cannot fathom how anyone, even the indoctrinated, can believe - let along stomach - such insidious nonsense. The book, however, did reveal some interesting tidbits and little nuggets of revealing information that are worth exploring when I have time.

Some of the links included in the link I posted above are no longer online, but thankfully, The Internet Archive has done its job well. Here's the page concerning Hell. And here's one quote, and yes, that's the kind of material I recall reading. I took screenshots of virtually every page as each page contained its own "WTF" moment:

Toddlers are only two to three years old. Thus, they do not recognize even thier own death and do know know why they are in hell, but they still remember their mothers and fathers. That is why they cry repeatedly, "Where are you, mommy? Daddy? I want to go home! Why am I here?"

To kill time, the messengers of hell slap the back of toddlers, and trample or whip them. Then toddlers, in shock and pain, try to crouch or run away for them. However, in such a crowded place, the toddlers cannot run away and in a muddle of tears and snivel, they are entangled with one another, trampled on, and bruised and torn to shed blood all over the place. Under these miserable circumstances, children constantly cry in tears because they long for their mothers, are hungry and horrified. Such conditions alone are "hell" for these babies.
(p. 98)

Archived page describing Heaven 1 which is available from Amazon.

Archived link page describing its sequel, Heaven 2, which is also available on Amazon.

JMS News / SBS Australia Korean Radio Interview
« on: January 07, 2018, 02:09:57 PM »
I was dubbed into Korean for this January 5 segment that aired on SBS Australia's Korean radio program:

Related Articles:
January 7:  JMS Leader & Convicted Rapist Jeong Myeong-seok Soon to be Released (SBS Australia)

출소 앞둔 JMS 교주 정명석, 호주 침투 가능성은? (SBS Australia)

Here are the questions:

1. Jeong Myeong Seok, JMS is due to be released on parole in early 2018. There are many concerns at the moment that the Providence might take more active strategies when he is released. What’s your view on it?

2. Many Australian media including our SBS Feed have reported about Australian young female victims and their families who deceived by JMS. How come it is possible that JMS who is in jail in Korea still can make influence to those people here in Australia?

3. How the cult organization is running in Australia?

4. What made you to seriously follow Providence issue and even opened a website against them?

5. You had received a lot of threats from JMS and the organization but why didn’t you stop working on it.

6. How can we be cautious about the Providence and JMS in Australia?

JMS In Malaysia / Re: Malaysia
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:34:00 PM »
Thanks again. This has to be one of the most disturbing pictures I've seen:

One more. One of the signs reads "Hurry up and come" and that text is next to drawings of Jeong.

Aum Shinrikyo / Re: Spilinter Groups
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:50:13 PM »
Thanks for that Katie. I'd been meaning to get up to speed on Aum and its latest incarnations. I met a former member at a conference, and it just astounding the contrast bewteen the reputation of the cult and the guy I met - who just seemed to be super nice. He knew the group was dodgy going in. This was well before the subway gas attack. He got involved as a way to save his marriage after his wife joined, so he went in knowing something wasn't right. But he became a true believer due to the power of the group's indoctrination program that included putting drugs into the food members ate. He has no idea he was consuming hallucinagetics. Their effects were attributed to the leader.

A former found this video of the exhibition. The 9-minute video features 10 seconds of JMS material from 3:00 to 3:10:

Screenshot. At least one piece of art was displayed:

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