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Ralph never disappoints:

    <cut, since Ralph posted his poem himself below>

It sounds like Ralph is saying that if even Jung is punished for his crimes, how can we expect God's forgiveness for our crimes? Bizarre reasoning, because if he believes Jung is guilty of sin, and God punished him, surely it's more convincing that Jung is just not the 'anointed one'.

Quack healer dies from treading on an electrical plug

According to his "personal and spiritual development" centre website, he died in April 2007, and the centre still exists.

Healer dies after failing to treat a foot wound
Published Date:
17 November 2008
By Clare Semke
Health reporter
A healing therapist who refused to see a doctor died after developing gangrene in his leg.
Russell Jenkins injured his left foot treading on an electrical plug at his home.

The wound later became infected, but the 52-year-old shunned conventional treatment, saying his 'inner being' told him not to go to hospital.

Instead he tried treating it with honey, an ancient remedy for the treatment of infected wounds.

But gangrene spread to his leg and he later died.

Doctors said that if Mr Jenkins had sought help just a few hours before he passed away he could have been saved.

Mum Eileen Jenkins told a Portsmouth inquest: 'To lose my son is devastating, absolutely.

'But the way he died, I just can't come to terms with it, when I know all it needed was a phone call for a doctor or ambulance to be called, for antibiotics, and my son would be here today.'

The inquest heard how neither Mr Jenkins or his partner, Cherie Cameron, 58, a former theatre nurse, had sought medical help.

Mr Jenkins, who ran the Quiet Mind Centre from his home in Lorne Road, Southsea, had injured his foot in December 2006.

He developed an inch-long ulcer, leading to gangrene which later spread to his leg.

Mr Jenkins, a diabetic, sought advice from homeopath Susan Finn in April 2007, who suggested he treat it with Manuka honey, but she said he did not want to see a doctor and would not go to hospital.

His condition deteriorated and on April 13 he was forced to take to his bed.

When Ms Finn visited the following day, she saw blood on the bed sheets and described a foul smell in Mr Jenkins's bedroom.

His foot was swollen and one of his toes was discoloured.

Two days later Mr Jenkins's condition had rapidly worsened and his toes had turned black.

He died in the early hours of April 17 from gangrene caused by a mixed bacterial infection. Mark Pemberton, a consultant vascular surgeon at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, said Mr Jenkins would have had up to a 30 per cent chance of survival just two hours before he died.

'It is clear to me that had he been seen and treated along conventional medical lines, the likelihood is that his life would have been saved and that the calamitous chains of events leading to his death would have been avoided,' he said.

Recording a narrative verdict, Portsmouth and south-east Hampshire coroner David Horsley said: 'At no stage following the injury to his foot did Russell Jenkins or anyone else on his behalf seek or obtain conventional medical advice or treatment for his condition. In consequence, Russell Jenkins's condition was inappropriately and ineffectively treated by himself and by others and led to his death.'

By Park Si-soo
Staff Reporter
07-14-2008 17:46

A dismissed prosecutor's application to become a lawyer has been turned down because he leaked personal information of the victims of a cult to the cult's members.

The Korean Bar Association (KBA) said Monday that it will not give the prosecutor, identified only as Lee, the right to practice law.

``We've disapproved his application as he is considered unqualified to be a lawyer,'' said Choe Tae-hyeoung, spokesman for the association.

This is the first case in Korean legal history that a former prosecutor has failed to win the right to offer his services as a lawyer.

Lee will be banned from reapplying for the license for two years, the KBA said. ``He must file a complaint with the Ministry of Justice in three months to nullify the decision. If the ministry accepts the complaint, he can still earn the license. If the ministry refuses, however, an administrative lawsuit is the only way to have the decision turned over,'' Choe said.

In 1999, Lee, a member of the religious cult Jesus Morning Star (JMS) headed by founder Jung Myung-seok, intimidated the head of an association of victims of Jung's sexual violence, threatening its members with punishment for defaming Jung. He also unlawfully offered information regarding the association head's overseas trips to JMS.

In January 2002, the former prosecutor also searched the investigation records of a former female JMS believer, who had accused the founder of molesting her, without permission, informing the religious group of the contents of the documents.

In May 2005, Lee, who was dismissed, filed a lawsuit against the Justice Ministry to invalidate the dismissal but lost.

JMS founder Jung is currently in physical detention having been indicted on charges of sexually assaulting hundreds of female followers.

see also Cult Member Prosecutor Sacked

JMS In Japan / Academic Paper on Providence
« on: March 15, 2008, 06:30:20 AM »
Journal of Higher Education and Life long Learning 15 (2007)

Cult Problems in Campus: Why were students involved in the Setsuri
(Providence) cult group?
Yoshihide Sakurai**
Graduate School of Letter, Hokkaido University
Abstract­Since July 28th, 2006 Asahi Shimbun critically reported the controversy of
Christian Gospel Mission (called Setsuri in Japan), and Japanese belatedly acknowl-
edged cult problems on campus. Jung Myung Seok, the founder of this cult received in-
ternational arrangement in the rape suspicion of female disciples from the Korean police
and he has overseas escaped since 1999 and arrested in China on May 12, 2007. Victims
in Korea and Japan are allegedly more than several hundreds of members. The Provi-
dence conducted controversial mission on campuses and got approximately two thou-
sands of members in Japan. They concealed actual information of Providence in terms of
the theology, the founder, and organization and set up various sports and cultural circles
camouflaging its missionary work object.
According to the investigation by Asahi News Company, former members of Provi-
dence, and Student Affairs Division of Hokkaido University, Providence has church in
Sapporo and conducts mission on Hokkaido University campus. Faculty members should
realize the fact that students in Hokkaido University are exposed to their masked mis-
sion. And we must take possible measures to protect students right of safety study on
campus and their freedom of religion.
So far there is few academic researches concerning of Providence except for the
authors report in the monthly Journal Chuou Kouron, issued in October, 2006, titled
how should we protect students from controversial campus mission. I conducted addi-
tional research to former members of Providence and this time I illustrate their belief and
behaviors not only for faculty members of Hokkaido University but also for all student
affairs officials and professors to understand the actual figure of Providence and the risk
of their free campus mission.

The contents of this paper are as follows:
Chap.1 introduces the reports and investigations to Providence. Chap. 2 explains the
history and theology of Providence. Chap. 3 analyses the method of recruitment and
proselytization of new members and their daily mission work. Chap. 4 discusses how
controversial the mission of Providence and its harmful effect to students. The last chap-
ter proposes possible measures to confront with controversial mission on campus.

Rest of it is in Japanese:

General Discussion / cult studies conference featuring Providence
« on: March 12, 2008, 12:29:02 PM »
International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) publishes the scientific journal that hosts cult related articles.

ICSA is holding a conference June 26-29, 2008 at the University of Pennsylvania. A professor (of sociology) will talk about Providence (Setsuri) in Japan:

Cults on Campus: Case of the JMS in Japanese Universities

Yoshihide Sakurai, Ph.D.

Japanese universities have been concerned about masked recruitment by cults since last year, because of allegations that dozens of female students of a Korean Christian cult, JMS, were sexually molested by the founder, Jung Myung-seok, and because the group’s members still recruit aggressively on campus. This paper examines this recent cult controversy in Japanese universities and sociologically analyzes several factors that attract students.  First, cult groups provide students with significant others and role models, and second, they proselytize and indoctrinate students by low-tech education, such as tutorial programs and observation of traditional rituals, such as the tea ceremony. Third, their beliefs are strengthened not by studying religious principles and rituals, but by recruiting and nurturing new members. Their quasi-family intimacy and arrangement might be attractive to students who have been nurtured by parents but are then suddenly left on campus.

Other Cults & New Religious Movements / RIP Richard Janczarski
« on: March 08, 2008, 02:32:57 AM »
Richard believed in "Time Cube", an absurd and ridiculously oversimplified philosophy which reduces everything to the 4 sides of a cube (never minding that a cube has 6 sides). Besides its creator, Gene Ray the self-proclaimed wisest human, he was probably the only other person to believe in it.

Richard set up an alternate website for timecube called Cubic Awareness Online to please Gene Ray who at some time praised Richard as the 2nd wisest human.

However Richard's website had a superior presentation than Gene, and Richard himself a much more likeable character than Gene's vitriol hate and paranoia. This was likely the cause of Gene's later public denouncing of the website, threatened to sue, declared Richard to be a "stupid THIEF unfit for the internet" and "call[ed] down a curse" upon him. This was late January of this year.

Richard didn't really express how he felt about this but appeared to go through an identity crisis. He apparently converted to Christianity, but without rejecting Time Cube, despite Time Cube clearly stating Christianity is evil.

On February 13 Richard took his own life by throwing himself in front of a train.

The only other person who publicly promoted Time Cube, Rose, admitted she was joking and described Gene as a "sick fuck" after the suicide. Some think/thought that Richard was also joking, but having met him twice, I find this very unlikely. Richard was mentally unwell and appeared to had used Gene as a source of stability.

Richard was probably around 22.

Back in April 2006. One of the girls that claimed to have been raped in the 2006 conference:

Kim revealed/confided the contents of her ordeal—she met up with dozens of JMS followers in a mansion located in China’s An-san mountain province and between April 2nd and 3rd, was sexually violated multiple times by Jung Myung-Suk.

There were roughly 200 residents in An-san; almost no Koreans lived there.


And that time in 2006 when a reporter went to the place Jung was staying, and instead of the JMS members being arrested, he was!:

It seemed like the Chinese An-san police force had a unique relationship with the JMS followers.

On April 12th, we witnessed the shocking scene of a reporter being dragged towards police officials.
In fact, Cho [JMS member] was playing the role of the chief official representative in the investigation process [when the police arrived].

They [the police] inspected every electronic file related with JMS in the reporter’s notebook and erased all the contents written in Korean by the worker.

All contents regarding the illegal activities partaken by JMS followers were reviewed in detail with them.

Cho and the followers took several turns exchanging lies to the reporter.

“Those people were merely protecting the Chen-san mansion. They’re not followers of JMS,?they alleged several times.

The JMS followers conspicuously stated all at once, “We’re just guards. What the heck is JMS anyway??as they continually denied any relations with JMS.


However, upon returning back to Korea and analyzing the photos of the individuals of the Chen-san residence, the officials and the other Koreans there, they were all zealous followers of the organization.

Cho, in order to set straight the situations to the Chinese and Korean government, he had to first investigate for himself.

After reporting all the collected facts with the authorities, Cho then told the reporter that Jung Myung-Suk was merely a steward/butler of the province.

The JMS religious order was also reportedly giving “hush money?to the officials of the region.

After An-san officials erased all the photos taken by the reporter, they suspended his visa and called for a scheduled deportation.

The reporter was deported April 14th.

An-san... an-san.. let's jump forward a year later:

"He was caught by police in Anshan, in Liaoning, the Chinese province that borders North Korea.",20867,21732554-2703,00.html

"There were roughly 200 residents in An-san; almost no Koreans lived there. "

So did Jung attempt to return to his mansion, or was he protected by corrupt police all this time?

JMS News / 2008 February: Cult Leader Extradited to Korea
« on: March 03, 2008, 06:15:41 AM »
The Korea Times

By Bae Ji-sook
Staff Reporter

Jung Myung-seok, the religious cult leader of the group JMS, which is named after his initials, who is charged with embezzlement and sexually abusing his followers, was extradited to Seoul Wednesday night, ending nine years of exile overseas.

Chinese Police, who caught him last May, handed the alleged sex offender over to the Korean government at Incheon International Airport. He was taken to the Seoul Correction Bureau.

He'd been on Korean wanted lists since 1999 (and the Interpol Red Notice since 2004) after fleeing the country after charges of rape emerged. While overseas, he made constant headlines for allegedly raping female devotees in various countries.

He now faces investigation. Chinese police initially arrested him for raping Chinese women and there was news that Japanese and Taiwanese women are among the list of victims. Aside from the Supreme Court's rape charge in January, he is involved in eight other embezzlement, sexual assault or fraud allegations.

Investigating and charging the leader of more than 200,000 believers worldwide may not be easy. There are constant petitions presented to the judicial body asking for pardons.

People holding signs claiming Jung's innocence are often found in front of prosecutors' offices and courts. On Wednesday, more than 1,000 JMS members waited to see their leader.

Moreover, there are people reportedly willing to cover-up Jung's whereabouts and crimes. Last year, the National Information Service sacked a staff member for allegedly looking into immigration records of anti-JMS activists and handing it over to the church.

Weekly Sisa Journal reported in 2006 that there are many JMS devotees in the military, police and prosecution and that some of them have allegedly assisted Jung in evading police and covering up his wrongdoings. They interfered with investigations and international efforts to track down the sex offenders' whereabouts, it said.

JMS was established in the early 1980's, named after Jung Myung-seok's initials. He alleges Jesus failed in his role as Savior and that the doctrine of resurrection is false. But the spiritual one works, he says, through him, the self-alleged living messiah.

[email protected]

JMS News / Jung now in custody of Korean police
« on: February 24, 2008, 10:50:01 AM »
I guess this relates to some technically where he has to be arrested again but by Korean police:

Religious sect leader formally arrested on rape charges

혻 혻 SEOUL, Feb. 23 (Yonhap) -- A fugitive South Korean religious sect leader has been formally put under arrest on rape charges, prosecutors said Saturday, days after he was extradited from China.

혻 혻 Jeong Myeong-seok, 62, the leader of Jesus Morning Star or JMS named after his initials, was arrested in China in May last year at the request of the Seoul government. He was extradited to Seoul last week.

혻 혻 Officials from the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office said Jeong was put behind bars for trial after a Seoul court issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of raping a number of his followers.

혻 혻 The self-proclaimed messiah has been on the run since 1999 after a South Korean television station aired a program alleging that he raped many women who followed him. He was once detained in Hong Kong police Hong Kong in 2003 on visa violations but fled to China where he was arrested.

혻혻 In 2003, two women, a South Korean and a Japanese, filed a criminal suit with a Seoul court against him, claiming that they were raped by Jeong.

혻혻 Last month, South Korea's Supreme Court ruled in favor of the two women, ordering Jeong to pay them 10 million won (US$10,500) and 5 million won, respectively, in compensation.

혻혻 The court said Jeong forced the followers to have sex with him, saying that is a religious behavior meant to save their souls.

혻혻 [email protected]

Scientology / Anonymous vs Scientology and other Internet dramas
« on: January 28, 2008, 09:00:35 AM »
Lots of Scientology attention recently. Rick Ross forums are currently down perhaps as a result of getting too much activity from it. It's not really that significant but since I spent a few hours looking into it I might as well post about it. Plus I think it's very entertaining.

It started with this hilarious private Scientology educational video of Tom Cruise:

It exploded on youtube, and obviously Scientology had no hesitation to send out the legal threads. I link to because their resilience to take down the video has caused them to become the major host, with 2.3 million views as I write this.

It's a great video because it shows Cruise's massively overinflated view of Scientology and especially of himself. Cruise is definitely a cultist himself and not just a naive celebrity being exploited for credibility.

This parody video by American talk/comedy show host Craig Ferguson captures the heart of the video:

Because the Tom Cruise video got so much interest, some people become outraged when Scientology tried to suppress the video, considering it an attack on free speech. It appears that many of Scientology's most prominent critics became such as a reaction to Scientology's legal wars and threats, and not actually from experience with Scientology.

Among those agitated were some denizens of /b/ board, an image-based bulletin board where there is no way to differentiate between posters, as everyone posts under the moniker of "Anonymous". The origin of a new "war" seemed to be this post:

Anonymous 01/15/08(Tue)19:37:37 No.51051816 

    I think it's time for /b/ to do something big.

    People need to understand not to fuck with /b/, and talk about nothing for ten minutes, and expect people to give their money to an organization that makes absolutely no fucking sense.

    I'm talking about "hacking" or "taking down" the official Scientology website.

    It's time to use our resources to do something we believe is right.

    It's time to do something big again, /b/.

    Talk amongst one another, find a better place to plan it, and then carry out what can and must be done.

    It's time, /b/.

And so, the "hacker group" calling itself "Anonymous" declared war on Scientology. As a result, and associated sites have been going up and down, and slowing, from DDoS attacks over the last few days. That's no small feat, however there have been apparently attacks involving 200 times the bandwidth*.

I really don't think it's a big deal as far as Scientology should be concerned, at least so far. The motives behind this seem pretty immature and they could take down the Scientology websites for a month and it probably won't mean much. I doubt they recruit much through the Internet. I think it goes without saying I don't agree with the approach. However I do find it very interesting, as an expression of a type of teenage geek Internet culture.

They've also apparently done other things, like faxing black pages to Scientology organisations to waste their ink and "rickroll" Scientology phone numbers. A few small protests have occurred and more are organised, mostly for the 10th of February. They appear to be organising them here:
and #xenu on

Although I'm sure some of the motives are decent, it's obvious a lot is just about "the lulz" (a corruption of lol, in this case, referring to it being fun to mock Scientology) and ego (from interfering with a powerful organisation). Certainly "for the lulz" and other such comments are often made. So I doubt the "war" will last for long but if would be interesting if they did.

It doesn't stop there, though. It seems some of the chan board people weren't happy that some of the Anonymous sought support for the war on, a cutesy forum where everyone has a little customizable anime figure as an avatar for all of their posts. So, "The Regime" found the password for with a key-logger and replaced the website with "This website has been deleted due to copyright claims from the Church of Scientology".

However, manged to take their website back somehow. Besides putting a great song on 711chan, in retaliation someone obtained an old domain of The Regime,, and put their private information for 3 of them (perhaps that was all of them). Their names, addresses, phone numbers, and even one of their social security numbers. Yikes. Besides the harassment they will no doubt receive, revealing someone's real name in those circles is a great offense because it makes them vulnerable to law enforcements.

Those that restored described themselves as "g00ns".

What's next ..?

Cult Followers Break into Dong-A Ilbo Office
JANUARY 15, 2008 06:37

Members of the religious cult JMS broke into the editorial office of the Dong-A Ilbo Monday morning. They smashed the glass entrance on the 13th floor to enter the daily`s office, demanding the removal of articles on the cult`s founder Jeong Myeong-seok. Jeong is reportedly hiding in China after being accused by former women followers of committing sexual assault and rape.

For reference: "Monday morning" refers to 14 Jan

JMS News / July 2007: Vietnamese article
« on: January 03, 2008, 12:23:20 PM »
I don't know what it says... but it's interesting there was at least one report there.

Kẻ chuyên lừa đảo và lạm dụng t́nh dục     

(ANTĐ) - Mặc dù bị bắt từ ngày 1-5-2007, nhưng cho đến nay “yêu râu xanh” Jeong Myeong-seok (Jung Myung Seok), giáo chủ một số tà giáo ở Hàn Quốc vẫn chưa bị dẫn độ về nước xét xử bởi cơ quan chức năng Trung Quốc đang tiếp tục làm rơ tội trạng của hắn khi tên này hoạt động tại đất nước có số dân đứng đầu thế giới.

4 cô gái từng là nạn nhân của Jeong Myeong-seok tại cuộc họp báo tháng 4-2006
Điều đáng nói là Jeong Myeong-seok (sinh ngày 17-2-1945) sau khi bị bắt hơn 20 ngày, Tân Hoa xă và một số báo khác của Trung Quốc mới chính thức đưa tin. Tuy nhiên, trước đó cơ quan chức năng Hàn Quốc đă gửi công hàm (ngay sau khi nhận tin của cảnh sát Trung Quốc), đề nghị phía Trung Quốc nhanh chóng dẫn độ “yêu râu xanh” về nước thẩm vấn, xét xử. Sau khi tin tức về việc bắt giữ Jeong Myeong-seok được đăng tải đă có hàng trăm người từng bị hại ở Hàn Quốc lên tiếng tố cáo “yâu râu xanh” có hành vi lừa đảo và chiếm đoạt t́nh dục.

Theo thống kê, tính đến nay đă có hàng ngh́n phụ nữ tại một số quốc gia và vùng lănh thổ bị Jeong Myeong-seok dùng tà thuật cưỡng hiếp hoặc quấy rối t́nh dục. Nhưng điều đáng nói là việc phát hiện ra những tṛ ma giáo của “yêu râu xanh” Jeong Myeong-seok không phải do cơ quan cảnh sát Hàn Quốc, mà là của hăng truyền h́nh SBS nước này. Sau một thời gian bí mật điều tra, năm 1999, hăng truyền h́nh SBS đă cho phát những cảnh “nóng” mà họ quay được và ngay lập tức 4 phụ nữ đă dũng cảm đứng lên tố cáo Jeong Myeong-seok. Nhưng khi cảnh sát chuẩn bị bắt Jeong Myeong-seok th́ hắn đă kịp “mất tích”. Sau nhiều năm điều tra, cuối cùng cảnh sát Hàn Quốc mới phát hiện, sở dĩ Jeong Myeong-seok thoát khỏi cuộc vây bắt bởi hắn nhận được tin báo từ những tín đồ đang làm việc ở Phủ Tổng thống và cơ quan t́nh báo, an ninh. Sau khi “hết cửa làm ăn” tại Hàn Quốc, Jeong Myeong-seok đă lẩn trốn tại một số quốc gia và vùng lănh thổ châu á và hàng ngh́n phụ nữ đă bị lợi dụng tại những nơi hắn đặt chân tới.

Theo điều tra của cảnh sát, ngay từ những năm đầu của thập niên 80, Jeong Myeong-seok, cư dân sinh sống tại làng Wol Myoung-Dong, huyện Geumsan, tỉnh Chungcheong, Hàn Quốc đă thành lập ra giáo phái “Thế quyền” để lợi dụng việc truyền đạo lừa tiền và lợi dụng t́nh dục đối với hàng ngh́n cô gái nhẹ dạ cả tin. Tại thời điểm đó ở Hàn Quốc có rất nhiều loại giáo phái được thành lập, trong đó có nhiều giáo phái hoạt động giống như kiểu công ty kinh doanh và “Thế quyền” của Jeong Myeong-seok là một trong số các giáo phái đó. Người ta không hiểu v́ sao những giáo lư nhảm nhí và bệnh hoạn của giáo chủ Jeong Myeong-seok đặt ra lại được nhiều tín đồ nữ chấp nhận, tuân theo để trở thành nạn nhân của “yêu râu xanh”. Sau khi bị hăng truyền h́nh SBS vạch mặt chỉ tên (1999), Jeong Myeong-seok đă bị cảnh sát Hàn Quốc và Interpol (2002) phát lệnh truy nă đỏ.

Sau khi rời Hàn Quốc, Jeong Myeong-seok đă tới Nhật Bản và Malaysia để tiếp tục thành lập những tà giáo mới và nhiều tín đồ nữ đă trở thành nạn nhân tiếp theo của “yêu râu xanh”. Theo cảnh sát Nhật cho biết, chỉ riêng tại Thủ đô Tokyo, “yêu râu xanh” Jeong Myeong-seok đă thành lập tới hơn 40 cơ sở để hành nghề “truyền giáo”. Và 3 cô gái Nhật Bản đă dũng cảm đứng lên tố cáo Jeong Myeong-seok có hành vi xâm hại t́nh dục tín đồ nữ - chính mắt họ trông thấy giáo chủ Jeong Myeong-seok đang hành lạc tập thể với hơn 30 cô gái khác trong một căn pḥng và trong số đó có nhiều nạn nhân c̣n đang ở tuổi cắp sách tới trường. Rời Nhật Bản, Jeong Myeong-seok chuyển sang Đài Bắc để tiếp tục “truyền giáo”.

Để tránh bị phát hiện, tại Đài Bắc, Jeong Myeong-seok đă thành lập “Hội Thanh niên Kito giáo thời đại mới Trung Hoa” và hắn lừa đảo, mê hoặc nạn nhân nữ bằng cách thông qua những hoạt động tài trợ các cuộc thi người mẫu. Những tṛ lừa đảo, cưỡng đoạt t́nh dục của “yêu râu xanh” Jeong Myeong-seok tại Đài Bắc nhanh chóng được phát hiện sau khi bị người phiên dịch tố cáo. Jeong Myeong-seok đă nhập cảnh bất hợp pháp vào Hongkong sau khi trốn khỏi Đài Bắc và tại đây hắn tiếp tục lừa đảo nhiều tín đồ nữ khác.

Thông qua “Giáo hội Minh nguyệt”, giáo chủ Jeong Myeong-seok lại có cơ hội “truyền giáo” nhưng hắn không ngờ bị cảnh sát Hongkong bắt v́ lư do lưu trú bất hợp pháp (tháng 7-2003). V́ lo sợ sẽ bị bị trục xuất về Hàn Quốc nên Jeong Myeong-seok đă nộp 100.000 USD để được tại ngoại và từ đó chẳng ai nh́n thấy bóng dáng giáo chủ Jeong Myeong-seok. Sau một thời gian điều tra, cảnh sát mới phát hiện, sở dĩ Jeong Myeong-seok dễ dàng nhập cảnh vào một số quốc gia và vùng lănh thổ bởi hắn sử dụng nhiều tên giả như Joshua Jung, Joshua Lee Jung, Joshua Lee… Điều này lư giải v́ sao Jeong Myeong-seok lẩn trốn thành công trong suốt 8 năm qua cho dù bị lệnh truy nă quốc tế.

Lê Cao Sơn (Tổng hợp)

JMS News / January 2008: Jung to be extradited to S. Korea
« on: January 03, 2008, 11:59:33 AM »
Accused rapist cult leader faces extradition to Korea

China's top court has approved the extradition of a South Korean cult leader accused of raping his female followers, the justice ministry in Seoul said.

China's Supreme People's Court last month upheld a decision by a tribunal in the province of Liaoning to extradite Jeong Myeong-seok, it said.

"It will take several more months until the extradition is carried out following a final decision by the State Council (cabinet)," a ministry official said.

Jeong, aged in his early 60s, set up a cult known as JMS - after his initials. He fled South Korea in 1999, one day after rape allegations against him were aired on national television.

In 2001, Jeong was formally charged in his absence with rape. He was arrested in Hong Kong in 2003 on visa violations, fled an extradition hearing but was detained by Chinese authorities in May last year.

He claims he has received special revelations from God. Former cult members, mostly young girls, have told police they were instructed to undress for a "health check" and to have sex with him to wipe out their sins.

The girls said they were threatened with "spiritual death" if they spoke of their experiences, according to previous reports by Yonhap new agency.

Jeong is still believed to command thousands of followers including students, soldiers, teachers and children, Yonhap reported.

article hosted at:,23599,22998981-23109,00.html,22049,22998981-5001028,00.html,25197,22998981-12335,00.html

the Yonhap article it refers to is from May 2007:

Australian Groups & New Religious Movements / Kenja Communication
« on: April 05, 2007, 08:21:17 AM »
Kenja is apparently a Scientology-offshoot. They practice a form of hypnotism (or something similar to hypnotism) called "Energy Conversion". Female members claim to have been sexually abused, and the male cofounder Ken Dyers was convicted on sexual molestation against young girls (later successfully appealed on a technicality). Dyers has been sued again for pedophilia and is awaiting trial. It's also been reported that several former members have developed serious mental illness from Kenja (commonly schizophrenia).

Kenja describes itself as a "communications business" that offers "training in effective personal communication". However, I haven't seen any evidence Kenja actually tries to do this, and the members don't appear to have any professional PR skills. The website talks a bit about spirituality, but never describes what this means specifically, only with mostly meaningless statements (e.g. "Kenja’s purpose is to increase understanding of the spiritual nature of man and our relation to the human spirit, coupled with practical training in the basics of effective communication – time, space and energy.")

What Kenja does appear to try to do is practice as a mental health organisation and be unofficially seen as offering mental health solutions to relatively mild problems. (Perhaps things like emptiness, loneliness, mild depression, etc.) The communications stuff and unspecific descriptions of what Kenja really is is probably used because although they want to practice mental health they don't want to be officially recognised as a mental health organisation. If they were, 1) they can be sued for their treatment of members, 2) none of the members or leadership of Kenja are professionals, and therefore are probably practicing mental health illegally, 3) they will be criticised by professional organisations because they are evidently causing more mental illnesses than they are curing.

My conclusion is that they are probably an incredibly poor and irresponsible mental health organisation that is using religious/spiritual description as cover to escape the legal consequences from bad practice. I've heard similar criticisms about Scientology (but I've never studied Scientology). They don't appear to offer solutions to serious mental problems, just fairly common ones.


News articles on rick ross's site:

long article about the cult and a related event

1992 Legislative Council (small part about kenja)

1993 Legislative Council (2 parts, scroll down to first part, then scroll down further for second part)

rick ross blog post

a blog post about kenja

an article about cults w/ case study on kenja, and letter to editor reply

apparently this book mentions kenja

an interview with christine rau

rickross forum about kenja:

order from 2nd appeal (that was successful)

I would suggest skim through the rick ross achieve of media articles for a basic description of the criminal charges against Kenja cofounder, and read the themonthy article for actual info on the cult (and the 1993 legislative council stuff afterwards for a deeper understanding)

official sites

As is clearly evident in Providence's history they lie as much as they can get away with. Thanks to the Internet, the number of lies they can get away with is not as much as they were.

Part of the definition Steven Hassan takes for a destructive cult is "it uses deception in recruiting new members". Seems strange that that would be a defining feature at first, but it can be understood as truth and lies cannot co-exist and therefore a religion fundamentally based on lies (i.e. a cult) needs lies to propagate. Hence, forcing the cult to be honest in recruiting will cause the cult to self-destruct.

It appears the original stuff that is unsigned/written as simply statements by Providence (I will write by "APHQ" for American Providence HQ) was written by Naomi Kim but was later partly rewritten & added to by someone else, probably Ho-Myung Lee. (A bit of guesswork in these conclusions, so don't take them too seriously.)

So here goes:

Testimony by "SG" Encouragement to the Providence Church
"I have heard that Providence churches receive tremendous persecutions and threats because its teaching is a bit different from orthodox doctrines."

Jung is wanted for rape. But no, people don't like him because he teaches he is the Messiah. This is just garbage from Jung's attempts to fit himself into what happened to Jesus who was persecuted for what he taught.

Statement by APHQ Life of Jung Myung Seok
"From age 17, driven by the agonies of life and severe poverty, he engrossed himself in mountain prayer."

Read the stuff above it as well. Notice anything missing? Age 17? The story that Jung spent his youth in the mountains that is talked about inside Providence is replaced with a somewhat vague history of his youth. The author doesn't want people to know that Jung only did elementary school and doesn't know basic things such as there being 52 weeks in a year (not 50), it's not summer at the same time for everyone, that eagles don't lose all their feathers and beak and go into hibernation and that taking several days to approximate how many people there was 6000 years ago isn't impressive for someone with an IQ of "10000" (let alone a decent high school student, assuming Jung even did the calculation and didn't just copy it)

"In his twenties, he focused on street evangelism. He performed a sign of evangelism for God when, in one year, he brought ten thousand people to God."

Assuming he "evangelised" (which means, by the way, bring people to Christianity, not the perverted version Providence uses to label their recruitment) that would be almost 30 people a day. OK.

"During his two prolonged decades of life of seeking enlightenment, he came to realize the profound truth of the Bible, the truth that breaks through both the physical and spiritual worlds."

Too bad the Moonies already had it. OOPS

"He would capture an enemy alive instead of gunning him down.  Stories about how he contributed to saving his comrades are powerful and inspiring as they are retold by his surviving comrades.  As a Private he was an outstanding patriot earning four medals including the Wha-rang-mu-gong medal and In-hun medal."

So where are they?

"These experiences and hardships taught him to deeply feel God’s sorrow that had not been told or understood for 6,000 years, as well as the grievance that Jesus would have felt through the unavoidable death on a cross.  He also broke the seals of 120 principles of the Bible, as precious as hidden treasure, in regard to salvation."

(No comment, except to say this is not intentionally misleading and I am not criticizing Providence for the inclusion.)

In March 1982, he established MS Missionaries (Christian Gospel Mission today).  The following November he graduated from Wesley Theological School.  Within a few years the size of the Missionaries quickly grew from a few hundreds to a few thousands, then to tens of thousand.

Exaggerated figures, and probably not the real name. Compare this to EXODUS' description.

He worked hard for the countless youths and college students who were evangelized; he spent night and day preaching and providing counseling to them.

Counselling them huh.

After the domestic foundation was firmly laid, he set off in January 1999 to travel the path of worldwide mission following God’s lead.

Which just happened to be the day after claims of rape were broadcast on Korea national TV! What a coincidence, huh. Naomi thinks so "Pastor Joshua Jung had scheduled a trip to our region a month prior to visiting and he arrived right on schedule. Surprisingly, that was exactly the same time when SBS (Korean National Television) aired a program they call, “That’s What I Want to Know.”" from her testimony on the PT site.

With faith in God and prayer, he healed a 25 year long disease for which no one had found a cure, some other diseases difficult to cure, mental illness, etc. that modern medicine cannot cure.


Today, Pastor Joshua Jung tirelessly continues to spread the gospel to different parts of the world and pursue world peace together with 200,000 members spread in 50 countries.

Where exactly are these "200,000" members? 200,000 would make it a major religion. Providence is obviously not a major religion. The real number is probably in the ballpark of 20,000. Note that before the massive media attention in Japan they had 2,000 (Asahi newspaper). They probably have less now, and either way, 2000 is nothing if the global count is 200,000. This doesn't make any sense, they would get media attention in any country with decent size, so why in Japan more than any other if it didn't have the 2nd or 3rd biggest population of JMS members?

Statement by APHQ FAQs: Pastor Joshua Jung
"Rape is a complex and sensitive crime that typically requires two key pieces of evidence: 1) a comprehensive forensics examination of collected evidence, such as DNA samples taken from the victim, clothing, or the crime scene..."

No it doesn't.

"Pastor Joshua was first made aware of the allegations of rape when four unidentified and disguised women, along with a former male disciple of His, publicly accused him of rape at a news conference arranged by “Exodus”, an organization that exists to oppose him and Providence."

That was in 2006. He was charged with rape in 2001. News of the allegations were on Korean TV in 1999. Even Jung is not that slow.

"When it became clear that no pertinent evidence, no credible witnesses, and no victim identification could be provided by his accusers, the Korean National Police, or the media, Pastor Joshua fled his home country, believing that his arrest was being orchestrated by individuals with ulterior motives and devoid of concern for the due process of law."

So he fled the law because those who were suing him had no concern for due process... right.

"Only after the sensational details from the unknown victims have been reported by tabloid news media are any of the police agencies notified."

Tabloid? So all of Korea and Japan press are tabloids?

"The result is that there is no victim accountability, for when a victim’s identity remains unknown even to the police there can be never be a true investigation and the number of potential victims becomes limitless."

Why would a victim have to reveal herself before the trial? There can't be limitless victims as they have to file the charges.

"A situation such as this provides no means for a fair trail; the news networks have already broadcast to the viewing public the sensational details of a crime for which no witnesses or evidence has ever been presented."

I'm sure he could get a judge who hadn't heard of the media attention. Besides, with the amount of $ Jung has thanks to his zombie followers he should have no problem with being poorly represented.. Plus, neither the police would charge Jung nor the media would report if there was no "witnesses or evidence". If this really was true, Jung could turn up to court, get it thrown out, and start raking in the cash taking the media to court.

"After attending an Easter event Pastor Joshua became dismayed that no mention of Jesus Christ had been made. Later he heard that Rev. Moon claimed that Jesus had failed as the Messiah. When he heard this erroneous statement he left the church and girl behind."

Well, according to the Japanese Wikipedia page, Jung was shown the door by the Moonies, which probably means it was reported in Japanese news considering the amount of attention they had there.

Also, Jung makes the same claim that Moon does. It does seem that both groups are a bit itchy about the wording of "fail", rather preferring "didn't complete" or "it was the followers'/John the Baptist's fault, the central figure can do no wrong!". Regardless, they teach the same, the author knows this, and therefore this is deliberate bullocks to appeal to Christians.

Statement by APHQ FAQs: Providence
"What is Providence and why does it have a few different names?"

Read this section. Now read this. Does it fit? It downplays just how many names they've grown through, but at least they are honest why they use so many names: "Members who had once used the initials as a means to identify themselves now found the name to be a lightening rod for ridicule and persecution." In other words, so they can't be identified with the group reported in the media and the Internet -- so they can control what information the potential recruit has and does not have.

"Other names ascribed to him may be the result of an incorrect pronunciation, miscommunication or typo."

It's true that using Joshua Jung does not imply malice. However, that he has Joshua Jung, Joshua Lee and Joshua Lee Jung does. It seems the author is so aware he is lying through his teeth he used the word "may" as backup so it's not so painful when someone reveals it as a lie.

On GACP, the main front group, Italian OFFICIAL SITE Jung is referred to as Joshua Lee.

German pastor Christian Nagel refers to Jung as "Joshua Lee Jung" on a CD he produced (with others) here.

Joshua Lee and Joshua Lee Jung are such obvious misspellings, huh.

"What typically has been the case is that these concerned individuals make a hasty judgment, recklessly believing—but never admitting—that they alone know the absolute truth."

Anyone have a mirror? This from a group that feels no problem aiding a known fugitive and violating potential recruits by lying to them and fraudulently presenting itself. I think that fits the description of "recklessly believing...they alone know the absolute truth".

"This website ( is peer reviewed, so if we, the authors, were to use mistruths, deceit, or manipulation—all of which is a direct contradiction of Pastor Joshua’s character and teaching—our colleagues in Providence would not tolerate it."

Let me give you a little lesson. Truth is universal. Sometimes cultural beliefs can masquerade as truth, however they are not truly universal: instead dependent on cultural axioms. The point of peer-review in the scientific community is to lessen the probability of a cultural (that is, etic) belief being accepted as universal (emic), as if the theory can be accepted by people of all cultures, it is unlikely the belief is a dependent on an assumption held only by some cultures. However, your "peer review" only accepts the reviews of those who take the same bias -- that Jung is Messiah. In fact, as those who do not take this bias do not agree, peer review suggests that what is written is false. Of course, peer review is only approximate (as cultural absolutes can be global, especially today), but the "peer review" card is a ridiculous defense to anyone with a half decent understanding of the scientific method.

"Anyone can say anything on the Internet, regardless of its truth, with little fear of legal implications or injury to their personal or professional reputation."

No they can't. They can be sued. Providence knows well this, as they tried to sue EXODUS. It didn't work. And neither can someone say "anything" and have it reported in the media. And certainly neither can someone say "anything" and have a man charged for rape for it.

"There is a simple way: evaluate it according to the character, actions and integrity of both those who promote it, and those who reject it as false."

You just don't get it do you. It seems you just have to rely on ad hominem even if you try to make it subtle in this case. It is the defense of those who do not have the truth on their side to attack the character of others. What else can they do? Even if you play that game, the character of Providence members is hardly pure and many other examples. Even on this level you cannot claim superiority.

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