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General Discussion / Downsizing Site and Spending Less Time .....
« on: June 21, 2018, 02:51:12 AM »
I've decided it's time to gradually start to move my life away from this cult watching hobby which has been a constant part of my life since 2003 when I first exncountred JMS. Other more enjoyable interests have been competing for my time as have some work-related opportunities that I want to put a lot of time and effort into.

Also, I've gradually realized I'm feeling pretty burnt out on the subject. I remember a couple of years ago, I heard about a large Shinchonji cult event taking place in Seoul in public. I would have previously jumped at the chance to witness it, but when I heard about that event, the only thought that came to mind was "I can't be bothered this time." I realized with some surprise that my passion for this hobby had reduced. Likewise, I've recently seen articles I would have devoured instantly, but these days, I'm more likely to bookmark them for later and then not get around to reading them.

I'm not sure what that means for this site in the long term. I still have the domain and hosting paid for until the end of the year. I'm not sure I want to see all this information go, but at the same time, I'm no longer totally aghast at the idea. And as there are other sites and more recently a lot more information available about Korean cults, my site no longer seems as necessary as it once was.

There are still various threads I intend to keep posting in over the coming months -mainly related to Korea in general (both North and South) like the "Violence Against Women" thread and this one that concerns the lives of North Korean defectors. But when it comes to certain cults, I won't be proactively looking for information and details. That's not to say I won't continue to post off and on when I think something is significant or newsworthy, but over all, I'm going to try to reduce the amount of time I spend on this site and thinking about it. And then after a few months, I'll see how I feel about things. This gradual decision hasn't been the result of any specific threats. Generally, threats motivate me rather than demotivate me, and if I do walk away from this hobby, it needs to be a decision I am comfortable with.

In the short term, I'm looking to streamline and downsize. By that I mean merging some threads, deleting or reducing posts  that don't really add anything, and removing some threads that don't necessarily add anything major.I've actually been doing that a little over the past couple of months.  That in itself is quite an about-face for me as my guiding philosophy was always "save everything". I doubt the changes I've made would have been noticeable to the casual visitor, but if you are intimately familiar with my site, you might have noticed some changes. I'll continue to chip away at gradually reducing things over the next few weeks. Ironically, moving away from this hobby will initially mean spending more time on it as I review threads and decide what can go or stay for now.

June 4, 2018: 이대 벗들! JMS 조심해! - Ehwa University Be Careful (Bareun Media)

Google/Naver English Translation:
" Ewha Womans University? There are 100 JMS believers, right? There are so many fake programs! " "Miss A", a student who said she experienced JMS through missionary work in Ewha Womans University, said, " Friends (Editor : Ewha Womans University students) refer to each other as " friends. "I don't want them to be fooled by JMS. "

Having been interested in CCM accompaniment, Ms A posted on the community site of Ewha Womans University students that she wanted to take lessons in accompaniment. A sister called ("sister" is an older student not a sibling). Taking the same school, same religion, same hobby, and lessons, I naturally got close to my sister. Although it was not true later, the comments were made by other JMS members and connected my older sister.

My older sister did not attempt to make an urgent mission to Ms. A. " My sister told me a little bit about church, faith, and faith for six months. Now, if you think about it, it's sort of a little bit of a dilution of some of the JMS's core doctrine. I trusted her, and I went to a Bible study meeting that she recommended because it seemed like a good idea. "

Ms A started studying the Bible at a JMS fake church. Since she had lived abroad, she had little opportunity to access information about Korean false religions. There was no doubt about the group and the identity of Jeong Myeong-seok, as well as the fake church.

Get to know JMS

Two times a week, two hours a day, and two months, I studied 30 101. Until then, he did not know that JMS was where he studied. " Introduction 30 is a doctrine that turns Jung Myung-seok into a messiah, " said A. But he described the messiah as a pastor, not a charade. After learning the Introduction of 30, I asked you to tell me who the pastor was and meet him. The return answer was, I can't see him yet because he's so busy. " I got some information because I asked him only to tell me his age. " Ah! As soon as this guy was called, the Internet was covered with Jeong Myung-seok's sex crimes. It was confusing. " I told them what I had been through and asked them about Jung Myung-seok. "

The answer was obvious. On the recommendation of an acquaintance, I found a healthy heretic clinic. After hearing the 30-point evidence, I learned the true nature of JMS and Jung Myung-seok. " It's God's help. I've recovered a lot from my training at the consultation center. Especially with the theory of salvation, I was convinced that the cross of Jesus Christ was mine. "

It was not easy to leave. I couldn't just break up with the people there, especially my sister. Rather than feeling betrayed that he cheated me for my mission, I thought I should get my sister out of JMS. However, JMS completely blocked the relationship with her sister. Now, he said, " I can't reach my sister. "

Sightings and revelations

Ms. A has been abroad for a while. As soon as I thought everything was back in place, I saw the JMS mission at Ewha Womans University. There were many programs that friends would be interested in, such as making tiramisu, making personal makeup lectures, smiling education, and new Pilates One Day Class. In the hope that victims like him do not happen, she posted a message on a community website asking them to reveal the identity of JMS and to be careful about the fake missionary work. The reaction was hot. The number of students is around 17,000 (as of 2017), but the number of students checked by far exceeds 20,000. Not all of the cases are JMS, but there have been hundreds of articles saying that I was treated like this.

" I think it is very possible that the two schools will carry on well, " There are quite a few students who feel lonely just because they are girls. But the purpose of JMS is to make God my perfect lover, right? Maybe the emotions match.

" JMS has the special nature that female victims have to understand each other with the same sensitivity, " said A. I want to keep helping them get to normal religious life and social life. " And when I see them actively working, I ask them, why do they do something like that? I'm sorry for the situation, but I will continue to help those who have the same mindset, " she said.

Yoo Byeung-eun's cult is in the news again via allegations of that some leading figures in the K-pop industry are members. I really have no idea if those allegations are true; nonetheless, the allegations and responses are interesting. Also, it seems that The Korea Herald has deleted its first article which contained a promise to take legal action if the allegation proved false

May 1: Park Jin-young Refutes Reports About Ties with Religious Group (The Korea Herald via Internet Archive after Article Deletion)

“I will share a document of my testimony, so that you can scan it carefully. If it contains anything against the law or morality, your (reporters’) coverage is legitimate. But if it doesn’t, you will be liable for any damage caused to us.”

The Full Story Behind JYP & The Cult Linked To Sewol Ferry Disaster (Korea Boo)
K-pop Heavyweight Park Jin-young Denies Preaching for Religious Cult (Yonhap News)
JYP Entertainment Shares Nosedive on Cult Religion Reports (The Korea Herald)

May 3: Bae Yong Joon Denies Being Part Of Religious Cult (Korea Portal)
Dispatch Revealed Park Jinyoung (JYP) & Actor Bae Yongjoon Involved with Cult (Reddit)

JMS In Korea / Korean Article: #MeToo & JMS
« on: April 08, 2018, 01:08:28 AM »
April 4, 2018: Me Too와 전자발찌 찬 정명석의 행보 주목 (Modern Religious Monthly)

Naver Translation:

#MeToo And JMS: Attention on the Movement of Jeong Myeong-seok Wearing Electronic Anklet.

The violent crime victims, who have been squealing with bated breath, are complaining constantly. The attackers who had tried to satisfy their sexual desires by forgetting about the inherent worth of human beings have now become ugly monsters. It is obviously a matter not only of political history accounting, but also of religion. Among the pagan far-fetched organizations, JMS (Jeong Myeong-seok, the Christian Ministers ' Mission) has a sexual cult that seduces believers. Attention is drawn to the actions taken by Jeong Myeong-seok, a sex offender who was released in February after serving a sentence of 10 years in jail on charges of rape and sexual assault. MeToo and JMS. What is the connection?

JMS's Jeong Myeong-Seok Ranks as 'Messiah '

In October 2017, the MeToo Movement started to put a hashtag on social networking sites to alert movie producers Harvey Weinstein about the damage caused by sexual harassment and sexual harassment. As Seo revealed the truth about the damage caused by the sexual harassment, the "MeToo" movement was launched in January this year. Starting with Seo's confession, it has spread to the cultural, artistic, political, and religious circles.

The starting point of the Me Too Exercise and the release date of JMS Jeong Myeong-seok are similar. The Me Too Exercise looks like a " confidence-induced incentive to confess " designed to prepare for Chung's release from prison. Chung has served in jail for 10 years for sexual assault. It is by no means a light sentence. Did Chung change his mind after meeting social issues of " Me Too Exercise? " " I have nothing to do with being punished for my crime, " he said.

It seems that the mind of the believers who worship Jeong, who are dominated by " the messiah, " has clouded their judgment ability. The spiritual influence of Jeong Myeong-seok is so strong that it prevents him from having the judgment of right or wrong. For the past decade of his imprisonment, the congregation remained firm on him. Jeong Myeong-seok knows the fact well. Jeong Myeong-seok, who used to abuse the hearts of his followers, intimidated them into acting as sex toys. But there is a weapon to fight against. MeToo Much Exercise. It's a dagger you shouldn't ignore.

Electronic Anklet

Jeong Myeong-seok, who ignored the Bible's doctrine and was eager to satisfy his sexual desire. On his ankle are electronic anklets, a voucher for sex offenders. A person who has committed a crime once is likely to commit it again. Especially in the case of sex crimes, the repeat count rate is high. Will an electronic anklet designed to identify the victims of a crime be able to prevent Jeong's repeat injury?

Now the nation is rocked by the social ripple effects brought on by the MeToo Movement, after the title " sex offender " and its fantastic collaboration " electronic anklet " was added to Chung's resume. Many victims of the darkness, proudly shouting MeToo in the shadows, are being named two at a time before their containers. I'm sure the JMS will also be overshadowed by the large number of potential victims of the song " MeToo. " They can shout to the world. Jeong Myeong-seok is wearing an electronic ankle monitor. He is branded a sex offender, and the electronic anklet, a solid proof, is squeezing his ankles. It is also high time that numerous victims of the crime were released from their fetters. Electronic anklets, a marker of sex offenders, should be the trigger for the MeToo movement.

Victims ' MeToo movement, which is a close, non-discriminatory movement without legal protection, begins now. Sexual violence caused by pseudo-religious religions can not be considered a lesser damage than that caused by cultural, artistic and political sectors. Many of the victims who were violated by the sex offender Jeong Myeong-seok came up to the surface and said, " I got hurt!It is time to have the courage to claim it.

JMS In Korea / Second Generation: Life Is Painful
« on: April 04, 2018, 10:09:38 PM »
An article exploring the lives of second generation members - the children of members.

March 26, 2018: JMS 2세들, 그들의 고통스러운 삶

Naver Translate:

As JMS has had a long history, the second generation is becoming a member of JMS. However, the JMS life that he trusted and followed was not easy. JMS's subdued management and system has caused unbearable pain, and they are being expressed as running away from home and stopping school. JMS II's are complaining of unbearable pain.

JMS II's Suppressed Lives

A mother, who started at JMS church from childhood with JMS followers, recalled singing Chanyang's house before entering elementary school with trot songs. In the fifth grade of elementary school, I learned about 30 introduction and Satanism. Later, the JMS doctrine was brainwashed in a thorough education, either after learning about the 30 chapters or after retraining to teach others.

The question is not a doctrine. Second generation members are having a difficult normal relationship with friends. His mother denied him from making friends unless he is JMS, and if he makes friends, his mother would not call friends and tell him to play. In elementary school, I went to the Community Chest of Korea almost every day, and on Wednesday I usually lived in the church from my childhood, such as attending church on demand services, cleaning up before services on Tuesdays, and staying at church all day on weekends. B, whose father is JMS pastor, said he had to clean up the church as well as pray for the community.

He never saw a movie or a book that was not related to JMS, and he never attended a private institute. It is to prevent him from meeting his friends of the opposite sex. I couldn't talk to my girlfriend, not to mention dating her. Even in the church, the word " brother " was a word of gold. He had few chances to talk to his friend of the same age and avoided it on purpose if he tried to do so. When I called my brother or my brother the same age friend, I had to call him " ○○. "

He admits that he had no clothes to wear when going outside. They had to wear white or white when they went to church, but they only wore such clothes. I never wore black clothes. He also revealed that the underwear was assigned for each day of the week. The second generation should not be fond of celebrities. JMS II was very fond of idol singers. When they saw the poster of the idol singer in the room, they attacked him severely. Mr. A regularly wrote to Mr. Jeong I used to write occasionally when I was in elementary school, but when I became a middle school student, I used to write about twice a week. Every two months or so, he changed his clothes and took a picture of his profile.

Sitting down but thinking

Jeong Myung-seok's seat was provided at the house, according to A. We prepared a sofa, cleaned it, and prayed every day, saying that it is the seat of Jeong Myeong-seok's spirit. Of course, there were many photos and frames of Jeong Myeong-seok. He said the other two Kims were no different. He said there was a separate room where he left his sofa or chair, called the " Jeong Myeong-seok seat, " or prayed.

Looking back at the situation, he said that JMS II was " going to go insane " because he could not lead a normal life. When I looked back on it, I could not help laughing at the fact that my teacher (Jeong Myeong-seok) was always taught to be next to me. " I like to eat rice. Thank you, teacher. " I fell, " she said. Chung Myung-suk said and behaved as if he were always next to him.

JMS's Favorite South Chungcheong National University

JMS students prefer Chungnam National University. Chung Myung-Suk completed a course at South Chungcheong National University, and Chung Beom-seok's daughter Chung Myung-suk graduated from Chungnam National University. People said that South Chungcheong National University is the best university in the world. So the JMS second class considers Chungnam National University a good university, and now there are more than 100 JMS youth, he says. JMS students, however, said they are too busy to live their lives. It is difficult to have private time at 4 a.m. such as holding a group prayer at 4 a.m. and holding a meeting at 6 p.m. They claim that they avoid even working part-time jobs. During the exam period, JMS's pastor said he sometimes stays at the library. He said he aims to keep an eye on the friends of the opposite sex and consult them if the JMS students find it difficult. He also said, " When I see JMS students hanging around with the opposite sex on campus because there is an environment where they are monitoring each other, I take pictures behind my back and report it to the pastor. "

JMS II's agony of quitting

JMS II most people live in poverty. Especially if both parents are members of JMS. A father was a pastor, so he rubbed his food with soy sauce because he had no side dishes, and led a poor life so that he could not afford to walk around. There is not much difference in parents ' wealth. Even if my parents make good money, they give a lot of money to JMS. He said he knows a second generation son whose parents have financial resources, but does not have enough money for his children.

The reason why people are considering quitting JMS is not because the doctrine is odd, or because Chung Myung-suk is a sexual offender. I don't believe that Chung is a sexual offender, but it has nothing to do with the reason he is considering quitting. Life as a second generation member is a struggle. Severe interference and restraints and a life of isolation from the world are most intolerable for second generation members.

Mr. A admits that he was lucky enough to be out of his teens. However, other second generation members emphasized that it is difficult to leave before becoming economically independent. Once you leave, you lose your allowance at home and can't do anything about it. The time when one can think about quitting is when one experiences college life. This is because economic independence is possible. College also makes it natural to talk with friends of the opposite sex, such as sharing assignments. While he was brainwashed by JMS and forced not to talk to the opposite sex, he slowly felt his life was weird as he came across the world. Looking at other college students, they feel frustrated because they do not have a complete college life.

JMS II's children are told that " A " is the fastest they think it is the latest. At the moment he is concerned about quitting, he said, " Don't regret it and come out right away. " Second generation members do not trust and don't care about Chung Myung-suk's sex abuse scandal. Their immediate chains and restraints are so harsh and unbearable. Even the second generation knows that JMS's life alone is unusual, rather than its catechism. Let's hope the second generation members who realize that JMS is wrong will get over the pain and lead free lives.

Well, they won't like this:

March 28, 2018: A Cult Expert Explains What's New in Cults for 2018 (Vice)

Now, several years later, Rick Ross believes that JMS is the single most dangerous cult in Australia. “Jung Myung-Seok has just been released from prison and he hasn’t changed, as far as I know,” he tells me. “And for some reason, his group has been recruiting in Australia pretty hard.”

JMS In Korea / MOVED: JMS Front Exposed at Chonbuk University
« on: March 24, 2018, 02:12:44 AM »

JMS News / JMS Front Exposed at Chonbuk University
« on: March 24, 2018, 02:12:24 AM »
March 21, 2018: 전북대 총동연, JMS 위장 동아리 ‘테루아’ 제재 (Modern Religion Monthly)

Google & Naver Translations:

Terua, who used to be a member of the official religion club at Jeonbuk University, has been demoted to a Gaeraenrok Club (temporary?)after it was discovered that the group was disguised as JMS. Terua acted as if it were a Christian club, saying, " It is a place where people learn and share God's will and love based on the words of the Bible. " Although there have been rumors among Christian club members that Terua is a JMS camouflage club, public opinions have not been made public since there is no conclusive evidence.

Terua, which was very different from Christian clubs.

Terua turned out to be the JMS camouflage group after all, as was the focus of a student's constant suspicions and data investigation. A member of the D club who uses the next room of the Terua Club said, " With the non-sounding nature of the building, Terua students ' prayers and praise are heard. Mr. A felt something strange about the sound of praise and prayer coming from across the wall. Terua sang songs that were not a popular compliment, and while praying, they heard the sound of visiting the " teacher " or " president. " Mr. A, who was always interested in heresy, was able to guess that Terua was related to JMS.

JMS's connection with Therua is a piece of cake.

Mr. A started to investigate the Terua club. In particular, he identified the characters around him through social networking sites. Mr. A confirmed that Mr. B was familiar with the JMS senior manager. He also found that most of Mr. B's characters are related to JMS. He also found out that a photo of Terua's activities posted on the website of the association of general clubs at North Jeolla National University was taken at the temple site in Wolmyeong-dong, which is called JMS's holy place. Based on the above facts, he said, " JMS was sentenced to sexual assault of women in general and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape.

Degraded to Teruya's "Enrollment Club"

On the Facebook page of " The Federation of Korean Studies of North Jeolla National University " on Jan. 11, " Recently, complaints about religion have not been raised, " said the federation of general club members. On January 17, General Dong-yeon gathered the representatives of each club's students to hold a " Emergency Religious Meeting. "

On the day of the meeting, Terua strongly protested, saying, " (It is ridiculous to be suspected of being a JMS camouflage club). " However, the general public asked Terua why he deleted the photos of the Wolmyeong-dong activities, which were uploaded to the website just before the meeting, but he could not give a proper answer. Eventually, Terua admitted that their roots were JMS. He demoted Terua to a " Gaeryonglok Club " after confirming the truth, and said he would permanently expel her if he finds missionary work at school.

A student's courage and attention have made it a valuable fruit that discourages the activities of JMS's camouflage club. Since universities accept the freedom of religion, it is not easy to deal with heresy. But things are changing at the moment when it is proven to be an unethical group that goes against the public interest. If you have any suspicions about a team run by the heretics on campus, why don't you take a more proactive approach?

Sept. 29: Global Peace Conference Seeking Unification Vision (Dong-chan Jhoo for The Korea Times)
Unification Can be 'Adrenaline' for Economy (Kim Hyo-jin for The Korea Times)

Oct. 11: Unification Drive Needs Participation of Youth (Kim Hyo-jin for The Korea Times)
Civic Groups Gather For Unification Movement (Kim Hyo-jin for The Korea Times)

March 3: Civic Groups Launch Unification Song (Kim Hyo-jin for The Korea Times)
Civic Society Should Take Unification Initiative (Kim Hyo-jin for The Korea Times)

March 5: Activist Promotes Global Campaign for Reunification (Kim Hyo-jin for The Korea Times)

Nov. 19: Trump Administration Offers Better Chance for Korean Reunification (Kim Hyo-jin for The Korea Times)

Nov. 20: Interview: Seoul Fails to Position Itself Amid NK Crisis (Kim Hyo-jin for The Korea Times)

Dec. 8: Humanitarian Aid for NK is Basis for Unification (Kim Hyo-jin for The Korea Times)

Maum Meditation Led by Woo Myung / House Donated to Maum Sparks Controversy
« on: February 28, 2018, 11:32:44 PM »
Interesting case from Chicago a few years ago. I'll start just by quoting the first Chicago Tribune article listed below:
Erik Sung found inner happiness through a meditation-based religion, but since donating his home near Lake Forest to his church, he said he has experienced anything but peace.

Neighbors are decidedly skeptical about the Maum Meditation Center, which filed a federal lawsuit to force officials to classify it as a religious institution, which is allowed under zoning laws in unincorporated Lake County.

June 17: Maum Meditation Center Case (ISSUU - PDF of Complaint)
Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman Maum Order (ISSUU - PDF of Ruling)

June 19: Federal Lawsuit: Lake Forest Mansion To Be New Location For Maum Meditation Center (Reddit)
Maum Meditation Approved As A Religion In Lake Forest Mansion, IL (Reddit)

June 20: County Says Man's Religion Valid, Allowing for Meditation Center Near Lake Forest (Patch)
Lake County (IL) Officials: Maum Meditation is a Religion After All (Baptist Committee for Religious Liberty)

June 22: Lake Forest Meditation Center Generates Controversy (Chicago Tribune)

June 26: Lake County Moves to Tighten Rules for Houses of Worship (Chicago Tribune)

Feb. 19: Ruling Against Lake County Meditation Center (Chicago Tribune)
Neighbors coughed loudly when Sung insisted he had not been holding meditation gatherings, which are prohibited until he is given county approval.

Sept. 9: Suwannee County Takes Second look at Incentive Program (Suwannee Democrat)

From the above, this caught my eye for obvious reasons. It may not be true, but I am curious as to what the leader was doing before he founded Maum.
Local resident Bruce Cook claimed Ease Land’s operator, nonprofit Maum Meditation House of Truth, is connected to the Unification Church of the United States, or the “Moonies” cult of the 1960s and ‘70s.

July 29: Religious Worship In Residential Homes: Is It An Accessory Use Or Change Of Use? (Dalton & Tomich)

Some Moonie watchers have been noting Hyung-jin's growing and bizarre fascination with guns for I think around 6 months now. The blog How Well Do You Know You Moon? first posted about the guns in May 2017.

 I saved a few photos a while ago, but didn't get around to posting them. Now that he's making news for his interest in guns and the more central role guns are playing in his church, I think it's time to start a thread here. For now, here are some recent articles, and I'll post the photos I saved soon. An Image Google search brings up some of the photos I have in mind.

Feb. 9: Anti-LGBT Cult Leader Calls on Followers to Purchase Assault Rifles (Southern Poverty Law Center)

Feb. 20: Pennsylvania Church Plans to Bless Worshipers’ Assault Rifles (Fox2 Now)
Pennsylvania Church to Bless Couples Toting AR-15 Rifles (The New York Times - AP) Also available here.
Church Encourages Couples to Bring AR-15 Rifles to be Blessed (New York Post)
Local Church to Hold Four-Day Celebration of Assault Rifles (The Pike County Courier)

Feb. 21: Church Asks Worshippers To Bring AR-15 Rifles For Blessing Ceremony Near Elementary School (Newsweek)
Church Run by Son of Moonies Founder Invites Worshippers to Bring Assault Weapons to Service (Independent)
Poconos Church to Bless Couples Toting AR-15 Rifles; National Church Leader Wears Crown, Keeps Rifle on Desk (The Morning Call)
PA Church Plans to Bless Assault Rifles, Associates Them With Return of Christ (The Hill)

Feb. 23: Outrage After Church Invites Parishioners to Bring in their AR-15 Assault Rifles to be Blessed Amid Gun Control Debate After Florida Shooting (The Sun)

Feb. 24: Blessing of AR-15-Bearing, Crowned Couples Expected to Draw 600 to PA (Lehigh Valley Live)
Hundreds Attend Gun Rights Dinner Thanking President (WNEP)

Feb. 28: Worshippers Clutching AR-15 Rifles Hold Commitment Ceremony (CTV News)
Couples Lug AR-15 Assault Rifles to Pennsylvania Church Blessing (Yahoo News)
Church Blesses Members & Their Guns (CBS News)

March 1: Pennsylvania Couples Clutching AR-15 Rifles Renew Wedding Vows (CNN)

Church of God/Heavenly Mother / Church of God in Ohio
« on: February 25, 2018, 04:47:18 PM »
I probably should merge all the Heavenly Mother on campus articles into the one thread. Will do that when I have more time.

"God the Mother” Followers Aim to Proselytize Students (The Oberlin Reunion)

Shinchonji / In-Depth SCJ Article: Taken By The Cult
« on: February 25, 2018, 03:56:44 PM »
The Australian newspaper just published an in-depth piece about Shinchonji by journalist and author Chris Johnston. It's a must read and it offers some really disturbing insights into the inner workings of SCJ. And I want to thank Chris for spending a lot of time and effort on this piece. I was first contacted by Chris nine months ago. 

Feb. 24: Taken By The Cult (The Australian)

Some friends have had trouble accessing the piece. The text of the article is also available here. The embedded video is available here.

Korean Translation:

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