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March 27: Arrest Warrant Sought for Ousted Park (The Korea Herald)

March 10: How to Heal Your Energy - Master Oh Shares his Tips to Beat Burnout (Yahoo Style UK)

Feeling run down seems to be the modern norm. Claims of ‘burn-out’ are thrown around like a badge of honour. But it really shouldn’t be like that.

If you’re tired all the time (TATT), lacking mental or physical energy or suffering from a constant low mood, it’s not something you just have to live with.

We spoke to Master Oh, a Korean energy specialist who brings Eastern healing to stressed out Westerners, to help them get a handle on their hectic lives. He believes that problems with your internal, fundamental energy – or ‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘chi’) ’ – is a big reason so many of us feel run down. We need to take care of our Qi and fix problems in order to feel whole, happy and able to cope with anything life throws at us.

Not taking care of yourself and demanding too much from your mind and body can make you feel low. But you can have low chi even if you’re taking care of yourself, which is why you can be eating well and exercising, keeping stress down and generally giving yourself a break, yet still feel shattered.

Master Oh explains it to me with a nice analogy:

“In Western terms, ‘Qi’ means vital energy. In my patients I see three different Qi problems – a shortage, a blockage, and an imbalance.

“We are born with a certain level of Qi. It is like your car battery and when this energy becomes low, it creates problems, physical and emotional.

He grins, “I recharge people’s battery.”

Symptoms of low Qi range from from fatigue, stress, anxiety and insomnia to depression, headaches, tension, and full blown burn-out.

Master Oh shared with us his top tips to boost your energy:

1. Start your day with a 10-minute meditation to clear and focus your mind. Make yourself peaceful and ready to deal with the day whatever it brings by making your mind positive and accepting.

2. Eat regularly and don’t snack on sugar to keep your energy levels steady.

3. Smile! This makes others happy, opens the energy pores on our face, attracting better luck and fortune for the day.

4. In the cold weather, keep your lower abdomen and the top of your head warm as these are two major energy centres. The lower abdomen is the location of the danjan, or human battery and supports the circulation of energy throughout the body.

5. Receive regular treatments to unblock the energy channels and boost the circulation of energy to create balance of body, mind and spirit.

The last of these, when everything else doesn’t work, is the energy healing that Master Oh does himself in his Central London clinic.

I went to visit him in the midst of the Winter Blues. I naturally slide towards the cynical side of life, but went with an open mind. After filling out a questionnaire about my mental and physical  ailments, and what I was hoping to get out of the treatment, I sat down to talk things through with Master Oh.

He’s a very calm man, as you might expect, and smiles easily.

When he’s got an idea of your overall health and concerns, you lie face up on the bed and he, well, heals your energy.

General Discussion / Re: Violence Against Women in Korea
« on: March 05, 2017, 12:12:31 PM »
Did you hear about how the Brock Turner case turned out last month? It's so infuriating how lightly people take rape. I'm glad you are trying to spread the awareness.

Yeah, that was astounding! Thank you.. Sorry for the late reply. I thought I replied soon after your posted, but just realized I hadn't. Here are some more articles...

2016 Continued
November 25: SNU Professor Writes Open Letter to Student Who Accosted Her
(Korea JoongAng Daily)

December 16: SK Diplomat in Latin America Embroiled in Sexual Harassment Scandal (The Korea Times)

December 19: Korean Diplomat Caught Harassing Chilean Girl on Hidden Camera (The Korea Times)

December 20: SK Diplomat Repatriated After Chile Sexual Harassment Scandal (UPI)

December 23: Mid East-Based Korean Envoy Punished for Sexual Harassment (The Korea Times)

December 27: SK Diplomat Also Raped 12-year-old Girl in Chile (The Korea Times)
Diplomat Sacked for Raping Minor in Chile (The Korea Times)

December 28: Standing Up Against Misogyny in the Arts: Sexual Abuse Cases Brought to Light (Korea JoongAng Daily)

January 1: Another Foreign Ministry Official Indicted for Sex-Related Crime (The Korea Times)

January 3: Man Gets 35-Year Jail Sentence for Killing Pregnant Girlfriend (The Korea Times)

January 5: Taking to the Streets to Fight Misogyny: Organizing Online, Young Women Turn Anger into Action (Korea JoongAng Daily)

January 12: Court Upholds 30-Year Jail Term for Gangnam Murderer (Yonhap News)

January 23: Thousands Join Women’s March (Korea JoongAng Daily)

February 16: Chinese Gets 25-Year Prison Sentence for Murdering Korean Woman in Jeju Church (The Korea Times)

February 23: 105 Offenders Caught in Teenage Prostitution Bust (The Korea Times)

February 27: 55% of Korean Men Link Sexual Assault with Women's Behavior (Yonhap News)

Another one, this one from November 2015. The symbol that looks like a target is a symbol used by the parent Korean cult.

November 2015: Qi Wellness Center
Last weekend I visited a bubble of calmness floating high above the noisy hustle and bustle of Regent Street - Qi Wellness Centre. I went in a fatigued, frustrated soul and came out completely refreshed...

Saturday morning I had a bit of a nightmare - my train was cancelled, and the second delayed. I took the tube, and missed my stop. By the time I rolled up to Qi Wellness Centre, who had invited me to their open day, I was a bedraggled mess, wet through and late to my induction.

Yet even upon entry, I knew that I was holding onto unnecessary emotion - the soft lighting, calming scent and beautifully clean entry hall convinced me of that before I had even taken off my shoes and was shown into the introductory talk to Qi.

You may be wondering what exactly Qi is - and so was I on first hearing about it. Qi (pronounced 'key') is another variant on 'chi', the important life force that flows through us from the yin and yang energy from nature and beyond. While I'm in no way a spiritual expert, I can completely appreciate this concept of balancing forces, and the uneven, urban lifestyles we lead bringing discomfort both mentally and physically.

Throughout the course of the day, with my fellow beginners, we took part in a number of activities that connected us to our bodies and minds. After the introductory talk under the gaze of the protective glass eyes on either end of the room, we took part in chanting, then moving to warm-up exercises similar to sun salutations while remaining stood, as well as hip openers before taking to our floor cushions. Sat simply in the quiet, hum-free meditation room was really quite refreshing - it's hard to find a place that quiet in London, even in your own home.

It was there that we were invited to practice pranayama, or alternate nostril breathing, and then to meditate, with softly-spoken instructions from Leanne, a practitioner at the centre. I began with visualising energy flowing from the tip top of the head to the toes, a similar practice I've tried when meditating previously, and the snippet of time flew by! The golden light I had been focused on turned to easing the slight aches and pains in my body until I was truly comfortable, and truly still. Lifting my eyelids upon 15 minutes, I was surprised to see how quickly I had sunk into the calmer places in my mind - the morning's frustration was completely forgotten.

After this, we were told about the at-home practices offered by the centre - the place is so pristine, yet I hadn't noticed the only piece of technology in the place, a camera discretely positioned on the ceiling so as to permit joining sessions from home. If you're unable to visit the place itself, it may be worth logging on to enjoy the tranquility that the centre exudes through its practices.

To finish the day, we were each scheduled in for a treatment. While nibbling on the hummus and nuts provided as refreshment, I took to reading a review framed near the entrance, which mentioned something to do with odd massages and burping, so I did feel a little anxiety return. But when Alex, my treatment practitioner, took me to a room, again I felt at ease, laying back on a massage table without any embarrassment at having her hands read my body. She massaged my torso through my clothes, exhaling in a strange, methodic way, discovering the tightness in my abdomen from a tough week at work, the pain under my right shoulder blade from poor posture, and finally the excess emotion I had been carrying. By the end of the session I genuinely felt lighter, and I told her this while wiping away a few tears that I couldn't fathom! It was an odd experience, but she said the exact same thing had happened to her the first time she was treated too.

I left shortly after, a-glow from the time I had spent there, with a somewhat deeper understanding of the way my body works, storing emotion in an almost physical way within my body, as well as the true necessity of meditation. I promised to return again soon, and I know that I'll feel just as good the second time round too.

Another piece about Master Oh that is either paid content or the result of extraordinary lazy reporting. It is interesting that Qi Wellness is not mentioned, only Master Oh's personal site which includes odd testimonies such as “If I had to cross a desert I would choose Master Oh as my companion, I would trust only him to get me to the other side” and Skype and phone treatments. There are hints of the front he leads, one being this photo from the article contains "Qiwell" in its url:

February 23, 2017: How to Stop Feeling Tired and Boost Your Energy Levels (Amy Harris for The Evening Standard)

For Londoners, feeling run down and perpetually tired is not a rare occurence. We work hard and we play hard and it takes its toll.

Master Oh is an energy healer who specialises in treating conditions such as low-energy, chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Here, he shares his five energy-boosting tips for Londoners.

1. Meditate
Start your day with a 10-minute meditation to clear and focus the mind. A peaceful mind is ready to deal with anything. If we prepare ourselves to accept all situations and people with a positive and calm attitude, we can remain peaceful throughout the day and avoid draining energy. Our brain uses up 60 per cent of our Qi/chi (energy), while the other 40 per cent is spent on our physical activity. In modern life, we rely so much on our mind and tend to overuse our energy reserves dealing with the resultant stress and emotions. To create energy, we have to free ourselves from our negative emotions and thought patterns. 

2. Smile
Smiling is a simple and effective way to make others happy and improve your energy circulation internally. It also creates positive energy for you and others and stops us from focusing on our personal worries and emotions. Smiling also opens the energy pores on your face, attracting better fortune and good luck into your day.

3. Eat Regularly
In the body, our energy reserves are like the battery in a car and food is like the petrol. Both are important for the car to function. Try to keep energy levels steady by eating at regular times. Eat food that will sustain, support and nourish you and avoid sugary snacks and coffee, which despite their initial boost, drain your energy.

4. Keep Warm
We have two major energy centres on the top of the head and lower abdomen. By keeping these areas warm in cold weather, we support the energy circulation within our body and drain less energy.

5. Sleep Soundly
During sleep, our body recharges and detoxifies. In order to improve the quality of your sleep, finish eating at least two hours before going to bed. Turn your phone and laptop onto plane mode and try to get to bed before midnight. The hours between 10pm and 12am are most important as these are when our body has the deepest sleep.

For more info about Master Oh and his treatments, visit:

And Master Oh will host a mediatation retreat in Korea in April 2017. The location is not given, but I would be very surprised if it isn't at his cult's headquarters.

Strange Events & Scandals / Re: Exorcism Murders
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:26:00 PM »
February 21, 2017: Five South Koreans Convicted in Fatal Exorcism Case (The Daily Mail)
The Frankfurt regional court found the main defendant, a 44-year-old cousin of the victim, guilty Monday of serious bodily harm resulting in death. The dpa news agency reported that she was sentenced to six years in prison. Four other defendants, including the victim's 16-year-old son, were given suspended sentences of between 18 months and two years.

The sentences were lower than prosecutors had demanded. The court concluded that the defendants had genuinely believed they were driving a demon out of the 41-year-old woman's body and that reports of "gruesome torture" weren't proven.

March 22: How A 20-Year-Old Exorcism Sent Me In Search Of Korea’s Cult Problem (Buzzfeed)

Corresponding media in Korea April 2006:
April 17 2006 Daum news (translation from Korean)

That Korean article is archived here on the Internet Archive.

Here is the English translation I had on my old site:
April 17, 2006

At the Exodus meeting held on the morning of the 17th, former/withdrawn JMS followers publicized the evidential documents and pictures regarding the systematic sexual crimes of female followers by Jung Myung-suk.

According to their publicized evidence, it included evidential photos with swimsuit clad middle school and high school girls ranging from age 16 to 28.

Moreover, a description of these girls’ age, height and background were included along with a brief introduction of them, sent together to the religious leader.

According to those on Exodus’s side, “The pictures of the leaders of JMS are tall, pretty, young middle school, high school girls…(these pictures) were then sent to the religious leader Jung Myung-suk to see,” and, “The problem is that these sex crimes cannot simply be blamed on JMS leader Jung Myung-suk (he is not the only one who engaged in these crimes), but in order to gain the likes of their religious leader, the followers choose tall, pretty and young female victims as ‘sexual gifts’,” they reported.

Moreover, “After looking at the photos, (Jung Myung-suk) systematically goes through a process of choosing the girls from the photos that pleases him and calls upon (these girls) from overseas to rape them,” they reported.

Furthermore they report, “There are several photos, letters and documents sent to these girls by Jung Myung-suk regarding the molestations that serves as definite proof,” and they stressed that, “These are only the cases discovered (there are probably so much more yet to be found).”

“These documents and photos provides further progress in the current civil/criminal suits faced against JMS religious leader Jung Myung-suk,” they illustrated.

A JMS affiliate illustrated, “You need to see and confirm the truth (for yourself)” and “This is a chance for the Exodus side to legally confront them.”

A JMS affiliate recently in response to the news about JMS responded, “The atmosphere within the religious organization has been really exasperated,” and “I cannot understand how to deal with this kind of situation.”

He said, “The media report regarding the JMS scandal is causing a snowball effect among believers.”

Moreover, he added, “In response to the media report this time, the religious leader Jung Myung-suk did not have anything to say.”

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