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Title: South Korean JMS Cult Recruiting Students at US Universities
Post by: Peter on April 10, 2014, 12:48:13 AM
This has been in development for a while now, but thankfully Mallory's story found a home on Rick Ross's cult awareness site. Below is part of the story, please click on the link to read the rest.

South Korean “cult” JMS recruiting students at US universities (
By Mallory Miller

Austin, Texas — Sophomore college student Sabrina Smith was recruited at University of Texas to join a Korean Christian group often called a “cult” under the impression it was just an innocent bible study. Hsu, a member of the group, “Jesus Morning Star,” grabbed Smith’s attention as she was walking across campus to class in April 2013. Hsu asked her if she’d be interested in doing a one-on-one bible study.

“I was already a part of a group bible study, but I thought it would be cool to learn the bible more closely one-on-one,” said Smith. “She got my information, emailed me and then we got started.”

Smith, who joined the bible study in April 2013, was simply trying to find a new way to seek God. However, she quit five months later after discovering she was being indoctrinated to believe that ex-fugitive criminal Jeong Myung-seok (aka Joshua Jung, Joshua Lee and Pastor Joshua), who’s also portrayed in the media as “heaven’s rapist,” is the second living messiah on Earth.

Jeong Myeong-seok is the founder of Jesus Morning Star religious organization, also known as Global Association of Culture and Peace, JMS, Setsuri, the Bright Smile Movement, and Providence Gospel. His followers call him “Seonseng Nim,” the Korean word for “teacher.” Jesus Morning Star has spread globally, predominantly through university recruitment at campuses such as the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University, and National Taiwan University. There are 240 branches of the church in Korea alone with over 150,000 followers.

Myeong-seok, a former member of the Unification Church founded by now deceased Rev. Sun Myung Moon, started the JMS group in the 1970s based upon some of the teachings of the Unification Church, such as its purification rituals. However, in JMS the purification rituals require women to have sex with the “second messiah,” whom Myeong-seok claims to be, in order to enter heaven and to purify themselves from the original sin which cast Eve out from the Garden of Paradise

“They don’t make those teachings public of course, but the signs are all there,” said Peter Daley, a cult watcher, who spends time spreading awareness about JMS and other controversial Asian groups called “cults” through the Internet.

Myeong-seok was officially charged with rape in 2001, after leaving South Korea in 1999. He left South Korea after it was broadcast on national television that he had committed the crime of rape. This was also reported by newspapers in Asia. He was arrested in Hong Kong in 2003, but fled again after an extradition hearing. Myeong-seok was finally caught and jailed with a 10-year sentence in February 2009. He is still serving his sentence currently in South Korea. Since his arrest was publicized more than 100 women have claimed they were raped or sexually abused by Myeong-seok during purification rituals.
Title: Re: South Korean “cult” JMS recruiting students at US universities
Post by: Peter on December 28, 2015, 11:43:44 AM
I just noticed a couple of interesting comments posted under the above article on Rick's site, one by a cult member, the other by a former member.  Here's the cultist's predictably pathetic response:
these may be just plot against him, set up to accuse him of some thing he didn’t do, attacks from those who do not believe in him so they could put him down. we must be unbiased and see what their teachings really got. they are still multiplying even if their head is in prison suffering right now. why? we must know, we must talk to their members and pastors

The second repeats a claim I have heard both specifically against the senior member named and against senior leadership in general by several former members I trust completely. And that this that senior members are fully aware that sex rituals are at the deep core of their "religion". Why that knowledge doesn't lead them to the obvious conclusion that the rape allegations and convictions are entirely real is a testament to the power of indoctrination and the hold this cult, and others like it, has over its members. In the words of Blaise Pascal: Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.
Yes everything is secretive even among people attending the church because they aren’t “ready” yet. Pastor Greg ..... shared with me that Joshua Jungs sexcapades are true. go figure!

The short-lived blog Greg set up in 2008 certainly carries a name that is  suggestive of the cult's sexual secrets. (