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Title: Timeline/Summary
Post by: rb on December 17, 2006, 11:58:54 AM
Note: the early stuff is not well referenced because it's old, and only Korean media is available for that time.

1980: Jung forms his church.

1980s ( Jung gets sued for rape, but case finished with some compensation.

1999 January ( Claims of rape was broadcast by SBS on national Korean TV. A woman named Whang accused Jung of raping her for 6 months, as well as another woman named Lee and many others. She also claimed to be kidnapped, which resulted in some JMS members being found guilty and locked up. The day after it aired Jung fled Korea.

1999 March ( SBS produces a 50 minute documentary on Jung's sexual acts. As a result, JMS attempts to sue SBS for a billion (South Korean won?) and Whang for 500 million (South Korean won?). Lee submits a medical certificate that says she is a virgin.

1999 July ( SBS produces a second documentary which includes footage of a panicking Jung in Hong Kong after they tracked him down. The nurse who assisted or performed Lee's Virginal Hymen Restoring Surgery testifies that the certificate was a fake.

1999 ( JMS make a deal with Whang to pay her 50 million on the condition she doesn't speak out against Jung anymore. JMS give up the case against SBS.

Maybe early 2001 ( Criminal case.

2001 June ( Because Jung didn't turn up for the court case against him, he's now wanted for rape by the Korean police.

2001 Nov-Dec ( Jung is sued by a Taiwanese woman. The Taiwanese version of Next Magazine produces "Korean cult leader raped over hundred Taiwanese female college students". News of JMS church floods Taiwanese newspapers and TV news.

2002 ( Jung becomes wanted by Interpol.

2003 July ( Jung is arrested in Hong Kong on visa violations. The South Korean government requests he be extradited. Jung is released on US$100,000 bail while the matter is to be heard.  Jung disappears and flees to China. Extadition is granted in his absence and wanted posters are distrubted.

2003 October ( The 62 year old father of the leader/former leader of EXODUS is bashed with a steel pipe, requiring 12 hours surgery, and his facial bones were smashed permanently. JMS members responsible get 15 years?

2004 January ( A JMS member was trapped, given no food, beaten, and eventually killed for 10 days by 6 other JMS members. (While the murder was confirmed by police, the JMS connections were not)

2004 January ( Jung works his way up on the ladder of fugitives; he is awarded the Interpol Red Notice for his work fleeing and hiding.

2005 July ( JMS file lawsuit against Anti-JMS for US$4.8 million.

2006 April ( Four women accuse Jung of rape and kidnapping; two of them were saved by Chinese police when they were escaping at an airport; news of this explodes in Korea. EXODUS presents letters to Jung that contain pictures of girls in bikinis and their descriptions as evidence.

2006 July-August ( The cult becomes the number 1 news story in Japan as his cult is exposed and is accused of sexually abusing over 100 women.

2006 November ( One of the highest leaders of JMS in Korea is arrested believed having extensive knowledge of Jung's criminal activities. A JMS member in the Korean National Security Service is sacked due to his involvement in the cult.

2007 January ( Police raid Japanese cult facilities.

2007 March ( A cult member working for the prosecutor's office was sacked.

2007 May ( Jung arrested in China.

2008 January ( Jung's extradition to Korea approved by China's Supreme Court.

2008 January ( Cult members break into Dong-A Ilbo (newspaper) editorial office for posting story.

2008 January ( Korea Supreme Court rule in favour of two women accusing Jung of rape in absentia.

2008 February ( Jung is extradited back to Korea.

2008 April ( Jung's trial begins.


We're not making this stuff up...
Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: sammer on December 17, 2006, 02:40:05 PM
Is there any specific information about a conference that took place this past summer in Korea?
Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: rb on December 17, 2006, 02:55:39 PM
The CNB news article April 18 ( has information on the conference that occurred that day. The wikinews article ( has some more information. I think also the Taiwanese article with url , but it's down now, so you may have to look around for a cached version.
Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: Peter on December 17, 2006, 02:57:34 PM
Is there any specific information about a conference that took place this past summer in Korea?

Yes, there was a modelling event at Wolmyong Dong, July 31 - August 11, and a few women from North America were there.
I tried to get in to the main night, but I was refused entry. I actually have an mp3 recording of them refusing me entry! I'll post all that stuff eventually.


The CNB news article April 18 ( has information on the conference that occurred that day.
Korean article: (

English Translation:
“JMS Jung Myong Suk molestations continue…where are the officials in all this?” fury
4 victims volunteer to tell all at a press interview…petition for immediate punishment and manhunt

On the evening of the 18th, victims expose the real facts as JMS Christian organization head pastor Jung Myong-Suk faces rape allegations.

Four o’clock that day at a local café in Anguk-dong, the rape victims of Jung Myong-Suk warns the public, “An urgent press conference must be called in order to expose the absurdities of the JMS organization.

Arriving 20 minutes later after the scheduled press conference, all four victims were hidden behind hats and sunglasses.

Not only were the former JMS members-turned victims present at the press conference, but together with them was a representative of the JMS Exodus, Kim Do-Hyung.

In an exasperated voice, Kim Do-Hyung exclaimed, “We are fighting for our lives right now…please put a stop to their (JMS) organized sex crimes….”

During the press conference, followers of JMS attempted to enter through the 2nd floor and tried
to break in.

In place of the victims, Kim Do-Hyung’s speeches revealed the state of things; several rape incidents in China and in 2001, rape allegations sprung up in Malaysia as well.

Kim Do-Hyung pointed out, “Two days after the conference, victims of the rape occurrences in China, 28 year old Kim and 21 year old Chang, left a local hospital after receiving treatment for the inflictions they suffered from the ordeal only to discover JMS members visiting their homes and mentally tormenting them with phone calls.”

Furthermore, Kim Do-Hyung stated, “Jung Myong-Suk, who was arrested in Hong Kong 2003 after accusations from another one of his victims, paid 10,000 for bail in U.S. dollars to free himself, fled to mainland China, and commanded his followers to ‘seek revenge’.”

“The submitted records regarding the origins of the JMS followers and the allegations that follow are handled by Seoul’s prosecutor and one investigator, supposed members of JMS, but are quickly turning into a cover-up.”

It was then followed by the testimonies of the victims. The victims all reported, “It was the first time meeting Jung Myong-Suk when the rapes occurred.”

Afterwards, the victims confessed to their own experiences, one by one. While the rapes took place in 2003 in Hong Kong, JMS events have already been running for 2 years. The victims shed further light on the incident, “At the time when they claimed to have caught Jung Myong-Suk, I thought, ‘This must really be the end’ but no more than 3 years have passed, and these allegations arises again!” Furthermore, in raising her frustrated voice, “Just what is the government doing?!”

Moreover, another victim reported, “The strategy of JMS is to attract middle and high school students by holding cultural events and recruiting them through the enrollment lists.”

Two days after the conference, one victim related to the outbreak of the rape allegations in China exclaimed, “This is injustice at its worst,” and pleaded “Please catch him,” while tears streamed down her face. Another victim added, “I have nothing more to say…just please, let there be justice and punishment.”

After the end of the press conference, one person abruptly seized the mic and expressed her grief, “Why do we have to cover ourselves with hats and sunglasses as we speak?!”

The hour-long press conference ended with the victims rushing out of the rooms, leaving reporters unable to contact them as their phones were off.

Meanwhile, one hour before the commencement of the press conference, around 20 followers of JMS standing outside of the café refuted, “This is nothing more than propaganda and a one-sided argument without listening to our side.”
Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: rb on December 17, 2006, 03:30:31 PM
I'm doing too many things at once. That conference didn't even happen in summer! There were JMS conferences in early/mid July, if that's what you mean sammer. It wasn't a global one, they haven't had a global conference since 2004. I don't remember seeing any information relating to that though, but I do know they had one (I think early July, while the ones in other places were mid July). Of course there will be information on the Korean site ( but, in Korean...
Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: WasNotWas on December 19, 2006, 03:17:58 PM
It wasn't a global one, they haven't had a global conference since 2004. I don't remember seeing any information relating to that though, but I do know they had one (I think early July, while the ones in other places were mid July).

In the states there was a lot of stuff going on this summer with a tour from Jung's representative, Apostle J - I heard of people going over from Europe to Canada around that time & which might have been for an event at the end of the tour, but nothing was ever posted on the cult boards about that specifically.
Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: Peter on October 31, 2012, 01:19:42 PM
4 years later... I've been working on expanding RB's timeline. It's still a work in progress, but it's coming along nicely, and I found some articles we missed the first time around:

1980: Jeong forms his church. According to JMS's Director of External Affairs, Pastor Chullwhan Choi aka Andrew Choi aka Andrew Kim (Kim being a false name) (, the "church" was founded in 1982. I have heard earlier dates circa late 1970s.

1980s ( Jeong sued for rape.

1994: Jeong's first visit to the US.
During R's first visit to the U.S. in 1994, I asked R if I can follow him around so I can learn about him before going off to pioneer.
Source: Closed forum for JMS senior English speaking members.

January ( Claims of rape was broadcast by SBS on national Korean TV. A woman named Whang accused Jeong of raping her for 6 months, as well as another woman named Lee and many others. She also claimed she was kidnapped, which resulted in some JMS members being found guilty and jailed. The day after it aired, Jeong fled Korea.

Cult Members Protest Media Reports: (
His case became known after Korean television network SBS first carried a report on his alleged wrongdoing in 1999. At that time, about 6,000 followers staged a protest in front of the TV station over the report.

March ( SBS produces a 50-minute documentary on Jeong's sexual acts. As a result, JMS attempts to sue SBS for a billion (South Korean won?) and Whang for 500 million (South Korean won?). Lee submits a medical certificate that says she is a virgin. Excerpts here in this JMS produced refutation video:

July ( SBS produces a second documentary which includes footage of a panicking Jeong in Hong Kong after they tracked him down. The nurse who assisted or performed Lee's Virginal Hymen Restoring Surgery testifies that the certificate was a fake.

1999 ( JMS make a deal with Whang to pay her 50 million on the condition she doesn't speak out against Jeong any more. JMS gave up the case against SBS. Link contains a summary of the events of the year.

Maybe early 2001 ( Criminal case.

June 30: Rape Charge Filed & Jeong a Fugitive ( (Korean Police English Notice Board)


November 12: S. Korean Religious Figure Faces Sexual Assault Accusations ( (Taipei Times)
Taipei prosecutors will investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against a South Korean religious figure operating in Taiwan, police said yesterday. Chung Myung-seok (鄭明析), founder of the South Korean Jesus Morning Star Church (南韓攝理教會), is suspected of sexually assaulting his female followers. A Chinese-language magazine said Chung had sexually assaulted the women, many of them students from National Taiwan and National Chengchi universities, telling them it was part of a religious ceremony. The accusation prompted the police to investigate.

Next Magazine Expose with English Translation (


December 11: Victims of Alleged Sect Sex Crimes to File Charges in Taipai (
Article Archived Here. ( And here. (
Victims of alleged sexual harassments by Cheng Myong Suk, founder of the Jesus Morning Star (JMS) sect in South Korea said they will officially file charges against Cheng and Huang Ching-yuan, a Taiwan pastor and spokesman for the religious group, today at the Taipei District Court.

Ms. Kim, one of two Korean women who flew into Taipei, held a news conference yesterday to tell how Cheng had sexually violated their bodies and mental health in the name God’s will. Kim and sympathizers, members of the Exodus, an organization established by former JMS members in South Korea, claimed that the number of Cheng’s victims could exceed 500 in several nations, including Korea, Japan, Germany, and Taiwan.
June 13: GACP & Bright Smile Movement Invite World Cup Spectators to JMS Cult HQ ( (Taipei Times)
While it cannot be said to be shadowy, the movement has some similarities with cults. It was formed by Joshua Jung, who was born in, and developed a retreat at, a secluded village called Wolmyungdong in Geumsan County, a famous ginseng-growing area in central South Korea. It is said to have the biggest natural rock landscaping park in the country and a "Fountain of Miracles" which some say can heal incurable diseases. According to the Global Association of Culture and Peace, Wolmyungdong is a "masterpiece embodied with divine design although made by human hands." The members of the group said they weren't all Christians, but when I asked each one of them, they all said they were.
Source: Taipei Times

October 27: "Love" Cult Snares Japanese Students ( (The Japan Times Archived At Cult Education Institute)
In July 2000, "P" was accorded the privilege of meeting the master in Osaka. She entered a carpeted room where she sat and was instructed to lie down facing upward. Then the master began administering a "health checkup," which she was told would "protect" her from women's ailments. "He began feeling me up and poking me, saying 'Daijobu, daijobu (It's all right).' " Afterward, an official said that the master had demonstrated his love for her, and swore her to secrecy. About six months later, "P." was summoned by the master once more. "This time he disrobed from the waist down and had sex with me," she claims. "It was no different from ordinary sex. And while he did it, he kept on repeating 'Daijobu, daijobu.' "
November: SBS (Korea) airs 47-minute follow-up report.
Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: Peter on November 08, 2013, 02:22:25 PM
July/August: Arrest in Hong Kong/Jeong Flees Again: - Minutes Prior to Cult Leader Jeong Myeong-seok's 2003 Arrest in Hong Kong (

July 31: Wanted Cult Leader May be Repatriated to South Korea ( (South China Morning Post)
The spiritual leader of a controversial South Korean religious cult is facing repatriation to answer criminal inquiries after he was arrested by Hong Kong immigration officers this month. Jung Myoung-seok, 58, the founder and leader of the International Christian Association, was arrested about three weeks ago for overstaying his visa. He is wanted by South Korean police investigating a rape allegation from one of his followers. Mr Jung left South Korea in 1999 after a media report accused him of sexual assault, and he has since been in exile in Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong. He has been released on bail and has already hired a lawyer to appeal against repatriation.
Note: Jeong fled soon after that article was published.

February 23, 2008 - References 2003 Events
 Religious Sect Leader Formally Arrested on Rape Charges ( (Yonhap News)
The self-proclaimed messiah has been on the run since 1999 after a South Korean television station aired a program alleging that he raped many women who followed him. He was once detained in Hong Kong in 2003 on visa violations but fled to China where he was arrested (in 2007).

August 21: Exodus Members and Reporter Attacked by JMS Members ( (Christian Today - English Translation)

September 26: Korean Police Confirm Jeong's Fugitive Status ( (Korean Police English Board Archived at The Internet Archive)
Thank you for your visiting Korean National Police Agency.
We inform you that the suspect, Myung Sok JUNG (DOB : 17 February 1945, male ) is wanted for charge of rape, etc. by Seoul District Prosecutor's Office(Foreign Affairs Division, prosecutor's name : LEE Yong Min, contact phone no. : 82-2-530-4821∼2)
Seoul Interpol requested the suspect's deportation to Hongkong Interpol on 1 July 2003.
The suspect was arrested for illegal stay in Hongkong, China by Hongkong Immigration Department on 9 July 2003 but released on bail after 3 days.
Hongkong Immigration Department approved the exit order for Korea against Myung Sok JUNG. However, the suspect disappeared since he appealed dissatisfaction to Immigration Department on 1 August 2003.
Hongkong police cancelled the bail against the suspect and are searching for him after registering the suspect on watching lists.

October: JMS Assault father of anti-JMS NGO In retaliation for the above, the 62 year-old father of the leader of EXODUS (anti-jms NGO)  ( Do-Hyon was bashed with a steel pipe, requiring 12 hours surgery. The attack took place after the JMS members who were assigned to attack failed to locate Kim Do-Hyon. JMS members responsible got 15 years? ( (

Korean News Report with English Translation: - 2004 Korean Docomentary on the cult of Jung Myung-seok with English translation (


January 27 - 2009 Article Mentions Interpol Red Notice: Interpol Red Notice issued. (

October: This appeared earlier on the Wikipedia page for the IOCA Modelling JMS front group. That page was recently merged into the main page for JMS/Providence. (

In October 2005 Apple Daily (Taiwan) reported that many student clubs in National Central University and other campuses are recruiting for Providence Church. These clubs hold a wide variety of activities including the "Eagle Cup" soccer tournament in Taipei city and regular model training. The paper quoted an undisclosed former church member, that the church's "modeling department" is in fact a channel of recruiting sexual partners for Jung. The paper obtained three audio recordings of dialogues of some female members, which say that Jung have had sex with ten female members by mutual consent, most of them college students from the modeling department.

April 18: Victim Press Conference, Seoul:

Four o’clock that day at a local café in Anguk-dong, the rape victims of Jung Myong-Suk warned the public, “An urgent press conference must be called in order to expose the absurdities of the JMS organization.

Arriving 20 minutes later after the scheduled press conference, all four victims were hidden behind hats and sunglasses. Not only were the former JMS members-turned victims present at the press conference, but together with them was a representative of the JMS Exodus, Kim Do-Hyung.

In an exasperated voice, Kim Do-Hyung exclaimed, “We are fighting for our lives right now…please put a stop to their (JMS) organized sex crimes….”

April 18: Four Korean Women Accuse JMS Leader Jeong Myeong-seok of Rape (
Korean Article ( (CNB News)
More here including English translation of above Korean article. (
Three videos of the press conference are available here. (

April 23: Jung Myung-Suk Enjoying Being A Fugitive Emperor? ( (SISA Press) English Translation (

May: American JMS Founder Leaves Cult, Writes Resignation Letter, and is Excommunicated. (
Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: Peter on April 08, 2014, 11:54:06 AM
July/August, Japan:
July 20: Setsuri Cult Facilities Raided Over Immigration Suspicions ( (The Japan Times)

July 27: South Korean Cult Merges Sex with Prayer ( (Criss Cross)
"...many young women believe JMS is a pure religion; they don't know about the sexual exploitation by the founder that comes with it. Any number of women, virgins among them, have been forced into sexual relations." Korean and Japanese victims, the magazine figures, number in the thousands.

July 28: Concerns Raised About Cult Led by Fugitive ( (Asahi Shimbun Archived at Cult Education Institute)

July 29: 2,000 Japanese Join Cult Led by Suspected Sex Offender on the Run From Interpol ( (Asahi Shinbun Archived at Worldwide Religious News)
Churches, lawyers and families are planning to take action against an expanding cult led by a former Moonie who is on Interpol's international wanted list for sexually abusing female followers. About 2,000 Japanese have joined the cult called "Setsuri" (providence), and membership here continues to grow, they said. The cult was established by Jung Myung Seok, 61, in South Korea around 1980, and has been active in Japan for at least 15 years. Members are forced to live with other cultists and participate in mass wedding ceremonies, the sources said.  Former followers and others say the cult also engages in brainwashing and secrecy, while Jung rampantly sexually abuses female members.

July 31: Ex-Cultists May Sue Over Sexual Harassment ( (Yomiuri Shimbun Archived at Cult Education Institute)

Lawyers Eye Cult Rape Accusations ( (The Japan Times)

Cult Aimed at Elite at 50 Universities ( (Asahi Shimbun Archived at Cult Education Institute)
Recruiters for a cult headed by a fugitive wanted by Interpol have been targeting elite students at over 50 universities nationwide, sources say. The universities rank among the country's most prestigious, and include the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and Waseda University, according to those who quit the "Setsuri" (Providence) cult and their lawyers. "I was instructed to solicit elite students first," said a 32-year-old man who recruited at a university in the Tohoku region before quitting the cult. "I believe it was because they are expected to bring in large donations and help raise the cult's status as employees of major businesses or government entities in the future."

Cult Collects at Least 100 Million Yen Annually ( (Asahi Shimbun Archived at Cult Education Institute)
The Setsuri (providence) cult has collected at least 100 million yen ($875,000) a year from its members and uses some of the funds to help the group leader flee from police, sources said. Former members of the cult said the more money they "donated," the higher the recognition they gained in the group, which is believed to have about 2,000 members in Japan, the sources said.

August 3: Guru Said to Have Raped Prospective Brides Before Mass Weddings ( (Asahi Shimbun Archived at Cult Education Institute)
A cult led by a fugitive former Moonie wanted on rape charges coerced more than 300 Japanese members to wed in mass ceremonies modeled on South Korea's Unification Church, say former cultists. They said cult founder Jung Myung Seok would interview prospective brides and sometimes sexually assaulted them. Jung, 61, apparently viewed mass weddings as a means of increasing the cult membership.

August 8: S. Korean Cult Member Suspected of Illegally Obtaining Visa ( (The Seoul Times)

August 9: Cult Targeted Students at Top Universities ( (Asahi Shimbun Archived at Cult Education Institute)

August 10: Lawyer Files Criminal Complaint Against Setsuri Cult Member ( (Kyodo News Archived at Cult Education Institute)

August 11: Company Boss Accused of Violating Immigration Laws in S. Korean Cult Case ( (Mainichi Daily News Archived at Cult Education Institute)

Setsuri Cultist Faces Police Investigation ( (The Japan Times)

August 16: Lawyers pursue S. Korean Cult Officials ( (Yomiuri Shimbun Archived at Cult Education Institute)

August 18: Editorial: Another Problem Cult ( (Asahi Shinbum Archived at JMSCult)

A collection of Japanese news reports can be downloaded from here. (

Australian Government Document Mentions Japanese News Reports about JMS (Setsuri) (
Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: Peter on July 21, 2015, 12:25:19 AM
2006 Cont.:
August 18: How to Spot A Woolly Wolf ( (The Keimyung Gazette)
Soccer, cheerleading, modelling, photography, martial arts, dance, drama, and music festivals are all activities JMS uses to acquire new members, Hosting there events are front organizations: organization with no obvious links to JMS. Totally deceptive in nature, members routinely lie to hide their JMS connections, An international student studying at Ewha Women's University found herself at Wolmyungdong after being invited to a martial arts display.

October 18: Government Officials Suspected of Helping JMS Head ( (Dong-A Ilbo)
It was reported on October 17 that a staff member of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) was fired for handing over personal information to the head of JMS, Jeong Myeong-seok. A written inquiry was conducted by prosecutors when a prosecutor in actual service was accused of revealing the contents of the investigation to Jeong.

November 13: Alleged Cult Sows Seeds Via Campus Event ( (UC San Diego Guardian)
Members of a controversial religious group, led by an international fugitive wanted for numerous instances of alleged rape and sexual assault of female members, recently held an event at UCSD, which included a modeling show featuring young women, singing and videotaped religious messages from the group’s founder — hallmarks of the group’s tactics to recruit new members. ... Although GACP membership continues to increase, Daley said that the group should be regarded with caution. ”I think it’s one of the most dangerous cults around," he said.

January 19: Police: Setsuri Cult No. 2 in Hiding in Taiwan ( (Mainichi Shimbun Archived at Cult Education Institute)
Police Raid More Setsuri Cult Facilities ( (Kyodo Archived at Worldwide Religious News)

January 20: Setsuri Cult Facilities Raided over Immigration Suspicions ( (Japan Times)

February 17 & 20: Japanese News Reports: Jung Sighted in Costa Rica Videos available here. (

March 10: Claims Sect Using Social Groups to Recruit ( (Sydney Morning Herald)
A FRINGE religious sect, which has reportedly brainwashed young women for sex with a messianic South Korean leader, has been accused of recruiting potential members through a soccer team based at Sydney University. The Global Association of Culture and Peace, a social group started by the controversial Providence church, has also run dancing and modelling activities to attract students in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other cities. Until recently it held secret ceremonies behind a nondescript Annandale shopfront, where attendees participated in choreographed cheerleading and watched videotaped sermons. The building was sold eight days ago, and the group is thought to be looking for new premises.

March 16: Prosecutor Sacked for Aiding Jeong (
Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: Peter on July 21, 2015, 12:25:42 AM
2007 Cont.:

May 12: Man Believed to be Leader of Setsuri Cult Held in China (*****/man-believed-leader-setsuri-cult-held-china) (Business Highbeam)

Leader of Setsuri cult held in China ( (Japan Times Archived at Cult Help and Information Library)

May 15: Asian Cult Leader Arrested ( (The Australian) (Article Archive Here) (
Chinese police have captured Jung Myung-seok, the founder of one of Asia's most notorious cults, the Jesus Morning Star movement. And in a rare example of north Asian collaboration, it appears authorities in China, Japan and South Korea are discussing where he will face a long list of charges. South Korean-born Jung, 61, was a member of the Unification Church led by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - the "Moonies" - in the 1970s, before establishing his own group.

May 16: Alleged South Korean Rape Cult Leader Arrested in China ( (Fox News)

May 17: Cult Leader Arrested ( (Taipei Times)
Founder of Cult Captured in China after 8 Years ( (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Chinese authorities have been questioning Jung for crimes he allegedly committed in China, which have not been announced, separately from the charges he faces in other countries, the ministry said. “Because Chinese authorities have the priority to investigate Jung’s crimes committed in China, the extradition could be delayed,” said Hwang Cheol-gyu, an official with the ministry’s international criminal investigation department. “We will be able to begin the investigation and trial before the end of this year, at the earliest, after the extradition.” ...
In 1999, SBS aired an investigative report about the sexual abuse allegations against Jung. After a series of media reports, Jung fled overseas, but accusations of sexual abuse surfaced in other countries

May 22: 韩国著名“淫乱教主”郑明析在中国落入法网 Korea's famous "Lecherous leader" Zheng Ming analysis falls into the law in China (Wenxu City - Google Translation (

Japanese News Clips: (Videos available here) (

Korean News Clips: (The videos can be downloaded from here) (

June 2: SBS broadcast 54-minute report (I Want To Know About It episode 430): Video begins with JMS response:

Title: Re: Timeline/Summary
Post by: Peter on July 21, 2015, 12:32:53 AM
January 2: Accused Rapist Cult Leader Faces Extradition to Korea ( (Agence France-Presse via Asia One News - Archived Here (
China's top court has approved the extradition of a South Korean cult leader accused of raping his female followers, the justice ministry in Seoul said on Wednesday. China's Supreme People's Court last month upheld a decision by a tribunal in the northeastern province of Liaoning to extradite Jeong Myeong Seok, it said.

January 15: JMS Members Vandalize Newspaper Office ( (The Dong-A Ilbo)
Members of the religious cult JMS broke into the editorial office of the Dong-A Ilbo Monday morning. They smashed the glass entrance on the 13th floor to enter the daily`s office, demanding the removal of articles on the cult`s founder Jeong Myeong-seok.

February 21: Cult Boss Extradited to Face Sex Raps ( (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Cult Leader Extradited to Korea ( (The Korea Times)
China Extradites Chief of Alleged S. Korean Rapist Cult ( (The China Post)
China Extradites S. Korean Cult Leader ( (Radio Australia)

February 23: Religious Sect Leader Formally Arrested on Rape Charges ( (Yonhap News)
A fugitive South Korean religious sect leader has been formally put under arrest on rape charges, prosecutors said Saturday, days after he was extradited from China. Jeong Myeong-seok, 62, the leader of Jesus Morning Star or JMS named after his initials, was arrested in China in May last year at the request of the Seoul government. He was extradited to Seoul last week. Officials from the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office said Jeong was put behind bars for trial after a Seoul court issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of raping a number of his followers.

July 14: Former Prosecutor Barred From Becoming Lawyer for Leaking Personal Information to JMS Cult ( (The Korea Times)
A dismissed prosecutor's application to become a lawyer has been turned down because he leaked personal information of the victims of a cult to the cult's members. The Korean Bar Association (KBA) said Monday that it will not give the prosecutor, identified only as Lee, the right to practice law. "We've disapproved his application as he is considered unqualified to be a lawyer,'' said Choe Tae-hyeoung, spokesman for the association. This is the first case in Korean legal history that a former prosecutor has failed to win the right to offer his services as a lawyer.

August 12: Cult Leader Gets 6-Year Prison Term ( (The Korea Times)
Notorious cult leader Jung Myung-seok received Tuesday a six year prison sentence for raping and sexually abusing his female followers. The Seoul Central District Court said in its ruling, ``Jung is senile and has no criminal record. But he repeatedly raped and sexually harassed several female followers who had trusted him as the Messiah, inflicting immense mental damage on his victims. Even worse, the accused took no action to mitigate their pain and show remorse for what he did.''

S Korea Cult leader Jailed for Sex Crimes ( (ABC Australia)

South Korean Religious Sect Leader Jailed for Rape (  (Reuters)

August 13: JMS Cult Leader Convicted of Rape ( (Korea JoongAng Daily)
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Post by: Peter on July 21, 2015, 12:33:22 AM
February 10:  S.Korea Cult Leader Jailed for 10 Years For Sex Crimes ( (Asia One News)

Appeals Court Hands Cult Leader Four More Years ( (Asian Correspondent)

February 11: Cult Head Gets Harsh New Sentence ( (Korea JoongAng Daily)
Upholding a lower court conviction, an appeals court yesterday handed down a 10-year prison term to Jung Myung-seok, a self-proclaimed messiah and founder of the JMS cult, for sex crimes against female believers. Jung had been indicted on charges of sexually assaulting five women during his time on the run in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China from 2001 to 2006. Following media reports about earlier abuse allegations, Jung fled Korea in 1999. He was extradited from China last year to face prosecution. The Seoul Central District Court initially ruled last August that Jung was guilty of raping three out of five alleged victims.  The Seoul High Court ruled yesterday that Jung is guilty of a total four counts of rape, overturning one acquittal and handing down a heavier punishment. He was originally sentenced to serve six years in prison, but the newest sentence by the high court is a decade of imprisonment.

April 23: Court Upholds 10-Yr Sentence on Cult Leader ( (The Korea Times)
The Supreme Court upheld a 10 year-imprisonment sentence on Jung Myung-suk, the leader of the JMS (Jesus Morning Star) religious cult Thursday for the rape and sexual assault of five Korean female followers. Jung was indicted for sexually assaulting the victims between 2003 and 2006 in Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.

Cult Sex: Leader's Term Upheld ( (The Straits Times Archived at the Internet Archive)

April 24: Founder of JMS cult Convicted ( (Korea JoongAng Daily)
November 18: South Korean Cult Leader Hit by New Judgment ( (Asian Correspondent)
On the 16th Judge Kim Seung-jeong of the Seoul Western District Courts Third Civil Division ruled in favor of Ms. A, a female follower of the Jesus Morningstar organization, in part of her lawsuit against church founder, 64-year old Jeong Myeong-suk, for sexually assaulting her. The judge wrote, "the defendant shall pay W50 million ($43,400)."

December: Chinese Government Releases 30-Minute JMS Documentary (English Translation available here) (
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December 6: Five People Who Started Religions to Get Laid ( (Cracked)
For sheer lack of effort, it's going to be difficult to top Jung Myung-Seok, who started his own cult after breaking off from the Unification Church of Korea, otherwise know as the Moonies. ... Having learned that people will believe any crazy shit you tell them, Jung Myung-Seok started his own church called Jesus Morning Star. Apparently, coming up with a Church name that had the same initials as him was enough hard work for Jung, because he basically stole his entire theology from the Moonies.

March 28: Former Member Press Conference: (
Jeong Myeong-seok, the cult leader currently imprisoned for sexually assaulting female members of the cult, is now accused of having ordered acts of terror against former cult members who have fled overseas. Former members who directly participated in acts of terror held a whistle-blowing press conference on the 28th of March.

Also at the press conference, videos filmed in 2007 of naked female university students ( praising the cult leader were released.



April 8: English Translation of Related Korean Article "Seoul: Former JMS cult members tell their stories ( (Asian Correspondent)

July 7: Translation of Korean article detailing violence against critics of the JMS cult. (
In the police investigation, the follower claimed at first that he was not a believer of the Christian Gospel Mission, but, as verified by people who once were CGM believers and left, the suspect, who attempted the chase and vehicular assault, turned out to a member of the CGM in its Gwangju church.

October: Jeong Reportedly Leading Cult From Jail (
Jeong Myeong-seok, the leader of the pseudo-religious organization JMS who in 2009 was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape causing injury and molestation by force, is said to be receiving special favors and living an extravagant life. On the 25th (of October, 2013), National Assembly Representative Park Beom-gye of the Democratic Party (Daejeon-Seoul) said that it had been found that he had been receiving favors of outside medical treatment and continually offering speeches. ... Mr. Jeong has sent 302 speeches by audiorecording, or one to two per week from February 2008 through October 2013, which Rep. Park says is not permitted under the “Penal Execution and Correctional Treatment Act”.

March: JMS Makes List of Top 3 Most Active Cults Operating on Korean Campuses (
...JMS actively pursues new followers, targeting first-year university students. JMS started as Jeong Myeong-seok (70 years old), who once was a teacher in the Unification Church, and founded the Ae-cheon Church in Namgajwa-dong, Seoul in 1980. They have expanded their congregations by targeting young adults and university students. They also changed their names frequently, and their past names include World Youth University Students MS Federation, East-West Christian Union, and International Christian Union, and now they are called Christian Gospel Mission.

April 8: JMS Cult Recruiting on US Campuses (
... In Texas as Sabrina Smith advanced deeper into the bible study, her JMS teacher Hsu discretely introduced the JMS peculiar practices to Smith. She convinced Smith to wake up to pray and listen to proverbs written by Myeong-seok every morning at 4:00 AM, referred to as the “spiritual hour.” Hsu also used guilt as a tool to get Smith to follow JMS. According to Smith, Hsu would say things like, “God will not listen to you if you don’t pray at this hour.”

Smith did wake up and pray as Hsu instructed, but she didn’t stay with the practice long because “towards the end it all started getting really fishy,” she said. There were indicators that convinced Smith that JMS was a “cult” organization. Hsu instructed Smith that she must keep the early Morning Prayer practice a secret. Hsu invited Smith to model in JMS fashion shows, also telling the young woman that she could write personal letters to their “teacher” and offered to bring Smith to Asia as long as she didn’t tell her parents.

Smith’s gut instinct told her something wasn’t right, so she began to research on the organization. Soon she came across Daley’s website and contacted him for more information about the cult. Shortly after finding that site, she told Hsu she would not continue the bible study. ...

April 9: SBS Australia airs 20-minute report: Providence: Inside The Secretive Korean Church Led By A Convicted Rapist ( Some background information here. (

December 27: For what it's worth (and that might not be much), I just heard a rumor that JMS members expect Jeong to be released in the spring of 2015.

April: Two recent podcasts about JMS and other Korean cults (

September 9: Exposing the JMS Cult: ( Christian Blogger realizes "Trip to Hell" video he previously endorsed ( was produced by the JMS cult.
On September 2, 2015, I received the following comment on my Trip to Hell article from Peter Daley: “I think the source of this video is worthy of mention. It's made by members of the JMS cult, a Moonie offshoot with a leader in jail for rape...”

September 22: JMS Japan branch abuses copyright law to censor the Internet (or at least YouTube) of the 2014 Australian SBS report. SBS filed a counter claim and the video was soon after reinstated.


August 2015: The female members who appeared naked in videos released in 2012 at a press conference, under the direction of the cult's leadership, filed criminal complaints against me for sharing the previously-released-at-a-press-conference videos. Classic SLAPP ( case designed to censor.
A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. Such lawsuits have been made illegal in many jurisdictions on the grounds that they impede freedom of speech.

The typical SLAPP plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff's goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism.


March 16: On Being Sued by Followers of a Hitler-Praising Serial Rapist Part 1 ( (The Korea Observer)

April 19: How a Korean Cult Tried & Failed to Sue This Australian Uni Lecturer ( (Vice)

May 2: Wikipedia page of Rapist-Led Cult Whitewashed from Inside the Australian Tax Office (
"The ATO lawyer also changed the Wikipedia page to challenge the integrity of Jeong’s conviction and South Korea’s justice system and insert glowing passages about the founder’s character and art, describing his poetry as conveying “the freedom within God’s truth and love”. Several times the lawyer revealed she was editing the Wikipedia page from an ATO IP address, and she edited the page at all times of day and night, including during the week."

May 20: Inside the Sinister Hitler-Loving Sex Cult Luring Young Australian girls into Being 'Spiritual Brides' for a Serial Rapist ( (The Daily Mail)

September: JMS responds to recent media reports and launches new site (

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January 27: IPSO Rejects Complaint from Group Accused of Being a Korean Sex Cult ( (Media Ethics)

February 13: Jeong Expected to be Released Feb. 23, 2018 (

May 20: Kiwi Women Targeted by Religious Group Hunting Brides for Convicted Rapist ( (New Zealand Herald)

December 11: Sex, Cults & The Bizarre World of Providence Leader Jeong Myeong-seok ( (ABC)

Father Struggles To Get Daughter Out Of Cult ( (ABC 7:30)

How A Promising Law Student Ended Up in a Sinister Cult ( (Daily Telegraph)

January 7:  JMS Leader & Convicted Rapist Jeong Myeong-seok Soon to be Released ( 한국어 ( (SBS Australia)

Feb. 9: Jeong Required to Wear Monitoring Bracelet for 7 Years (

Feb. 18: Jeong Released from Prison. (