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Title: Ex-$cientologist Jason Beghe's 2 Hour Interview
Post by: Peter on June 06, 2008, 03:13:30 PM
Mark Bunter's XenuTV is back on youtube overcoming $cientology's attempts to have his account killed.
Mark Bunter orginally posted a three minute excerpt from the interview and it was quickly removed without justification.

Now that his account has been restored, he's just posted is the full two-hour interview with ex-$cientologist and actor Jason Beghe.

I watched it as I went to sleep last night and there's some classic funny moments and some rather touching ones as he reflects on his experiences and reasons for leaving as he awakens to all the lies and hypocrisy around him.

One funny and touching moment is the conversation he had with best friend David Duchovney, who was the first person he spoke to after leaving the cult. He tells him all about the Xenu story and Fox Mulder is just so gob smacked they end up rolling on the floor laughing their heads off. Argh sorry I forget the timing of that moment.

Scientology: Full Jason Beghe Interview (
Title: Re: Ex-$cientologist Jason Beghe's 2 Hour Interview
Post by: scarlett on June 07, 2008, 04:43:25 AM
Wow, just watched about 50 mins. of the video.

I was most struck by the common experiences I felt with this man who I have never met or even heard of before today. I felt an immediate connection and relived some of the feelings and confusion I had as I first left. Could his story, my story and the untold stories of so many others in groups like this be so similar?

If you changed the terminology and replaced it with Jung instead of L.R.H. it would be the same story.

Ran out of time to watch it all but a few things jumped out at me.

1. The self contained jail theory.
2. The hunger for spirituality that may have followed you your whole life and the "reality of finally finding it" that gets you hooked.
3. The sense of loss that he described as being conned. You want so much to believe that it was true and it pains you to know that it wasn't after investing so much of yourself.
4. The desire to be free but eventually being free of yourself.

Look forward to hearing the last hour.

Thanks Capt.  :-*

Oh yeah, any update on the trial? Just wondering.  :)
Title: Re: Ex-$cientologist Jason Beghe's 2 Hour Interview
Post by: Peter on June 11, 2008, 12:18:36 AM

Hi Scarlett, glad you found the video useful.
I was captivated by the whole thing and really admire his attitude of staying positive and seeing the funny side even though it must have been heartbreaking for him to leave and accept the fact he'd been conned. There's a lot in that video, when I get a chance I hope to edit it into little chunks.

Here's another former member's videos you might also like, she has 100 vids up at the moment: (

That's her youtube homepage and here's a recent vid:

Scientology Human Chain SPs and Anonymous (

Regarding Jung's trial...
I haven't heard anything recently and haven't had much time to look for details...
I'm sure we'll hear something soon!