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Title: FAQ: Is Jung really a rapist?
Post by: rb on December 11, 2006, 09:41:21 AM
For this question I will let the facts speak for themselves. Read the testimonies ( marked with an ! icon, they are former member testimonies. I thought about copying the relevant paragraphs here, but that may give the appearance of exaggeration, so I think it's more powerful to read the actual testimonies in full. In this world where media so regularly exaggerate and lie, the most chilling statement for me was made by a woman telling me her experiences being taken shopping with a senior JMS member to find clothes to meet Jung in a one-on-one "counseling session", and being told "to wear something bright, tight and short as R likes it that way."

Of course, there's also the reality that why is he so determined to hide from the law if he wasn't? He loses a lot of members and potential recruits from the claims, and being considered a serial-rapist and having to hide from the law is not a nice life, so if they weren't true, why wouldn't he just come forward to get the court case done with? Why did he flee on bail in 2003?

From: CNBC news (
Date: April 18, 2006

On the evening of the 18th, victims expose the real facts as JMS Christian organization head pastor Jung Myong-Suk faces rape allegations.

Four o’clock that day at a local café in Anguk-dong, the rape victims of Jung Myong-Suk warns the public, “An urgent press conference must be called in order to expose the absurdities of the JMS organization.

Arriving 20 minutes later after the scheduled press conference, all four victims were hidden behind hats and sunglasses.

Not only were the former JMS members-turned victims present at the press conference, but together with them was a representative of the JMS Exodus, Kim Do-Hyung.

In an exasperated voice, Kim Do-Hyung exclaimed, “We are fighting for our lives right now…please put a stop to their (JMS) organized sex crimes….”




From: Daum Net News ( (Link no longer works)
Date: April 17, 2006

At the Exodus meeting held on the morning of the 17th, former/withdrawn JMS followers publicized the evidential documents and pictures regarding the systematic sexual crimes of female followers by Jung Myung-suk.

According to their publicized evidence, it included evidential photos with swimsuit clad middle school and high school girls ranging from age 16 to 28.

Moreover, a description of these girls’ age, height and background were included along with a brief introduction of them, sent together to the religious leader.

According to those on Exodus’s side, “The pictures of the leaders of JMS are tall, pretty, young middle school, high school girls…(these pictures) were then sent to the religious leader Jung Myung-suk to see,” and, “The problem is that these sex crimes cannot simply be blamed on JMS leader Jung Myung-suk (he is not the only one who engaged in these crimes), but in order to gain the likes of their religious leader, the followers choose tall, pretty and young female victims as ‘sexual gifts’,” they reported.

Moreover, “After looking at the photos, (Jung Myung-suk) systematically goes through a process of choosing the girls from the photos that pleases him and calls upon (these girls) from overseas to rape them,” they reported.

Furthermore they report, “There are several photos, letters and documents sent to these girls by Jung Myung-suk regarding the molestations that serves as definite proof,” and they stressed that, “These are only the cases discovered (there are probably so much more yet to be found).”

“These documents and photos provides further progress in the current civil/criminal suits faced against JMS religious leader Jung Myung-suk,” they illustrated.

Title: Re: FAQ: Is Jung really a rapist?
Post by: rb on May 05, 2008, 01:33:43 AM
Jung now has been convicted ( of a sexual assault charge in a past trial, and his lawyers seem to be admitting ( the sex charges are true in the current trial (April 2008), and the followers were just trying to satisfy their Messiah.

In April 2006 4 girls fled China. It was reported that Jung's body guards tried to capture them. If they were lying, why was this? Furthermore, they said Jung was in An-san, and that's exactly where he was ( arrested a year and a half later.. so something triggered them to go from member to making a conference against JMS a few days later ( Plus, Jung was at that location at that time, as evidenced by the strange story ( of a reporter who went there.

Jung admitted the photos above was sent to him in 28 June 2006 sermon @ 44mins. I think Pete has it in one of his videos somewhere..
Title: Re: FAQ: Is Jung really a rapist?
Post by: Peter on May 05, 2008, 02:59:37 AM
Jung admitted the photos above was sent to him in 28 June 2006 sermon @ 44mins. I think Pete has it in one of his videos somewhere..

Thanks RB, I just isolated that segment, and I noticed one of the girls in the photos concerned is a middle school student, aged 16.
Very interesting because Providence claims all the newspaper reports are false and here we have Jeong himself confirming at least one is true. I'll repost later...

Title: Re: FAQ: Is Jung really a rapist?
Post by: Peter on May 06, 2008, 01:27:05 PM
An interesting thing about Jeong's confirmation is that he said the girls decided themselves to send him the photos.
But the photos clearly show there's a specific form to be filled out with the photos listing things like date of birth and phone number etc.
Are we really to believe that these girls just decided on their own to send Jeong photos and develop special forms to fill out.

I seem to recall one of the articles stating that the photos were sent by church pastors eager to gain favor with Jeong.
That seems far more likely given the standardized form, and well, what does that idea say about the group?
And having a special form to fill out suggests that the idea to take the photos and send them to Jeong didn't stem from the girls themselves, but from senior members of the church.
Those standardized forms are evidence of a bureaucracy. I wonder if someone had the job of checking to see if all the details were filled out correctly?

Far from the actions of individual members, these photos suggest an organized effort to provide Jeong with the photos and the contact details of the girls that could only have been groomed to become his next victims.

Title: Re: FAQ: Is Jung really a rapist?
Post by: escaped-ms on May 06, 2008, 03:45:45 PM
Yeah, its organized.  The church I was in was trying to do something like that a long time ago too. The church leader wanted to make a special website where only Jung could gain access and show our member's profiles and pictures (not in swimming suits) for him to look at and hopefully gain his favor or blessings, or whatever.  Each member was told to submit their personal information on a card for the leader to arrange in a presentable fashion.  And just like so many other ideas in Providence, the plan fell through and the site never got launched.
Its funny to hear him in the video message you just posted hinting towards posing naked instead of swimming suits.  He's not exactly telling them to do it, but he's definitely trying to plant the idea their minds.
And whats with that one girl posing on her hands and knees? Is that some sort of 'spiritual doggie style?'  I wonder if she posed that way on her own or did her pastor tell her to. How pathetic and humiliating.  I feel sorry for these girls.
Title: Re: FAQ: Is Jung really a rapist?
Post by: etereys on April 25, 2014, 12:51:45 AM
This is just a bump, but the photos above are all no longer available to view.  ???
Title: Re: FAQ: Is Jung really a rapist?
Post by: Peter on April 26, 2014, 05:17:30 AM
Thanks Etereys,

I've been trying to update threads with dead links this past month, but that one escaped my attention.

And here is one video of the press conference described above: