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Title: Downsizing Site and Spending Less Time .....
Post by: Peter on June 21, 2018, 02:51:12 AM
I've decided it's time to gradually start to move my life away from this cult watching hobby which has been a constant part of my life since 2003 when I first exncountred JMS. Other more enjoyable interests have been competing for my time as have some work-related opportunities that I want to put a lot of time and effort into.

Also, I've gradually realized I'm feeling pretty burnt out on the subject. I remember a couple of years ago, I heard about a large Shinchonji cult event taking place in Seoul in public. I would have previously jumped at the chance to witness it, but when I heard about that event, the only thought that came to mind was "I can't be bothered this time." I realized with some surprise that my passion for this hobby had reduced. Likewise, I've recently seen articles I would have devoured instantly, but these days, I'm more likely to bookmark them for later and then not get around to reading them.

I'm not sure what that means for this site in the long term. I still have the domain and hosting paid for until the end of the year. I'm not sure I want to see all this information go, but at the same time, I'm no longer totally aghast at the idea. And as there are other sites and more recently a lot more information available about Korean cults, my site no longer seems as necessary as it once was.

There are still various threads I intend to keep posting in over the coming months -mainly related to Korea in general (both North and South) like the "Violence Against Women" ( thread and this one that concerns the lives of North Korean defectors. ( But when it comes to certain cults, I won't be proactively looking for information and details. That's not to say I won't continue to post off and on when I think something is significant or newsworthy, but over all, I'm going to try to reduce the amount of time I spend on this site and thinking about it. And then after a few months, I'll see how I feel about things. This gradual decision hasn't been the result of any specific threats. Generally, threats motivate me rather than demotivate me, and if I do walk away from this hobby, it needs to be a decision I am comfortable with.

In the short term, I'm looking to streamline and downsize. By that I mean merging some threads, deleting or reducing posts  that don't really add anything, and removing some threads that don't necessarily add anything major.I've actually been doing that a little over the past couple of months.  That in itself is quite an about-face for me as my guiding philosophy was always "save everything". I doubt the changes I've made would have been noticeable to the casual visitor, but if you are intimately familiar with my site, you might have noticed some changes. I'll continue to chip away at gradually reducing things over the next few weeks. Ironically, moving away from this hobby will initially mean spending more time on it as I review threads and decide what can go or stay for now.
Title: Re: Downsizing Site and Spending Less Time .....
Post by: American Link on June 26, 2018, 07:16:00 PM
I definitely understand your desire to move on. I'm honestly thankful to you and your other admins/mods for keeping the site going for so long and for posting new info. I'm not going to stop you from moving on; you have a life to live other than studying cults.

I will say though that just because there exists more information about JMS and other cults online than there may have been during the creation of this forum, that does not mean that this site is any less valuable than it was before. Ultimately, this site is still an important tool for enabling those that were victimized by JMS and others to share their information and testimonies. For that reason, I personally would also not like to see the forum disappear completely.

That said, however, I don't want this project to become burdensome for you or anyone else, so if there's something that can be done to help, please let us know.
Title: Re: Downsizing Site and Spending Less Time .....
Post by: Peter on July 16, 2018, 10:17:45 PM
Thanks for your thoughts and your words of support. I'm still grappling with how to proceed. I think I'll certainly take a break from media reports for the time being. I would at least like a more streamlined site, but actually reducing it and streamlining it has been harder than I thought although here have been a few small changes/reductions over the past week.

Another alternative place to share information is over at the forums ( on Rick Ross's cult education site. ( Although he has pretty much every cult on his radar, he is familiar with JMS and has helped some former members leave.